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Posted on 29 March 2005 at 16:52:43 by Mosh. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Q n A

Q: Does Warlock require any reagents for their incantations?
A: Warlocks use Soul Shards for many spells. Soul Shards are gained by casting Drain Soul on monsters as they die. If the monster yields experience, you gain a Shard. Soulshards are used to for the following spells:
Create Healthstone
Create Soulstone (2 Shards)
Create Firestone
Create Spellstone
Enslave Demon
Ritual of Summoning
Summon Voidwalker
Summon Succubus
Summon Felhunter

Q : What are curses and how do they work?
A: Curses are debuffs that warlocks can cast upon their enemies. All curses are instant cast spells and can be resisted with shadow resistance. A warlock can cast different curses on multiple targets, but they are restricted to one curse per target. If a warlock tries to cast a different curse on a target he already cursed, the new curse will overwrite the old one. Unlike DOTs, curses of the same type do not stack. Multiple warlocks cannot cast the same curse on the same target (i.e. two Curses of Agony). It is possible for multiple warlocks to cast different curses on the same target (i.e. Curse of Weakness and Curse of Agony).

Curse of Agony - Damage over time curse.

Curse of Doom - Deals 3200 damage to its target after 60 seconds. If this damage kills the target there is a chance that a doomguard will appear.

Curse of Elements - Reduces the target's fire and frost resistance.
Curse of Exhaustion - Slows the target's movement speed.
Curse of Recklessness - Lowers the target's armor and slightly increases its attack power. Makes the target immune to fear as well, both all fear-spells and the automatic running off with 15% health, very useful in dungeons.

Curse of Shadows - Lowers the target's arcane and shadow resistance.
Curse of Tongues - Increases the casting time of the target's spells.
Curse of Weakness - Decreases the amount of damage the target deals in combat.

Q: When and how do Warlocks get the different pets?
A: Imp @ 1 - quest
Voidwalker @ 10 - quest
Succubus @ 20 - quest
Felhunter @ 30 - quest
Infernal @ 50 - drop (lower Blackrock Spire)
Doomguard @ 60 - drop or from Curse of Doom

Q: What classes duo well with the Warlock?
A: Generally, you'll want to play with hybrid healers (Shammies, Paladins and Druids), as their fight pattern resembles the Warlock's the most. A mage on the other hand, fights in an entirely different rhythm and usually doesn't do well with Warlock.

Q: What armors can Warlocks wear?
A: Warlocks can only wear Cloth armor.
Q: What weapons can Warlocks use?
A: We start out with Daggers, and can learn Staves and One-Handed Swords at trainers.

Q: How are Soul Shards stored?
A: They are stored in your backpack at a rate of one per slot. They do not stack.

Q: Can I gain Soul Shards from other players (PCs)?
A: No, currently you can only get Shards from monsters.
Q: Could you explain how the infernal summon currently works? A: Currently, once you've found the Grimoire in Blackrock Spire, you can cast an Infernal once every 30 minutes, at the cost of one reagent, an Inferno Stone. The Infernal is under your control for 15 seconds, and then it breaks lose. You are able to use Enslave Demon to keep it after this.

Q: Where do Warlocks receive Demon books? What do these books do? What are some things to keep in mind about these books and their usage?
A: Pet trainers sell these books. When you're at the appropriate level, using the book while the pet is out will teach him the skill. One-time usage. The pet learns the spell permanently. The book is consumed.
Q: Exactly how much PvE do you have to do to get the shards required for, say, an hour of PvP? A night?
A: Once you get rolling on easy mobs, it takes you about 30-40 minutes to get 10 minutes worth of shards.

Q: Do wands need ammunition? How do I use it?
A: You do not need ammunition. Open up your spell book and go to the general tab. You should see an action icon there that says shoot. That is the icon you want to click to fire your wand :)

Q: What professions are actually useful to a Warlock?
A: Subjective answers:
Well, a lot of people (especially the pvp'ers) will tell you Mining/Engineering simply because it has a lot of GOOD stuff with Engineering requirements and you can buy everything else off other players, basically.
If you're extremely wealthy (not gonna happen this patch, I know), Enchanting + Engineering is probably the best, but Mining + Engineering works too.
As Soni said, Engineering is just gold in PvP because of the Net-o-Matic projector. Also the 34 stamina / 26stam/16 int cloth headpiece kicks ass.
Q: What is the Warlock damage dealing style / speciality?
A: DoT(Damage over time) stacking with contributed skills/damage from different pets.

Q: Will I need to learn horse back riding to ride the Felsteed? A: You do not need to learn anything to ride the felsteed. The only requirement for obtaining the felsteed is the completion of a simple quest that becomes available at level 40. Currently the quest involves talking to a few NPC's, but the quest text hints that this might change in the future.

Q: Can you use Curse of Doom on a player in PVP?
A: No, 3200 damage in one blow is ALOT in PvP

Q: How do I use soulstones?
A: First you cast "Create Soulstone (your rank of choice), this will take 2 soul shards and create a Soulstone in your inventory. Then, you right-click on the soulstone you just made and target yourself or a party member. It'll do a short cast and then the person who was targetted will get the soulstone buff.

Q: How long does the Soulstone buff last/is there a cooldown? A: The buff lasts 30 mins or until the person dies and gets rez'd by it, whichever comes first. There's a 30 minute cooldown regardless of how long the player has the buff, so you can only have one person safe at a time.

Q: Is there such thing as a Melee build for a warlock? If it even exists what would it look like? and would it be effective at all?
A: No, Warlocks have no melee-skills, and the Firestone we can make is very, very bad.

Q: What spells are affected by +shadow dmg items?
Death Coil
Drain Life
Drain Soul
Shadow Bolt
Siphon Life

Q: Since we can summon a mount, can we also get the standard mounts for our races if we choose to?
A. Yes, you can still buy the standard mounts.

Q: Where and at what level can Horde Warlocks train in Staves and Daggers?
A: Horde Warlocks can train in Staves and Daggers in Thunder Bluff. No level restriction, but it costs 10 silver.

[i]Q: Where and at what level can alliance warlocks train in staves and daggers?
A: Alliance Warlocks can train Staves and Daggers in Stormwind, in the Trade Quarter.
No level restriction, but it costs 10 silver.

Thanks to everyone for asking / answering.
Special thanks to: Messari, Koru, Olriech, Merklyn, Gralin, Soni.
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