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Posted on 13 August 2006 at 17:15:30 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

7 Rep Colors ..Divine: White Lawful: Green Good: Yellow-Green Neutral: Yellow Evil: Orange Chaotic: Red Criminal: Gray Everybody starts around the neutral range, depending upon your starting race. Killing NPC's and Other Players will decrease your reputation. The amount that you decrease depends upon your current reputation level and the current level of the person you are fighting. You loose reputation for every hit placed upon you opponent. The final "death" swing deals out the remaining reputation points to the killer. Reputation grows at a very slow rate. This is the only way it will increase. Effects of the reputation levels: Divine: 10% discounts at stores when purchasing 5% increase in selling price Lawful: 5% discounts at stores when purchasing Good: Nothing Neutral: Nothing Evil: 10% increase in store prices 5% decrease in store prices when selling Chaotic: No Shop access (except in evil cities) Criminal: No Shop access (except in evil cities) Guards will jail you on sight
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