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Posted on 29 March 2005 at 14:48:58 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Helpful links / FAQ

Kierra's hunters guide

Great Bestiary
http://wow.allakhazam.com/ http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/mobfamily.html
List Beast with Skills, Levels and Locations, also collects data. http://www.somewowguild.pixelbard.com/



Hunter Questsions: Answered!
A catalog of all the questions and answers in the Hunter Question: Answered Thread. http://home.comcast.net/~sunnmann/WoWHunter.html
Helpful threads

List of Pet Pursuit/Approach speed http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?FN=wow-hunter&T=77035&P=1
Solos's tips to feeding your pet http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?ForumName=wow-hunter&ThreadID=55793

Hunters guild to instances

How do you know if a Beast is Tamable?
In order for a Beast to be tamable it needs to fall under one of the 17 families listed below. If you want to know if a Beast falls under one of the families you can look it up on Allakhazam's site. http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/mobfamily.html . If you have the beast lore spell you can use that to see if the beast has a diet listed. If there is no diet listed it is not tamable. Note that if you do use the beast lore skill the petís stats will change when you tame it.
Beast lore, what it does and does not do
Beast lore a level 24 spell, will tell you what the wild stats of the beast you are looking at are unless it is another hunters pet. It will not tell you what the stats will be after taming. It might tell you what is tameable, but one note, Minions are not tameable even if Beast lore saids they are. It will aslo tell you the diet which is all the will remain the same after taming.

What level can I start taming beast?
You can start taming beast at level 10 after you complete your Hunter quests. You will need to talk to your local hunter trainer and they will give you a quest to go talk to the hunter trainer that will teach you how to tame beast. You will then receive 3 taming quests each one has you tame a different beast that is local to the area you are in. After you complete the taming quests you will receive Beast Taming, Calling and Dismiss skills, these are in your spell book under Beast skills. You will then receive another quest to talk to the trainer in the main city for your race. After talking to that trainer you will have the Feed, Revive and Training skills. These are also under Beast skills except for Beast training which is under general skills.

What do I do if I complete both quest and I am missing skills? If you have completed all 4 quests and your skills are not in you spell book you are bugged. We are not sure what the cause of the bug is but it seems to happen if you log during or after you complete the quest. You only have two options if you donít have the skills. Petition, and Bug your self and wait for a GM to fix you, or start a new hunter.

Is there a difference between families of beast? The only differences between families are Health, Armor, and Damage.
Is there a difference between mobs of the same family? The only differences between members of the same family are attack speeds and run speeds.

Is there a difference between Rare, Elite and Normal beast after taming? After taming they are identical stat wise. Some may have different attack speeds or run speeds but this is not a function of them being elite, rare or named as normal beast can have these traits.

Is there a difference between a leveled up pet or one that is tamed at higher level?
No there is no difference in base stats between leveling up a pet or getting a new one at high level.

Do any beasts have resist?
Beasts no longer retain innate resist.

Are there any known pets with bugged stats?
Currently there are several members of the Wind Serpent Family that have bugged stats. Also Lupos seems to have bugged damage he is doing half the damage listed after he is leveled up.

How do I feed my pet?
Pull the pet feed skill out of your spell book and put it on the hot bar. Left click on the skill then left click on the food in your inventory you want to feed the pet. Alternately you can drop the food on the pet if you have the pet feed skill. There are also UI mods that can simplify the process.

Why can I not feed my Windfury Guardian after the patch on 03-22-05? Blizzard did not intend for these snakes to be tamable. They have removed the ability to tame them. They also removed the ability to feed the currently tamed ones. I donít agree with how they did this. Also if you stable the Sandfury Guardians they will be deleted. So the choice is either a slow painful death or a quick execution.

What does Loyalty do for my pet?
Loyalty level affects how much food you need to feed your pet to keep it happy. The higher the loyalty levels the less food. Loyalty also is where most pet training points are earned. Each time a pet gains a level of Loyalty it also gains its level in training points, ie. a level 20 pet gaining a level of loyalty will gain 20 training points. A pet with level 6 loyalty will have 5 times its level in training points minus any used for learning skills, this includes any it came with. One other thing I have noticed, pets with higher loyalty gain exp faster.

How do I gain pet Loyalty?
You gain loyalty by feeding your pet and keeping it happy. Form my experience you do not need to do anything else but combat with the pet seems to work best. I have had pets gain loyalty when sitting in town making potions. I have also gained loyalty by fighting with my pet. Some pets seem to gain loyalty faster then others so the personality of the pet might effect how fast it gains loyalty.

What does Happiness do for my pet?
Happiness level affects the pet's dps. Unhappy pets do 75% damage, Content pets do 100% damage, and Happy pets do 125% damage. Keep the pet feed to keep it happy. Also Happy and Content pets gain Loyalty. Unhappy pets lose loyalty and if they lose enough they will lose loyalty levels and eventually run away.

What does Leveling do for my pet?
Leveling will increase your petís stats, health, dps and armor. Each time a pet levels it gains its loyalty minus one in training point. Leveling also will let you pet learn newer versions of the pet skills.

How do I level my pet?
How I level my pets is to fight things that I can solo that give me exp. Things slightly lower to slightly higher then my own level. I also have the pet on defensive so that I will aid me in the fight. I have successfully used this method to level very low level pets. I got a level 8 vampire bat when I was 20. I leveled it to level 13 fighting level 18 to 21 things.

If I am level 60 and tame a new pet can it gain exp and loyalty? Yes, at level 60 if you tame a pet lower level then you it will gain exp as long as you are fighting things green or higher to you. Also even if you tame a level 60 beast it will gain loyalty as long as you do the stuff you normally do to gain loyalty.

Do beasts come with innate skills?
Some beast in a family will have a skill when you tame them. My theory on this is the beast must be of the same level or higher then when the skill can be taught. For instance Strigid Owls have claw 1, they are level 5-6, Strigid Screechers do not have a skill they are level 7-8, Strigid Hunters have claw 2 they are level 8-9, Claw 2 can not be trained till level 8. So when looking for a new skill try taming a beast of the right family type in the level range of the skill you are looking for. There is also a very nice list on Grim Intentions website.


How do I know if the pet I tamed has an innate skill?
Open the pets stat page. If they have a negative number in training points they have a skill. I would imagine it would also show up in the pet spell book. Also it will show up on the pet bar.

What skills are there and which beast have which skills?
Pet skills are Growl; levels 1 and 2 are in your pet training skill list when you learn the pet training skill. Growl levels 3 to 7 have to be learned at Pet Trainers. Growl 1 is trainable at level 1 and every 10 levels after. (1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60) Claw and Bite are trainable at level 1 and every 8 levels after. (1, 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56) There are 8 levels of Claw and Bite. Cower is trainable at level 5 and every 10 levels after. (5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55) There are 6 levels of Cower. Bears, Cats, Carrion Birds and Raptors can learn all the current skills.

How do I learn skills form the beast I tame?
First put your pet in to the stable. Then go find the beast with the skill you want to learn. Tame it. I feed them and get them happy, others only feed them to content and others donít feed them at all. Then fight some mobs with the pet. It seems that if you fight close to the pet you will learn the skill faster. In other words get in there and melee next to the pet. You can have the skill on auto or manually trigger it, but make sure the pet uses the skill. You will get a message when you learn the skill, but you can also check in your beast training to see if you have learned it. Once you learn the skill you can let the pet go or keep as you see fit.

How do I teach my pet new skills?
To teach your pet a new skill, have your pet active. Make sure the pet can learn the skill, that it is high enough level to learn the version you are teaching and that it has training points available. Then open the beast training icon. You can open it form the spell book or move it to your hot bar. Then select the skill you want to train and push the button. The icon should appear on the petís hot bar.

How do stables work?
When you first go to the stable you will not have any stable slots. When you open the stable there are 3 slots, one to the left, this is the active pet slot, and two to the right, these are the stable slots. The stable slots will be grayed out, to buy the first slot cost 5 silver and to buy the second slot cost 5 gold. After you have purchased a stable slot you can move your active pet into the first slot on the right. To switch pets in and out of the stable just drag one of the pets over the other and they will trade spots.

I have a dead pet in my stable/ that I can not revive, what do I do? Ok go to the stable if the dead pet is in the stable. Make the dead pet your active pet. Now you need to force the game to recognize that you have a dead pet. There are a few methods, zoning to a new continent has worked for me, other methods are logging out and back in or zoning to an instance. Now you should be able to revive the pet.

How do I use the pet bar?
The pet bar has 10 slots on it. The first slot is Attack, left click on this and the pet will attack your target. The next two are Follow and Stay, left click to make active, the active one will be highlighted. The next four slots are for your pets skills, growl, bite, claw and cower. Right clicking on these will set them on auto, you can tell they are on if there is a flashing ring around them. You can also manually tell a pet to use a skill by left clicking on it. The last 3 are Aggressive (attacks reds that are close), Defensive (attacks anything that attacks you) and passive (will not attack until told to), the one that is highlighted is the active one, left click to change these.

I lost my pet skill buttons how do I get them back?
Open the pets spell book and drag them back onto the pet bar. You have to have your pet active to do this.

Which is the best pet?
There is no best pet. Some hunters prefer pets that have high health or armor for tanking or high dps for faster kills. Other hunters prefer pets with average levels in everything as this makes the pet more flexible.
How to I name my pet? How to I abandon my pet?
Right below your health and mana bars there is a smaller set of bars for the pet, its health and focus bars. If you right click on the picture of the pet you will get a drop down. There are several options on that drop down. Name pet (only shows up till you name the pet), Abandon pet, Show pet Stats. Clicking on Name pet will pop up a window where you can type your petís new name in. Once you name a pet it can not be renamed. Clicking on Abandon pet will release the pet never to be seen again. Do not Abandon the pet unless you are sure you donít want that pet anymore, it can not be undone.

Does the base damage reduction go up with level?
Base damage reduction starts out low and increases until about level 16. Then it will stay the same until about level 36 where it will start increasing again until in the low 40's when it will stabilize again. The base damage reduction for the beast family will be the same for leveled up pets or newly tamed higher level pets.

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