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Posted on 26 April 2007 at 20:21:54 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Herbalism 300 to 375 Powerlvl Guide

Just threw this together really quickly, if it's of use to anyone I'm glad,if it's not then just ignore it.

300-330 (or 345 if you so choose) - Felwood

I know you were all probably hoping for something a lot more exotic and in the outlands, but Felwood really is the place to go if your looking at it purelyfrom a levelling perspective. Due to the hit of TBC there's virtually nobody farming herbs here and you get the bonus of Whipper Roots etc. which while outdated, still aren't on the same timer as pots, so if your a raider they can saveyour ass.
I generally start at the alliance flight path, going up round the Furblog village before following the perimeter south.

Pick absolutely everything that is even green to you. Plaguebloom, Dreamfoil and Mountain Silversage give about a level each bush until 330, and whilst theplague that is Sungrass, Arthas' Tears and Purple Lotus are green, they stillgive a level fairly consistently so it's definitely worth picking them. If memory serves somewhere around 340 Plaguebloom goes green, and you start to getlevels less consistently, however you may choose to stay on, especially if youdon't have an epic flying mount, for the densely packed herbs, and low demand bypickers, all the time remembering that Golden Sansam, Mountain Silversage and Dreamfoil still sell very well on most servers.

330 (or 345) - 350+ - Zangarmarsh

Zangarmarsh is simply packed with herbs, all of which are useful. My favouriteare is the North-West corner, being packed with herbs and Bog Lords / Giants which can be herbalised (If that's even a word) once looted. I tend to zigzagacross it, before moving to the start to do the same, however on more populatedservers you may have someone else doing the same, so extending your route to sweep up from the south-west and across the northern border can yield greatrewards too. Expect lots of Felweed and Ragveil, with the odd Dreamfoil and Dreaming Glory.

Once you hit 350 the world is your oyster really. I chose to continue my Zangarmarsh route all the way up to level 375, but it is equally viable to moveon to Shadowmoon or elsewhere.

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