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Class FAQ

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Druid faq 1.9.2
Posted on 29 March 2005 at 14:12:38 by Azoth. | 7 Pages
This is a faq that should answer some common questions about the druid and help newer players out. I will continue to expand it.

Hunters FAQ's
Posted on 29 March 2005 at 14:48:58 by Magi. | 1 Page
Helpful Hunter FAQ / Beast Info

Mage FAQ
Posted on 29 March 2005 at 15:09:51 by Nether. | 2 Pages
Iíve decided to write a FAQ guide for the class, simply because Iíve seen so many posts in this forum about the same questions. Hopefully this guide will answer a majority of questions new Mages have and come to these boards seeking guidance about.

Thanks to the many of the excellent guides in the Profession forums, which I used pieces of to form the format of this guide. A special thanks to all of us Mages on these forums who try to help one another by answering the questions of our fellow Mages

A Paladin Talent Guide
Posted on 29 March 2005 at 15:33:32 by Jhelrond. | 4 Pages


Completely changed the format of the guide, removed my own "suggested build" area (I needed the space.) Rewrote Intro as Theras posted. Added link to Codex build thread.
Yes, I am alive. Never could log in "correctly" to edit my posts, finally could today.


1. Introduction and FAQís

2. Holy Talents

3. Protection Talents

4. Retribution Talents

Priest FAQ
Posted on 29 March 2005 at 15:51:54 by Evie. | 1 Page
This is a little FAQ I wrote up for some of the newer priests, please read before posting it might answer your questions already. Please add any questions that are not covered, hopefully we can compile a good list and get it stickied so we don't get so many of the same questions over and over again. :)

Rogue FAQ v4
Posted on 29 March 2005 at 15:59:15 by Chalon. | 10 Pages
This document originated towards the end of the Beta, when lots of newcomers joined in on the World of Warcraft experience. I saw many questions being asked repeatedly, so I compiled this FAQ. It would not have gotten to the form it is today were it not for the people listed in the "thanks" section.

For a little background of myself...I played a Rogue up to the level 60 cap on the Closed Beta server, so I have quite a bit of experience with the class. That being said, if you see any mistakes or things which need clarification, or if you have additional questions you think I should add, definitely let me know.

This FAQ is organized into multiple posts and sections, to make it easier to browse.

Note: A few questions may appear in multiple sections in cases where it makes sense.


I. General - These are basic questions, and questions which did not fit into the other categories

II. Training - This answers questions about where you can train weapons and abilities.

III. Mechanics - This covers questions about the "number crunching" behind the rogue

IV. Talent Builds - This section covers general talent questions, and questions about creating talent builds

V. Specific Talents - Here's where questions regarding specific talents are answered

VI. Equipment - This covers what you should consider for your equipment, and how you can find out where to get it

VII. Poisons - This covers all your poison questions

VIII. Lockpicking and Pickpocketing - All the questions about theivery

IX. Glossary - If you see a word or abbreviation you aren't familiar with, chances are it is here

X. Thanks - Here's where I give thanks to all the people who have contributed to this FAQ.

Appendix A. Known Bugs and Issues - This is a list I have compiled of known bugs and issues with the Rogue class.

Appendix B. Talent Guide by Oroblram - This is a comprehensive Rogue Talent Guide

Reposting of this FAQ - I have no problem with someone making a copy of this for personal use. But I ask that this not be repost on other sites, and instead linked to. That way I can ensure that this FAQ is maintained in one location. I have put a lot of work into this FAQ, and all I ask for is that it not be copied. This excludes the case of a translation to another language :). Let me know if that happens, though. Would like to see what it looks like translated! :P

Shaman FAQ 1.20
Posted on 29 March 2005 at 16:33:40 by Doomhaven. | 3 Pages
Unofficial Shaman FAQ

This FAQ is set up to help players both new and old with some of the more common questions asked about this class.

This FAQ is divided into several sections. The first section deals with basic questions for players new to the shaman class. The second section deals with more advanced questions about playing shamans. The third section deals with shaman spells. The fourth section deals with shaman talents, and the fifth deals with the quests for this class.

Additional preamble: the "official" location for this thread is found at http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?FN=wow-shaman&T=26616&P=1 . Feel free to link to this FAQ, but please do not repost it. If you have any questions/answers that should be included, errors/comments/omissions that need to be corrected, please feel free to post in this thread :)

Another Shaman FAQ, independent of mine, is available at
http://www.peopleofgaheris.com/shaman-faq.html . As well, Thottbot has a good set of information about shamans here:
http://www.thottbot.com/?c=Shaman .


Section 1 -- Introductory Questions About Shamans

1.1 What are shamans?

1.2 What is the role of a shaman in groups?

1.3 What are a shaman's strengths?

1.4 What are a shaman's weaknesses?

1.5 What race is the best race to be a shaman?

1.6 Are shamans overpowered and deserving of a nerf?

1.7 What is the best class to duo with a shaman?

1.8 What is the plural of shaman?

1.9 Are there any current issues with the shaman class?

Section 2 -- Shaman Playstyle Questions

2.1 What are the most important statistics for a shaman?

2.2 How does block work?

2.3 How does mana regeneration work?

2.4 Which is better: one hand + shield or two hand?

2.5 Which weapons should I train/use?

2.6 How do I play a shaman well?

2.7 What's the basic tactics for a shaman soloing?

2.8 What's the basic tactics for a shaman in an instance group being a secondary healer/tank?

2.9 Hi! I'm a new shaman that has mainly been soloing. I got into my first instance (Ragefire or Wailing Caverns) as a healer and kept getting aggro and dying. What am I doing wrong?

2.10 What are the best professions to take as a shaman?

2.11 I have all of the abilities and not enough room on my quickbar!
What do I do?

2.12 Can a shaman be a primary healer for an instance?

Section 3 -- Shaman Quest Questions

3.1 Where do I find everything for the Call of Fire quest?

3.2 Are there any other shaman quest guides out there?

Section 4 -- Shaman Spell Questions

4.1 Why does Reincarnation have such a long ressurection sickness?

4.2 What effects does Purge purge?

4.3 Can we have multiple totems up?

4.4 What does tremor totem protect against?

4.5 What is the difference between Astral Recall and our hearthstone?

4.6 How does Stoneskin work?

4.7 Does Stoneclaw totem work?

4.8 Which is the best weapon buff?

4.9 Do weapon buffs stack? Can I cast one and then have my totem give me another?

4.10 Can the extra hits from Windfury proc another Windfury proc?

4.11 Do shaman totems stack?

4.12 How do +healing and +damage items work?

Section 5 -- Shaman Talent Questions

5.1 What are good talent builds?

5.2 Are there any talents that I *shouldn't* point points into?

5.3 What's better: Ancestral Knowledge or Shield Specialization?

5.4 Do Troll Regeneration and Combat Endurance stack?

5.5 What does Anticipation do?

5.6 How do spec points into the Restoration Tree?

5.7 If I untrain my talents, will I lose my skill levels in my two-hand weapon skills and my extra ranks of Mana Tide Totem?

5.8 Are there any sites that have a talent builder I could use?

This FAQ does not have a PvP section, because I am not a good PvP player nor do I play on a PvP server. PvP related links will go here until I have enough to make a new section for them.

A good shaman PvP guide can be found here:

Dobbs has written an excellent treatise on PvP build theory here: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-shaman&t=41466

Vehementi has started a good conversation on PvP versus Druids and Paladins here: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-shaman&t=45464

Warlock FAQ
Posted on 29 March 2005 at 16:52:43 by Mosh. | 1 Page
First off, I'd like to thank Soni for throwing an FAQ out there immediately after launch. I'm updating this FAQ with everything he has on the other FAQ. I'm going to attempt to get this stickied again.

Koru asked for a Warlock FAQ so I'm starting one. Feel free to post questions and/or answers and I'll try to add them.

Useful Warlock links:


Loads of factual, (almost) always up-to-date info
Test talent builds before putting points in things ingame.

List of all Warlock spells in a very user-friendly format
General Warlock site. Another Warlock forum there.

Ideas for talents:


Comprehensive Warrior Guide v1.0
Posted on 29 March 2005 at 17:00:55 by Ciel. | 8 Pages
Hi everyone, Iíve decided to start writing a guide to the warrior class. Iím a level 60 (yes, my avatar says I'm 59, but that's because I wrote this at 59) warrior, and Iíve played every other class out there, so I know the enemy (and ally, in many cases) well. Thanks to Taav for giving me the idea.

If anyone has any builds, strategies, and such they'd like to contribute, please reply in this thread and I'd be happy to post them (giving you credit, of course).

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