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Posted on 26 April 2007 at 20:09:37 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Engineering 300 to 375 Powerlvl Guide

300 - 310
Your going to need 40 x Fel Iron Casing, 60 x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts and 45 xElemental Blasting Powder, so just make all that first and you'll get to 310+.

310 - 320
Fel Iron Bomb (1 x Fel Iron Casing (3 x Fel Iron Bars), 2 x Handful of Fel IronBolts (1 x Fel Iron Bar) 1 x Elemental Blasting Powder(1 x Mote of Fire, 1 xMote of Earth)) x 10

320 - 335
Fel Iron Musket (2 x Thorium Tubes (12 x Thorium Bars), 3 x Fel Iron Casing (9 xFel Iron Bar), 4 x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (4 x Fel Iron Bars) x 15

335 - 350
White Smoke Flare (1 x Netherweave Cloth), 1 x Elemental Blasting Powder (1 xMote of Fire, 1 x Mote of Earth)) x 25

350 - 355
Hardened Adamantite Tube (3 x Hardened Adamantite Bar) x 15

355 - 360
Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles (4 x Heavy Knothide Leather, 2 x Khorium Bar,2 Deep Peridot, 2 x Small Prismatic Shard) x 5

If you get to this point, I would seriously urge you to not bother going anyfurther until Blizzard reviews Engineering.
However if your determined to carry on, then prepare yourself for possibly thehardest 15 points in any profession.

Preferred option:
360 - 375
Khorium Scope (1 x Hardened Adamantite Tube (3 x Hardened Adamantite Bar), 4 xKhorium Bar, 2 x Dawnstone) x 15
It's a low drop rate recipe off of Sunfury Bowmen in Netherstorm, butconsidering the cost of making anything else to skill up, it's worth the time tofarm for.

Alternative options:
360 - 375
Felsteel Boomstick (1 x Hardened Adamantite Tube (3 x Hardened Adamantite Bar),4 x Felsteel Stabilzer, 4 x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts) x 15
This is a low drop rate recipe off of Doomforge Engineers in Forge Camp Angerin Blade's Edge Mountains. Compared to the other two options, this one is by farthe cheapest one. However, Khorium Scopes will sell a lot better than FelsteelBoomsticks. Only prot warriors will tend to buy these.

360 - 375
Hyper-Vision Goggles (4 x Heavy Knothide Leather, 2 x Khorium Bar, 2 x Nightseye,2 x Large Prismatic Shard) x 15
This is a low drop rate recipe off of Mo'arg Weaponsmiths in Legion Hold inShadowmoon Valley.

If you made it to 375, you have my utmost respect for levelling the hardestprofession in WoW.

Approximate Required Materials

255 x Fel Iron Bars
35 x Mote of Fire
35 x Mote of Earth
20 x Heavy Knothide Leather
70 x Khorium Bars
10 x Deep Peridot
10 x Small Prismatic Shards
45 x Hardened Adamantite Bars
30 x Dawnstones
25 x Netherweave Cloth
180 x Thorium Bars
I'm not including the materials for the alternatives for 360 to 375, only thematerials for making Khorium Scopes.

Gurth on EU-Draenor has provided the following tip:
Just wanted to add a tip for goblin engineers. Reloading your goblin mortar willgrant you skill ups till 375 :D (yes even if it's grey)

You will die sometimes, due to mortar charge exploding, losing some mats andtravelling time from the closest graveyard (i know i had up 2 minutes rez timer!:) ), but you will skill up every 3-4 successful crafts.

Considering that 1 craft only requires 3 solid blasting powder (6 stones), and asingle Mithril bar, makes this a dirty cheap way to get lasts otherwise uberexpensive 50 points. Hurry up before Blizz fix what is most likely a bug :)

So try it out :)

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2 Comments - 5/5 - Votes : 2
Posted on 20 June 2007 at 06:37:43 by Anonym.  5/5

White Smoke Flare (1 x Netherweave Cloth), 1 x Elemental Blasting Powder (1 xMote of Fire, 1 x Mote of Earth)) x 25

elemental blasting powder needs 2 x mote of earth. ty for guide!
Posted on 26 June 2007 at 09:06:59 by Anonym.  5/5

got to 375 first on server with the scope and broomstick dropped it all a month later for herbalism.
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