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Posted on 17 April 2007 at 16:21:07 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Alliance Cooking Powerlvl Guide


1 to 40
Spice Bread (1 x Simple Flour, 1 x Mild Spices) x 50

40 to 75
Smoked Bear Meat (1 x Bear Meat) x 40
Go to Drac Roughcut in Thelsamar, Loch Modan and buy Smoked Bear Meat recipe.
Kill bears around Loch Modan for Bear Meat.

75 to 85
Crab Cake (1 x Crawler Meat) x 10
Kill Crawlers around Darkshore and Westfall for Crawler meat.
You'll need about 10. Donít sell any Crawler Clawís you found, you'll needthem for the next stage.

85 to 100
Cooked Crab Claw (1 x Crab Claw, 1 x Mild Spice) x 20
Go to Stormwind City and buy Crooked Crab Claw recipe from Kendor Kabonka. Getabout 20 mild spices.
Go back to Darkshore or Westfall and continue killing Crawlers for the remainingclaws you need.

100 to 130
Seasoned Wolf Kabob (2 x Lean Wolf Flank, 1 x Stormwind Seasoning Herbs) x 30
Go to Chef Grual (geddit? grual - gruel?...oh never mind) in Darkshire and getthe Seasoned Wolf Kabobs quest. Get the Stormwind Seasoning Herbs from FelciaGump in Stormwind (Trade District).
Kill Ravagers and Wolves around Duskwood for Lean wolf Flank.
You'll need about 50-60 (including the ones you need for quest).N.B. you couldget the Lean Wolf Steak recipe from Super Seller 680 in Desolace and continuekilling until your cooking is up to 150+ and then skip the next step, but itísa limited supply recipe and can be annoying to get).

130 to 175
Curiously Tasty Omelet (1 x Raptor Egg, 1 x Hot Spice) x 50
To Train as a Expert cook, go to Shandrina by Mystral Lake in Ashenvale and buythe Expert cookbook.
Go to Kendor Kabonka in Stormwind City and buy the Curiously Tasty Omeletrecipe.
Kill Raptors in Arathi Highlands for Raptor Eggs. (Keep all the Raptor Meat youget, going to need those next).

175 to 200
Roast Raptor (1 x Raptor Meat, 1 x Hot Spices) x 30
Go see Corporal Bluth at the Rebel Camp in Stranglethorn Vale and buy the RoastRaptor recipe (remembering to pick up about 40 hot spices on the way). Cook allthe Raptor Meat you got from Arathi Highland Raptors and then go kill JungleStalkers near the Gurabashi Arena until you have enough to take you to level 200cooking.

200 to 225
Spider Sausage (1 x White Spider Meat) x 30
Kill Darkfangs around Dustwallow Marsh for White Spider Meat.

Itís cooking quest time.
Go to Gadgetzan and speak to Dirge Quikcleave to obtain Artisan cooking quest -Clamlette Surprise (he's in the tavern). Whilst your here, pick up the TenderWolf Steaks recipe.
You'll need 12 Giant Eggs, 10 Zesty Clam Meat and 20 Alterac Swiss. The AlteracSwiss is the easiest to get, just go to the Trade District in Stormwind City andbuy it from Ben Trias. Get the eggs from the Owlbeasts in The Hinterlands (thedrop rate is way better than the Rocs in Tanaris). For the clam meat go toSteamwheedle Port in Tanaris and kill the Turtles. They will drop Big MouthClams at a good rate, which contain Zesty Clam Meat.
Keep killing Owlbeasts in The Hinterlands and grab another 70-80 eggs. Also killthe Wolves round here for Tender Wolf Meat. Go to Talonbranch Glade in Felwoodand buy the Monster Omelet recipe from Malygen and about 140-160 SoothingSpices.

225 to 285
Monster Omelet (1 x Giant Egg, 2 x Soothing Spices) x 80
Stay in Felwood and cook those eggs for Monster Omelets and any Tender Wolf Meatyou got. If you donít have enough to get you to 285, go kill the Wolves aroundFelwood for Tender Wolf Meat and make Tender Wolf Steaks.

285 to 300
Smoked Desert Dumplings (1 x Sandworm Meat, 1 x Soothing Spice) x 20.
Go to Cenarion Hold in Silithus and speak to Calandrath for the Desert Recipechain of quests. When you get to the third quest you'll get the recipe forSmoked Desert Dumplings. Kill Dredge Crushers and Strikers for the Sandworm Meat(low drop rate). You'll need about 10 more than the quest needs plus thesoothing spices (20 in total).

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1 Comment - 5/5 - Votes : 1
Posted on 18 July 2007 at 12:13:07 by Anonym.  5/5

u can buy alteracswiss from inkeeper in thousand needle http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=11116
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