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Posted on 07 February 2010 at 05:03:03 by Magi. | Print News Share Product Specials & Promos!

Listed here are the latest product price discounts from!

United Shades   Recent Price Drops

DescriptionOld PricePrice DropCurrent Price
Arnette 4205 22756G Sunglasses size 59mm : Black / White$98.00$18.00$80.00
Arnette 4205 23326Q Sunglasses size 59mm : Matte Dark Tortoise$98.00$18.00$80.00
Arnette 4206 23296Q Sunglasses size 57mm : Red Ink$82.00$15.00$67.00
Arnette 4209 218887 Sunglasses size 59mm : Fuzzy Navy$90.00$16.00$74.00
Arnette 4209 22737D Sunglasses size 59mm : Fuzzy Black$90.00$16.00$74.00
Arnette 4216 233355 Sunglasses size 61mm : Fuzzy Denim$73.00$12.00$61.00
Arnette 4219 01/87 Sunglasses size 57mm : Matte Black$90.00$16.00$74.00
Arnette 4219 208783 Sunglasses size 57mm : Glossy Tortoise$114.00$21.00$93.00
Arnette 4219 232473 Sunglasses size 57mm : Matte Tortoise$90.00$16.00$74.00
Bulgari 3018/V 501 Eyeglasses size 54mm : Black$139.00$7.00$132.00
Bulgari 3023 5309 Eyeglasses size 52mm : Black$150.00$7.00$143.00
Bulgari 3023 5309 Eyeglasses size 54mm : Black$150.00$7.00$143.00
Bulgari 3028 501 Eyeglasses size 53mm : Black$178.00$8.00$170.00
Bulgari 3028 501 Eyeglasses size 55mm : Black$178.00$8.00$170.00
Bulgari 3028 5313 Eyeglasses size 53mm : Sandblasted Black$178.00$8.00$170.00
Bulgari 3028 5313 Eyeglasses size 55mm : Sandblasted Black$178.00$8.00$170.00
Bulgari 3028 5357 Eyeglasses size 53mm : Sandblasted Grey / Blue Horn$178.00$8.00$170.00
Bulgari 3028 5357 Eyeglasses size 55mm : Sandblasted Grey / Blue Horn$178.00$8.00$170.00
Bulgari 4061B/V 5231 Eyeglasses size 52mm : Variegated Violet / Brow$145.00$7.00$138.00
Bulgari 6083 239/6G Sunglasses size 56mm : Black$150.00$7.00$143.00
Bulgari 8143B 534111 Sunglasses size 55mm : Orange Fantasy$168.00$8.00$160.00
Bulgari 8169Q 111113 Sunglasses size 57mm : Turtledove$178.00$8.00$170.00
Bulgari 8169Q 901/8G Sunglasses size 57mm : Black$178.00$8.00$170.00
Bulgari 8178 11158G Sunglasses size 57mm : Blue$150.00$7.00$143.00
Bulgari 8178 111613 Sunglasses size 57mm : Red / Bordeaux$150.00$7.00$143.00
Bulgari 8178 901/6G Sunglasses size 57mm : Black$150.00$7.00$143.00
Burberry 4164 327813 Sunglasses size 55mm : Light Tortoise$117.00$5.00$112.00
Burberry 4189 351213 Sunglasses size 54mm : Brown Gradient$112.00$6.00$106.00
Burberry 4191 301413 Sunglasses size 57mm : Bordeaux / Gold$140.00$7.00$133.00
Burberry 4193 317313 Sunglasses size 57mm : Light Brown$129.00$6.00$123.00
Burberry 4205 35608G Sunglasses size 54mm : Opal Nude / Nude$116.00$5.00$111.00
Dior Homme Blacktie 213S LMY/A6 Sunglasses size 52mm$145.00$7.00$138.00
Dolce & Gabbana 3209 2883 Eyeglasses size 53mm : Opal Azure / Leopard$100.00$5.00$95.00
Dolce & Gabbana 5008 Over Molded Rubber 2818 Eyeglasses size 54mm$100.00$5.00$95.00
Emporio Armani 2018 3003T3 Sunglasses size 64mm : Matte Gunmetal$106.00$5.00$101.00
Emporio Armani 4062 54621Y Sunglasses size 49mm : Grey / Gunmetal$100.00$5.00$95.00
Giorgio Armani 7062 5340 Eyeglasses size 54mm : Opal Lilac$105.00$5.00$100.00
Giorgio Armani 7093 5447 Eyeglasses size 53mm : Opal Aquamarine$128.00$6.00$122.00
Giorgio Armani 8030H Motherpearl 52457B Sunglasses size 58mm : Tissue$151.00$7.00$144.00
Michael Kors 6003 Salzburg 300511 Sunglasses size 58mm : Black$105.00$5.00$100.00
Prada 03Q/V 1AB-1O1 Eyeglasses size 52mm : Black$105.00$5.00$100.00
Prada 04P/V TFN-1O1 Eyeglasses size 54mm : Opal Grey / Grey$116.00$5.00$111.00
Prada 04P/V TKP-1O1 Eyeglasses size 52mm : Opal Pink / Pink$116.00$5.00$111.00
Prada 04P/V TKP-1O1 Eyeglasses size 54mm : Opal Pink / Pink$116.00$5.00$111.00
Prada 10R/V 7I6-1O1 Eyeglasses size 53mm : Black / Red$128.00$6.00$122.00
Prada 14Q/V DHO-1O1 Eyeglasses size 51mm : Dark Brown$139.00$7.00$132.00
Prada 16S/V UBS-1O1 Eyeglasses size 52mm : Brown / Tortoise$128.00$6.00$122.00
Prada 18O/V 7S0-1O1 Eyeglasses size 52mm : Medium Tortoise$105.00$5.00$100.00
Prada 19S/V LAB-1O1 Eyeglasses size 48mm : Black / Matte Tortoise$116.00$5.00$111.00
Prada 27R Raw UBT-4O2 Sunglasses size 55mm$191.00$9.00$182.00

The most famous and exclusive designer sunglasses and eyeglasses at discounted price. Worldwide shipping.

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