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Posted on 07 April 2009 at 04:00:00 by store-coupons. | Print News Share

NBC Universal Store - Seinfeld memorabilia, DVDs

Listed here is memorabilia, dvds of Seinfeld series from!

Seinfeld Season one and Two DVD Set Seinfeld Season one and Two DVD Set
"Double Dip," "man hands," "no soup for you," "not that there's anything wrong with that," "yada, yada, yada" the show that forever changed the American vernacular has finally arrived on DVD! The original network episodes have been remastered in high definition for the best possible picture and sound quality! Relive your favorite Seinfeld moments with all 18 episodes from the first and second seasons in a 4-disc set! Approximately 13 hours of exclusive special features from the creative talents behind the show, including all-new interviews with Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander and more! Bonus Materials: HOW IT BEGAN: An hour-long look at how Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David first came up with the idea for the show, how it almost didn't get made and how they emerged with the show that changed the face of television forever. NOTES ABOUT NOTHING: Behind-the-scenes scoop and production notes. INSIDE LOOK: The cast and creators talk about what was happening behind the scenes of certain episodes. IN THE VAULT: Saved from the cutting room floor. Seasons 1 & 2 deleted scenes never seen before! Includes two versions of the pilot episode NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT: Never-before-seen outtakes and bloopers. YADA, YADA, YADA: Creator and cast audio commentaries. MASTER OF HIS DOMAIN: See Jerry Seinfeld in exclusive, never-before-seen stand-up comedy footage. SPONSORED BY VANDELAY INDUSTRIES: Original NBC promotional ads and trailers. Featuring the original (1-2 minutes longer) NBC network versions, not seen since their original broadcast runs. Fullscreen Presentations Languages: English (Stereo), French, Spanish Subtitles: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish Remastered in High Definition
Buy Now | More Info
Seinfeld Season Three Seinfeld Season Three
Relive your favorite Seinfeld moments like never before in this 4-disc set with all 22 episodes from the third season remastered in high definition for the est possible picture and sound quality! With approximately 13 hours of exclusive special features from the creative talents behind the show, this DVD is a must own! Approximately 13 hours of exclusive special features from the creative talents behind the show, including all-new interviews with Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander and more!
Buy Now | More Info
Seinfeld Season 4 Seinfeld Season 4
Relive your favorite Seinfeld moments like never before in this four-disc set with all 24 episodes from the fourth season remastered in high definition for the best possible picture and sound quality! With approximately 13 hours of exclusive special features from the creative talents behind the show, this DVD is a must-own! "The Contest," "The Bubble Boy," "The Junior Mint" laugh again and again with the most hilarious comedy series of all time, now on a four-disc set! Product Details:The "Breakthrough Season" FeaturetteRegis & Kathie Lee ParodyNBC & Olympic PromosNotes About NothingInside Looks (Episode Specific Mini Making-of Documentaries)In the Vault (Deleted Scenes)Not That There's Anything Wrong With That (Bloopers)Yada Yada Yada (Commentaries)24 Episodes! Languages: English (Stereo), French, SpanishSubtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Buy Now | More Info
Seinfeld Season Five Seinfeld Season Five
Own the complete fifth season of Seinfeld! Disc One The Mango-Jerry learns Elaine faked orgasms with him and pleads for another chance. Kramer's banned from his local fruit stand and George discovers the sexual power of mango. The Glasses-George loses his glasses and thinks he sees Jerry's girlfriend with his cousin. A strange dog bites Elaine and Kramer helps Jerry buy a powerful air conditioner. The Puffy Shirt-During dinner with Kramer's low-talking girlfriend, Jerry unwittingly agrees to wear a puffy pirate shirt for his upcoming "The Today Show" appearance. The Sniffing Accountant-Jerry thinks his accountant is a drug addict. Jerry, Kramer and Newman plot a stakeout. George plans another career change: bra alesman. The Bris-Jerry and Elaine agree to be godparents to their friends' newborn boy. They find a shaky mohel to perform the bris. Kramer is convinced he saw a pigman at the hospital. Disc Two The Lip Reader-George tries to get Jerry's deaf girlfriend to read lips at a party. Kramer becomes a ball boy at the U.S. Open. The Non-Fat Yogurt-Jerry and Elaine try to confirm that their favorite frozen yogurt is non-fat. Their research causes a stir during the NYC mayoral election. Elaine dates George's boyhood nemesis. Now, for the first time, see two versions of this episode! The Barber-Jerry frets over leaving his incompetent barber. Elaine enlists Kramer to participate in a bachelor auction. The Masseuse-Jerry's masseuse girlfriend won't give him a massage. Elaine dates Joel Rifkin - not the mass murderer. The Cigar Store Indian-Jerry offends Elaine's friend with a cigar store Indian. Kramer sells his coffee table book idea to Elaine's boss. Disc Three The Conversion-George converts to the Latvian Orthodox religion for a girl. Jerry spots a suspicious ointment in his girlfriend's medicine cabinet. The Stall-Elaine agonizes over a woman's refusal to pass toilet paper under the stall of a public restroom. Kramer convinces Jerry that his girlfriend makes a living as a phone sex operator. George befriends Elaine's "mimbo" boyfriend. The Marine Biologist-George starts dating an old classmate when Jerry tells her that George is a successful marine biologist. Elaine's electronic organizer injures a passerby when her Russian novelist client launches it from their limo. Kramer golfs on the beach. The Dinner Party-En route to a dinner party, Elaine and Jerry pair off to buy a babka. George's jacket gets in the way at the liquor store where he and Kramer look for a bottle of wine. The Pie-Jerry meets his girlfriend's father and loses his appetite. Elaine discovers that a mannequin resembling her has been showing up in window displays. George plots to buy a suit on sale. Kramer dates a Monk's cashier. The Stand-in-Kramer is hired as a stand-in on a soap opera. He encourages Mickey to put lifts in his shoes, but his advice doesn't sit well with the other little people.
Buy Now | More Info
Seinfeld Season Six Seinfeld Season Six
Own the complete sixth season of Seinfeld on DVD! Disc One The Chaperone-When Jerry dates a beauty contestant, Kramer wants to chaperone. Mr. Pitt hires Elaine. George encourages the Yankees to make cotton jerseys. The Big Salad-George has issues when his girlfriend takes credit for buying Elaine a salad. Jerry is disturbed that his girlfriend was Newman's ex. Kramer gets involved in a slow-speed chase with a suspected murderer. The Pledge Drive-Elaine sees Mr. Pitt eating a candy bar with a knife and fork, starting a trend. George thinks veryone's giving him the finger. Jerry hosts a PBS pledge drive. The Chinese Woman-George's phone lines get crossed with Donna Chang's and Jerry dates her - but she's not Chinese. The Couch-Elaine dates a hunky moving man. Kramer and Poppie go into the pizza business. George tries to rent Breakfast at Tiffany's instead of reading it to impress his girlfriend. Poppie pees on Jerry's couch. The Gymnast-Jerry dates a Romanian gymnast. Elaine tries to tear Mr. Pitt from a 3-D poster. George's girlfriend's mother catches him eating from the trash. Disc Two The Mom & Pop Store-George thinks he bought Jon Voight's car. Kramer tries to save a store. Jerry crashes a party to watch the Macy's parade. The Soup-Kenny Bania offers Jerry a suit in exchange for a meal, but soup doesn't count. The Secretary-Jerry sees his dry cleaner wearing his jacket. George's secretary out-earns him. Kramer gets Uma Thurman's phone number. Elaine finds that Barneys uses skinny mirrors. The Switch-Jerry tries to pull the roommate switch. George dates a bulimic. Elaine agonizes over Mr. Pitt's busted racket. Kramer's first name is revealed and we meet his mother. The Race-Superman fan Jerry dates a woman named Lois, whose boss is his high-school nemesis. Elaine dates a Communist; now George wants to. Kramer works as a Santa with Mickey as his elf. Jerry races his nemesis again to settle their score. The Label Maker-Elaine and Jerry find that Tim Whatley "re-gifted" a label maker. Kramer and Newman play Risk. George is threatened by his girlfriend's male roommate. Everyone has Super Bowl fever and Jerry's sick over who joins him at the game. Disc Three The Scofflaw-George learns the truth about a friend's illness. Kramer brings in a notorious scofflaw. The Highlights of 100 (Parts 1 & 2)-An hour-long look at highlights from the first 100 episodes. The Beard-Elaine poses as a beard for a gay man and tries to convert him. George wears a toupee and turns down a bald woman. Kramer makes money posing in police lineups. Jerry takes a lie detector test to prove he's not a fan of "Melrose Place." The Kiss Hello-Elaine's friend loves to "kiss hello" but Jerry hates it. Kramer adorns the apartment lobby with photos to encourage tenants to know their neighbors. The Doorman-Mr. Pitt's doorman intimidates Jerry. Elaine and Jerry cover themselves when a couch is stolen from the lobby. Frank Costanza moves into George'...
Buy Now | More Info
Seinfeld - The Complete Ninth Season Seinfeld - The Complete Ninth Season
Seinfeld: Season 9 is a four-disc boxed set including all 24 episodes from the ninth and final season of the long-running series, including the finale and hours of exclusive, never-before-seen bonus footage. The wealth of bonus features for Seinfeld: Season 9 include scenes from ''The oundtable'' (excerpts from the one-hour table discussion), deleted scenes, bloopers, trivia, interviews, stand-up comedy footage, and other behind-the-scenes bonus material. The ninth season was nominated for five Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series, and features an astounding array of noteworthy episodes such as the unique backwards episode, ''The Betrayal,'' and the reemergence of a classic arcade game in ''The Frogger.'' The season culminates in the highly rated two-part finale, which boasts an illustrious gathering of some of the show’s most memorable guest stars including Larry Thomas (Soup Nazi), Wendel Meldrum (Low-Talker), Golden Globe® Award-winner Teri Hatcher, TV journalist Geraldo Rivera, and others. Actors: Jerry Seinfeld Directors: Tom Cherones Format: Box set, Closed-captioned, Color, Dubbed, DVD-Video, Full Screen, Subtitled, NTSC Language: French (Dolby Digital 2.0), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround) Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese Number of discs: 4 Run Time: 553 minutes DVD Release Date: November 6, 2007
Buy Now | More Info
Seinfeld - The Complete Series Box Set Seinfeld - The Complete Series Box Set
The box set you've been waiting for is here! Packaged in a handy collector's case that will look great on your shelf enjoy every Seinfeld season and the quirky antics of Jerry, Elaine, George and Cramer, hours of special features and The Official Coffee Table Book as a bonus!You'll laugh for hours as you relive your favorite episodes again and again. Set features: 32 DVDs with all 180 episodes More than 104 hours of amazing extras The Official Coffee Table Book: a 226-page bound anthology filled with photos, quotes, and trivia from every episode Bonus disc featuring the reunion of the cast plus Larry David on the ninth anniversary of the series finale Documentaries for all nine seasons Inside looks Not That There's Anything Wrong With That (bloopers) In the vault (deleted scenes) Yada Yada Yada (commentaries) "Sein-Imation" Notes about nothing...
Buy Now | More Info
Seinfeld Vandelay Industries Kit Seinfeld Vandelay Industries Kit
Now you can pretend to work for Vandelay Industries with the new Seinfeld Vandelay Industries Kit. Includes tote bag and T-shirt, both featuring the company logo.
Buy Now | More Info
Seinfeld 'Master of My Domain' T-Shirt Seinfeld 'Master of My Domain' T-Shirt
Kramer, George, Jerry, Elaine...they all gave in to temptation. But not you! You are the master of your domain. Say it proud with this Seinfeld 'Master of My Domain' T-Shirt.
Buy Now | More Info

Purchase popular NBC collectibles online! Buy TV show series and movies on DVD! Find shirts, bags, books and additional featured items at great prices on the official NBC Universal Store site.

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