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topleft icon NBC Universal Store - Battlestar Galactica memorabilia, DVDs topright icon
Posted on 08 May 2010 at 04:55:05 by discount-coupon.-- - Specials & Promos

NBC Universal Store - Battlestar Galactica memorabilia, DVDs

Listed here is memorabilia, dvds of Battlestar Galactica series from!

Battlestar Galactica (2004): Season OneBattlestar Galactica (2004): Season One
Includes: 1 of 3 Collectible DVD Exclusive TradingCards With the 12 colonies of man virtually destroyed in the climax of a hundred-year war with the Cylon Empire, President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) and Commander Adama (Edward James Olmos) gather up the few humans left and embark on a journey to find the mythical planet Earth, not realizing that the Cylon robot is no longer a recognizable enemy. Battlestar Galactica is a complete re-imagining of the 1970s series - upping the ante on the action, adventure, and drama that made the original so popular. Now, experience all 13 thrilling episodes of Season 1 and the four hour TV miniseries that started it all in this 5 disc DVD set loaded with explosive bonus features and presented in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. Starring: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Michael Rymer Disc 1: Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries Run Time: 3 Hours and 3 Minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Buy Now | More Info
Battlestar Galactica (2004): Season 2.0Battlestar Galactica (2004): Season 2.0
Sci-fi's hottest TV series returns as Battlestar Galactica 2.0 blasts onto DVD in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. As the epic second season begins, the fight to save humanity rages on - even as civil war looms within the fleet between the followers of President Roslin and Commander Adama. Relive all the intensity and excitement aboard the Galactica with a supernova of explosive bonus features, including deleted scenes and podcasts. It's a heart-pounding adventure you can't afford to miss! Starring: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Michael Rymer, Grace Park Disc 1 Run Time: 2 Hours and 56 Minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Buy Now | More Info
Battlestar Galactica (2004): Season ThreeBattlestar Galactica (2004): Season Three
The adventure of one of television's finest dramas continues with the complete third season of the Peabody Award-winning Battlestar Galactica. The Colonies' survivors have found their hopes of eluding their Cylon pursuers dashed by an invasion and occupation of their new home. As the fate of all human life hangs in the balance, friends become enemies, enemies become unexpected allies, and decisions are made that will haunt some people for the rest of their lives. Relive all 20 episodes of the season that challenges everything you thought you knew about the Battlestar Galactica universe. Presented in Dolby 5.1 surround sound, the 6-disc set features over 15 hours of extensive special features, including the DVD exclusive version of the episode "Unfinished Business" containing 25 additional minutes of never-before-seen footage. You won't want to miss a minute of the series considered "one of the best dramas on TV" (Time Magazine). Starring: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber Disc 1Run Time: 2 Hours and 58 Minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Buy Now | More Info
Battlestar Galactica (2004): Season 4.0Battlestar Galactica (2004): Season 4.0
They’have traveled millions of miles and defied relentless attackers, but nothing will prepare the human race for what lies ahead as Battlestar Galactica 4.0 arrives on DVD! In ten gripping episodes, relive each pivotal moment as the civil war amongst the Cylons escalates and the quest for Earth continues. Loaded with riveting bonus features, this 4-disc set includes the unrated, extended version of Battlestar Galactica: Razor that never aired on television. Presented uninterrupted and in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, it’s the epic phenomenon that critics call “a truly great show!” (Mary cNamara, Los Angeles Times) Starring: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber Disc 1: Battlestar Galactica: Razor (Unrated Extended Version): Battlestar Galactica: Razor (Broadcast Version) Run Time: 1 Hours and 41 Minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Buy Now | More Info
Battlestar Galactica Apollo Action FigureBattlestar Galactica Apollo Action Figure
Straight out of the hit Battlestar Galactica and into your action figures collection, this articulated mini-replicas is out of this world. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean Studios and featuring multiple points of articulation, this figure is a must for any sci-fi fan. Figure measures 7''.
Buy Now | More Info
Battlestar Galactica Caprica 6 Action FigureBattlestar Galactica Caprica 6 Action Figure
Number Six is a Cylon variant capable of perfectly mimicking a human subject. The Six copy gained access to the Colonial defense system, imparting to the Cylons computer information allowing the latter to neutralize that Colonial military and attack the Twelve Colonies. This same copy paradoxically sacrificed herself to save Dr. Baltar. Memories of these events were assimilated and transferred into the downloaded copy Caprica Six; the result was revered Cylon agent divided between loyalty to her own kind and occasional human attachments. Figure measures 7''.
Buy Now | More Info
Battlestar Galactica Cylon 6 Action FigureBattlestar Galactica Cylon 6 Action Figure
Appearing only to Gaius Ballar, Six is so named due to her resemblance to the Cylon model of the same name. At times manipulative and cruel, the true origins and motivalions of this strange entily remain to be seen. Figure measures 7''.
Buy Now | More Info
Battlestar Galactica Hot Dog Action FigureBattlestar Galactica Hot Dog Action Figure
Brendan ''Hot Dog'' Costanza is noted as having originally washed out of Colonel Flight School. Later, in an effort to replenish depleted ranks, Costanza is recruited as a Viper pilot trainee; lacking field experience, Costanza again washes out along with other new recruits, but is later reinstated as Viper Pilot trainee. As indicated by the nickname ''Hotdog'', Costanza defines himself by virtue of bravado and reckless maneuvers. Figure measures 7''.
Buy Now | More Info
Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica "Admiral Adama & Colonel Tigh" MiniMates
Battlestar Galactica's Admiral Adama & Colonel Tigh are a dynamic duo in this MiniMate gift set. These collectibles are packaged as a set and the perfect size for office or your display case. Both miniatures measure 2 inches in height and are made of plastic.
Buy Now | More Info
Battlestar Galactica Life-Size "Cylon Centurion" Robot
The Ultimate Battlestar Galactica Collectible Is Here! The Cylon Centurion Robot is a highly-prized robotic masterpiece and only available in limited quantities. Officially licensed for Battlestar Galactica and exclusively manufactured by the legendary "Robot Man" Fred Barton, each Cylon Robot is hand-made, numbered and signed by him. Standing 7-feet tall, each Cylon is carefully crafted out of sturdy fiberglass right down to the delicately spindled fingers. The visor in the helmet displays a red LED light effect and the eerie whirring of the Cylon brings your robot to life! VISIT THE CYLON AT SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON! FEATURES: 100% Fiberglass body Hand-machined aluminum, brass, and acrylic detail Advanced Electronics Stereo Audio Red LED light effects in visor Professional Showroom Finish Created from original Battlestar Galactica CG files SPECIFICATIONS: Height - 84 inches(2133.6mm) Width - 36 inches (914.4mm) Diameter - 40 inches(1016mm) SHIPPING: Shipping is included in the retail price listed! Shipping within the United States only. Shipping Weight - 300.00 lbs (136.08 kg) Due to the craftsmanship of each robot, please allow 8-12 weeks after purchase for your Cylon to arrive. Robot ships direct from Fred Barton Productions to your location. Each Cylon arrives safely in a custom crate and requires minimal assembly. Instructions for assembly and contact information for Fred Barton are also included with the arrival of this ultimate collectible. Add this Limited Edition Chrome Job to your collection and be the envy of Battlestar Fans everywhere! Please note: This item is Non-Discountable and excluded from sales or promotion.
Buy Now | More Info
Battlestar Galactica Frak Off ShirtBattlestar Galactica Frak Off Shirt
Finally, you can now express your true feelings. Anyone who is NOT a fan of Battlestar Galactica can just ''Frak Off.'' Your favorite expression, straight from the hit show, is featured on the front of this black t-shirt. 100% cotton. Machine wash, tumble dry, do not iron decoration. Imported.
Buy Now | More Info
Battlestar Gallactica - The Admirals CollectionBattlestar Gallactica - The Admirals Collection
Battlestar Gallactica - The Admirals Collection includes Battlestar Gallactica: Seasons 1, 2, 2.5 and 3.

Buy Now | More Info
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topleft icon NBC Universal Store - The Office memorabilia, DVDs topright icon
Posted on 08 May 2010 at 05:30:10 by store-coupons.-- - Specials & Promos

NBC Universal Store - The Office memorabilia, DVDs

Listed here is memorabilia, dvds of The Office series from!

The Office: Season OneThe Office: Season One
Steve Carell (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The Daily Show) stars in The Office, a fresh and funny mockumentary-style glimpse into the daily interactions of the eccentric workers at the Dunder Mifflin paper supply company. Based on the smash-hit British series of the same name and adapted for American Television by Greg Daniels (King of the Hill, The Simpsons), this fast-paced comedy parodies contemporary American water-cooler culture. Earnest but clueless regional manager Michael Scott (Carell) believes himself to be an exceptional boss and mentor, but actually receives more eye-rolls than respect from his oddball staff. Entertainment Weekly calls The Office "smart and trenchant," and all six hilarious season one episodes are available here on DVD for the first time. The awkward silences in The Office will have you laughing out loud! Starring: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak Disc 1 Run Time: 2 Hours and 15 Minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Buy Now | More Info
The Office: Season TwoThe Office: Season Two
It's time to clock in for Season Two of The Office, the comically honest look at the world of white-collar employment. Steve Carell (The 40-Year-Old Virgin) won a Golden Globe for his role as Michael Scott, the sometimes pathetic but always hilarious regional manager of Dunder-Mifflin paper supply company. Join him and the amazing ensemble cast (Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and B.J. Novak) as Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam and Ryan navigate the hidden romance and open absurdity of the business world, from the Christmas party to sexual harassment training to the "Booze Cruise" retreat to the heartbreak of "Casino Night." Developed by Greg Daniels (King of the Hill, The Simpsons), fully taffed with all 22 outrageous episodes and packed with hours of laugh-ot-loud bonus features, The Office: Season Two is the must-own cure for the workday blues. Starring: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak Disc 1 Run Time: 2 Hours and 7 Minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Buy Now | More Info
The Office: Season ThreeThe Office: Season Three
Fill your Inbox with hilarious moments from The Office Season Three in this four-disc collection that's crammed with extensive bonus features and all 22 episodes of the 2006 Primetime Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Comedy Series! Steve Carell is back in his Golden Globe-winning role as earnest but clueless boss Michael Scott, who can't help but contribute his own irreverent commentary to the daily happenings at the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin paper company. As the staff deals with potential office closures, mergers, romances, and advancement, Michael's always there to say all the wrong things at all the right times. Including five supersized episodes and over three hours of deleted scenes, The Office Season Three is packed with classic moments from the show that TIME magazine praises for "satirizing the culture of coffee, cubicles and Chili's with heart and laser precision. "Starring: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak Disc 1 Run Time: 2 Hours and 40 Minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Buy Now | More Info
The Office: Season FourThe Office: Season Four
Steve Carell (Get Smart) returns in his Golden Globe-winning role of “The World’s Greatest Boss,” Michael Scott, in Season Four of the hit comedy series The Office! This must-own four-disc set includes every irreverent episode from Season Four, including the five extended full TV-hour specials, plus hours of hilarious deleted scenes and bonus features! ejoin Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) as they bring romance to the workplace, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) as he continues his quest to be Michael’s right-hand man, and newly deemed “Wunderkind” Ryan (B.J. Novak), who’s working to drag Dunder Mifflin into the digital age. Developed for American TV by Primetime Emmy Award winner Greg Daniels (King of the Hill, The Simpsons), The Office is the intelligent and edgy Primetime Emmy Award-winning series that critics are hailing as “the funniest show on TV” (Gavin Edwards, Rolling Stone). You’ll enjoy the inappropriate remarks, uncomfortable silences and petty behavior again and again! Starring: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, BJ Novak, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer Disc 1Run Time: 2 Hours and 6 Minutes MPAA Rating: Not Rated Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Buy Now | More Info
World's Best Boss / Dunder Mifflin MugWorld's Best Boss / Dunder Mifflin Mug
He makes inappropriate jokes, promises to his staff that he can’t deliver, and plans highly unsuccessful team building experiences. He’s Michael Scott, the world’s best boss (at least in his mind.) That explains why he proudly displays this mug on his desk at Dunder-Mifflin. This white ceramic mug features “The World’s Best Boss” on one side, the Dunder-Mifflin logo on the back. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Made in USA.
Buy Now | More Info
The Office Michael Scott Talking BobbleheadThe Office Michael Scott Talking Bobblehead
Now The World's Best Boss can be the center of attention in your office too! Buy this exclusive talking Michael Scott Bobblehead featuring some of his infamous catch-phrases like: "That's what she said" "I hate so much about the things that you choose to be." "It's really beyond words… it's really incalculable." "Shut it." "I like waking up to the smell of bacon. Sue me." "Dinkin Flicka!" Click here to play audio // Give the button on the base a ood press with your pencil to hear Michael give your co-workers a piece of his mind. Measures about 7" high. *See below to watch a clip of the Japanese version of The Office from SNL - Michael Scott shows off his bobblehead!
Buy Now | More Info
The Office Talking KeychainThe Office Talking Keychain
Now you can take your favorite jokes from NBC's hit series The Office everywhere you go. This keychain features a picture of the World's Best Boss, Michael Scott, giving a thumbs-up and plays six different jokes from The Office like ''Ohh, discipline. Kinky!'' Imported
Buy Now | More Info
The Office PC GameThe Office PC Game
Play the Fast-Paced Frenzied Fun of the Critically Acclaimed TV Series! Dive into the hilarious environment from the hit NBC series by maneuvering through the quirky and frenzied fun of The Office game. Compete to be the best paper salesman, playing pranks to slow down rival players who might be getting ahead, in the all-new game based off the Emmy Award-winning series. Game features Cast bobble-head caricatures The Office show set design Season variations at the Scranton office Computer-controlled rival competition Humorous rival-specific or Dwight and Michael-enabled pranks
Buy Now | More Info
The Office Star Mug SetThe Office Star Mug Set
As seen on The Office! Kelly was busy over the summer of '08 making mugs for her Dunder Mifflin co-workers as a part of an ''America’s Got Talent'' finale party. Nearly everyone receives one – except the people who didn’t go to her party (Pam, Jim and Dwight.) Get them all and save!
Buy Now | More Info
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topleft icon NBC Universal Store - Obama Memorabilia topright icon
Posted on 08 May 2010 at 05:10:10 by free-coupon.-- - Specials & Promos

NBC Universal Store - Obama Memorabilia

Listed here are some Barack Obama memorabilia, books from!

Barack Obama Inauguration DVD Barack Obama Inauguration DVD
NBC News presents ''The Inauguration of Barack Obama,'' a comprehensive look at all the extraordinary events of January 20, 2009. Brian Williams hosts this commemorative four-hour DVD, covering the historic Inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States. You'll see the complete swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol, as well as President Obama's Inaugural Address in its entirety. And there's much more, including the changing of the guard at the White House, the Inaugural parade, and a glamourous evening of Inaugural Balls honoring the new President and First Lady. This DVD is your ticket to a front-row seat for all the unforgettable moments of a remarkable day, as covered by the award-winning NBC News team.
Buy Now | More Info
Barack Obama DVD Barack Obama DVD
NBC News presents “Yes We Can!” the story of Barack Obama. This commemorative DVD takes you through the story of Barack Obama's life - his campaign to win his party's nomination, his campaign for the presidency, and finally his victorious history-making win. DVD extras include footage of the full inspiring speeches which were the most pivotal and memorable ones of his 2-year campaign. Run Time: approx. 4 Hours
Buy Now | More Info
Barack Obama Bobblehead Barack Obama Bobblehead
The Barak Obama bobblehead is the perfect desk accessory – your President-elect will always be there to say ''Yes You Can'' get through the work day! His hand is even poised to give you a ''bump'' for motivation, as his head bobbles in affirmation. Limited supply – order yours today!
Buy Now | More Info
Change We Can Believe in : Barack Obama's Plan to Renew America's Promise (Paperback) Change We Can Believe in : Barack Obama's Plan to Renew America's Promise (Paperback)
At this defining moment in our history, Americans are hungry for change. After years of failed policies and failed politics from Washington, this is our chance to reclaim the American dream. Barack Obama has proven to be a new kind of leader–one who can bring people together, be honest about the challenges we face, and move this nation forward. Change We Can Believe In outlines his vision for America. In these pages you will find bold and specific ideas about how to fix our ailing economy and strengthen the middle class, make health care affordable for all, achieve energy independence, and keep America safe in a dangerous world. Change We Can Believe In asks you not just to believe in Barack Obama’s ability to bring change to Washington, it asks you to believe in yours. Paperback: 288 pages Publisher: Three Rivers Press ( September 9, 2008 ) Language: English
Buy Now | More Info
Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs (Hardcover) Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs (Hardcover)
Through 150 striking color photographs, Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs charts the road to Barack Obama's nomination as the first African American to lead the presidential ticket of a major party. Announcing his campaign in Springfield, Illinois, on February 10, 2007, Obama stood on the grounds of the Old State capitol, where Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous ''House Divided'' speech against slavery in 1858. During an eighteen-month campaign, from the snows of Iowa to the hunt for Democratic ''superdelegates,'' this junior senator from Chicago confounded the party establishment and rewrote the playbook on modern presidential campaigning. This amazing collection of photographs captures the public and private moments of his journey, and offers a unique window into one of the great triumphs in American politics. Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: Amistad ( October 28, 2008 )
Buy Now | More Info
Michelle Obama : First Lady of Hope by Elizabeth Lightfoot  (Paperback) Michelle Obama : First Lady of Hope by Elizabeth Lightfoot (Paperback)
There is no one quite like her. Michelle Obama. This is the first book to tell the astonishing story of a woman whose intellect, verbal flair, and poise are certain to make her one of the most influential First Ladies in history. A woman whose remark, “For the first time in my adult life I am really proud of my country,” did her husband’s campaign no good.
A woman whose impassioned speech to the Democratic National Convention may have helped win him the Oval Office. A woman touted as a future presidential candidate herself. Readers are given a revealing and intimate look at Michelle Obama’s remarkable life—from her Chicago childhood to her education at Princeton and Harvard, from how she first met Barack Obama at the prestigious law firm where they were the only African-Americans, to her role as his closest adviser, and to her own political beliefs. For Michelle, family comes first, and—like so many women who struggle between family and career—she seriously weighed her husband’s presidential ambitions before giving her stamp of approval. Apparently she struck a hard bargain: he had to give up smoking.
Buy Now | More Info
Obama's Challenge: America's Economic Crisis and the Power of a Transformative Presidency (Paperback) Obama's Challenge: America's Economic Crisis and the Power of a Transformative Presidency (Paperback)
Author: Robert Kuttner Barack Obama approaches the Presidency at a critical moment in American history, facing simultaneous crises of war, the environment, health care, but most especially in the economy. If he is able to rise to the moment, he could join the ranks of a small handful of previous presidents who have been truly transformative, succeeding in fundamentally changing our economy, society, and democracy for the better. But this will require imaginative and decisive action as Obama takes office, action bolder than he has promised during his campaign, and will be all the more difficult given the undertow of conventional wisdom in Washington and on Wall Street that resists fundamental change. Decades of regressive politics and political gridlock have left America in its most precarious situation since the onset of the Great Depression.
The collapse of the housing bubble continues, as does the financial meltdown it triggered; a revival of 1970s style stagflation threatens; incomes continue to lag behind inflation; our household and international debts pile higher; disastrous climate change looms; energy and food prices continue their escalation; and the ranks of un- and under-insured Americans grow, the clearest, and most heartless, example of America's destructive inequalities. Solutions to our multiple challenges do exist, but they won't be found in overly cautious or expedient quick fixes. With his exceptional skill at appealing to our better angels, Barack Obama could be the right leader at the right time to re-awaken America to the renewed promise of shared prosperity coupled with responsibility towards future generations and the international community with whom we share the Earth. Invoking America's greatest leaders, Robert Kuttner explains how Obama must be a transformative president-or a failed one.
Buy Now | More Info
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