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Welcome to our Greek Videos Portal! The source for the latest greek music videos, greek tv, greek shows and more!

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Красиви картини от България ,придружени с прекрасното изпълнение на гайдаря Атанас Тодоров Песента е от албума "Сипни ми винце да пия" на трио Румен Родопски.
Views: 497864
3544 ratings
Time: 04:02 More in Music

Views: 16687
353 ratings
Time: 03:10 More in Entertainment

Youth Centre Of Halastra - Thessaloniki (Greek Traditional Folk Dance Group) on 3rd Festival "Woman and Tradition" Unesco Center -- Thessaloniki 31/08/2006. ...
From: axios1018
Views: 104211
137 ratings
Time: 03:20 More in Music

Great Bulgarian Kaba Gaida spontaneous live performance around the dinner table by two gaida players. The one on the left is Angel Gerzilov on the right is G...
From: toly78
Views: 5893
37 ratings
Time: 02:43 More in News & Politics

Kostadin Atanasov and His teacher Dafo Trandafilov-the masters of kaba gaida.
From: ralitoiv
Views: 87398
402 ratings
Time: 04:13 More in Music

Recorded in the chapel of Ezaart, Belgium.
From: De Sjaan
Views: 16337
29 ratings
Time: 06:15 More in Music

Στο συγκεκριμένο βίντεο ο γκαιντατζης παίζει Μακεδονία η γκάιντα είναι είναι απο Πιέρια http://www.facebook.com/groups.php?ref=sb#/group.php?gid=49587251031.
Views: 30187
86 ratings
Time: 09:59 More in Music

A Greek folk dance from the region of Macedonia (Northern Greece). It is famous mostly at central Macedonia. The musical instrument is gaida (bagpipes), whic...
Views: 27121
74 ratings
Time: 04:38 More in Music

From: 1Argot
Views: 4834
14 ratings
Time: 04:50 More in Music

Ork.Imperial-Shotlandska Gaida.
Views: 17938
35 ratings
Time: 07:02 More in Music

Views: 53982
142 ratings
Time: 05:01 More in Music

Bulgarian musicians put their Scottish counterparts in the shade with a world record for the largest bagpipe ensemble. The 333 Bulgarian folk musicians gathe...
From: toly78
Views: 127842
1637 ratings
Time: 05:43 More in Music

Bulgarian Gaida
gr.Sofia Leko domashno kuponche ;)
Views: 2985
4 ratings
Time: 05:08 More in Music

Views: 54102
244 ratings
Time: 03:49 More in Music

Part of a private concert in the shelter across the road from the Devil's Throat Cave in Bulgaria. The artist's name, thanks to tobeortube and yveshoro, is S...
Views: 35576
102 ratings
Time: 03:12 More in Music

Views: 7993
84 ratings
Time: 05:13 More in Entertainment

Views: 313
1 ratings
Time: 51:51 More in Autos & Vehicles

Me Playing the Bulgarian Kaba Gaida from the Rhodopa Mountains. Not sure what the names of the pieces are but they were taught to me by Mr Todor Kaikov while...
From: corydale
Views: 122795
401 ratings
Time: 01:45 More in Music

gaida na jivo.
Views: 608
2 ratings
Time: 05:43 More in Music

Stoiko Jeliazkov-gaida Kotel 1979.
Views: 3655
14 ratings
Time: 03:42 More in Music

two Macedonian Ciganšitsa (fast 7/8) dance tunes played Linsey on the Macedonian bagpipe or gaida & Anthony Pizzica on bouzouki. You can get more of this mus...
Views: 1663
70 ratings
Time: 02:03 More in Music

Private perfomance. A friendly geste from the Hotelowner of Hotel Ivan in Chepalare.
From: jodanon
Views: 7979
32 ratings
Time: 09:15 More in People & Blogs

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