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Welcome to our Greek Videos Portal! The source for the latest greek music videos, greek tv, greek shows and more!

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Popular Searches - Anna Vissi, Despina Vandi, George Dalaras, Greek Music Videos, Pontiaka

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for fun....
From: swwoka11
Views: 1982967
2657 ratings
Time: 04:25 More in Music

Σ' ΑΓΑΠΩ Στίχοι: Ναταλία Γερμανού Μουσική: Αλέξανδρος Βουραζέλης Πρώτη εκτέλεση: Μαριάντα Πιερίδη Δίσκος: Η γυναίκα της ζωής σου Περπάτησα πολύ σε δρόμους δί...
Views: 320590
625 ratings
Time: 04:30 More in Music

Marianta Pieridi Ta Pio Megala Oneira.
From: tomaseleo
Views: 25832
30 ratings
Time: 04:07 More in Music

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gr/album/paizeis-dynata/id651905757 http://www.mariada.gr https://www.facebook.com/mariadapieridi https://twitter.com/mariad...
Views: 433599
2368 ratings
Time: 03:19 More in Music

Vale fantasia - Marianta Pieridi, song by Alexandros Vourazelis (music) and Vaggelis Konstantinidis (lyrics)
From: alexvour
Views: 14229
29 ratings
Time: 04:24 More in Music

Views: 199528
215 ratings
Time: 04:27 More in Music

Mariada Pieridi "Heretismata" (official video clip)
Views: 34625
51 ratings
Time: 04:25 More in Music

ΜΕΙΝΕ ΔΙΠΛΑ ΜΟΥ Στίχοι: Βαγγέλης Κωνσταντινίδης Μουσική: Αλέξανδρος Βουραζέλης Πρώτη εκτέλεση: Μαριάντα Πιερίδη Πες μου τι θέλεις να σου φέρω ζήτα μου κάτι μ...
Views: 84017
222 ratings
Time: 04:44 More in Music

From: jerous3
Views: 28579
56 ratings
Time: 04:39 More in Music

Marianta Pieridi's new song called DJ (a cover of a Carola Haggvist's songs called "Stanna eller ge")
From: asterix1
Views: 198284
300 ratings
Time: 03:53 More in Music

Η sexy ΜΑΡΙΑΝΤΑ ΠΙΕΡΙΔΗ Marianta Pieridi / Dancing with the Stars 25-11-2012 Live2.
Views: 47378
42 ratings
Time: 09:58 More in Entertainment

meine dipla mou My Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/demetris.demetriou.5492.
Views: 1045
3 ratings
Time: 04:41 More in Music

Μουσική: Μάριος Ψιμόπουλος Στίχοι: Ελένη Γιαννατσούλια Copyright: © 2012 Universal Music Με διάθεση γιορτής λοιπόν μας χαρίζει ένα νέο τραγούδι με τίτλο «Τέτ...
Views: 56691
174 ratings
Time: 03:54 More in Music

Apologies if the words go too quickly...I suppose you'll have to pause haha! It was the only way I could get it all in time. "Sorry!" Στίχοι: Νίκος Σαρρής Μο...
From: alfie1888
Views: 19668
18 ratings
Time: 03:59 More in Music

Ena adikimeno tragoudi apo to cd tis Mariantas pes mou mia fora apolafste to :)
Views: 284052
332 ratings
Time: 04:55 More in Music

sotspa-Marianta Pieridi & Giorgoa Giannias-Arga.
From: 4erni4e
Views: 29693
61 ratings
Time: 04:35 More in Music

28/4/08 Omorfos kosmos to proi-Part 1 "Afti i agapi" www.mariada.gr.
Views: 3982
6 ratings
Time: 04:23 More in Music

Ιtan grammeno..
Views: 83188
82 ratings
Time: 04:12 More in Music

My Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/demetris.demetriou.5492?ref=tn_tnmn.
Views: 475
2 ratings
Time: 50:46 More in Music

Mariada Pieridi "Ta Pio Megala Oneira" (official vc)
Views: 189285
439 ratings
Time: 03:26 More in Music

From: Petros Dv
Views: 24261
45 ratings
Time: 14:56 More in Music

Views: 44317
70 ratings
Time: 04:03 More in Music

S' agapo My Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/demetris.demetriou.5492.
Views: 927
3 ratings
Time: 04:27 More in Music

Views: 317619
207 ratings
Time: 03:44 More in Music

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