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Posted on 08 May 2007 at 13:38:49 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

More World of Warcraft Abbreviations & Acronyms

Instances and areas

AB = Arathi Basin (Battlegrounds)
AQ (20 or 40 man) = Ahn'Qiraj (In Silithus)
AV = Alterac Valley (Battlegrounds)
BB = Booty Bay
BFD = Blackfathom Deeps (In Darkshore)
BRD = Black Rock Depths (Needs Shadowforge key to entere the barracks andcity [or rogue with lockpicking high enough], quest for key is gotten from thedead guy in the central rock pillar thing as you run down the chains [have to bedead to see the NPC and recieve the quest]) (In BRM)
BRM = Blackrock Mountain (Border of Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge)
BWL = Black Wing Lair (In BRM)
Dead Strat, UD, SUD, Strat dead, Strat undead= Stratholme side door (In EPL)
DM = Dire Maul (Key is recieved by chasing the imp through the Eastinstance and then killing him [drops 5 keys, one for each party memeber]) (InFeralas)
DM, VC = Dead Mines (DM used by those under lvl 55, 55+ refer toDM as Dire Maul) (In Westfall)
EPL = Eastern Plagueland
Gnomer = Gnomergan (In Dun Morogh)
IF = Ironforge
LBRS = Lower Black Rock Spire (In BRM)
Live Strat = Stratholme (In EPL)
Mara, Mura = Maraudon (In Desolace)
MC = Molten Core (In BRM)
RFC = Rage Fire Chasm (Horde Noob dungeon) (In Orgrimmar)
RFD = Razor Fen Downs (In The Barrens)
RFK = Razor Fen Kraul (In The Barrens)
Scholo = Scholomance (In WPL)
SFK = ShadowFang Keep (In Silverpine Forest)
SM = Scarlet Monastary (In Trisfal Glades)
ST = Sunken Temple / The Temple of Atal'Hakkar (In Swamp of Sorrows)
STV = Stranglethorn Vale
Stocks, Stockades = Stockades (In Stormwind)
Strat = Stratholme (Dead and Live sides) (In EPL)
SW = Stormwind City
UBRS = Upper Black Rock Spire (needs "key" from quest Seal ofAscension) (In BRM)
WC, Caverns = Wailing Caverns (In The Barrens)
WPL = Western Plaguelands
WSG = Warsong Gulch (Battlegrounds)
ZF = Zul'Farrak (In Tanaris)
ZG = Zul'Gurub (In STV)

Buff Abbreviations/acronyms

AB = Arcane Brilliance (Mage)
AI = Arcane Intellect (Mage)
BoK = Blessing of Kings (Paladin)
BoL = Blessing of Light (Paladin)
BoM = Blessing of Might (Paladin)
BoSal or BoS = Blessing of Salvation (Paladin)
BoSan = Blessing of Sanctuary (Paladin)
BoW = Blessing of Wisdom (Paladin)
Fort = Powerword Fortitude/Prayer of Fortitude (Priest)
MotW or MoW = Mark of the Wild (Druid)
*Paladins have a few other buffs, but these are all the greater ones. Can alsobe refered to as GBoM for Greater BoM, for example.

Other Abbreviations/acronyms

AFK = Away from Keyboard
AH = Auction House
AOE = Area of Effect (spells that affect multiple mobs within an area)Certain weapons/armor/items can also have an AOE effect - this is important tonote because AOE will break sheep
BG = Battlegrounds (PVP) (Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch)
Bio = Bathroom break
BS = Blacksmithing (atleast sometimes)
BTW = By The Way
Buff = Beneficial spells
CC = Crowd Control
DK = Dishonorable Kill
DND = Do Not Disturb
DOT = Damage over Time
DPS = Damage per Second (refers to a weapon's general damage, but alsorefers to classes that are high damage dealers ie. hunters, mages, rogues andfury warriors)
FR = Fire Resist
FTL = For the Loss
FTW = For the Win
GL = Guild Leader
GM = Game Masters (help with in-game issues)
GTG = Good to Go (Ready), or Got to Go (Leaving)
HK = Honorable Kill
HOT = Heal over Time
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
LFG = Looking for Group (Usually, single person looking for a partiallyformed group)
LF#M = Looking for # More (Partially formed group looking for morepeople)
LMAO = Laugh my ass off
LOL = Laugh out Loud
LW = Leatherworking
MC = Mind Control (when not refering to Molten Core)
MH = Main Healer
MT = Main Tank, or Miss Tell (when something is said in Geriatric chatthat was meant for group or raid)
NR = Nature Resist
NPC = Non-Player Character
OOM = Out Of Mana
OT = Off-Tank
Pat = Patrol
PUG = Pickup Group
PVE = Player vs Environment
PVP = Player vs Player
RP = Roll Playing
SS = Soul Stone
STFU = Shut the F up
TS = Teamspeak
TY = Thank you
TYVM = Thank You Very Much
VW = Void Walker
WTS = Wanted to Sell
WTB = Wanted to Buy
YW = You're welcome


Add = Additional mob. A mob that joins the fight (for whatever reason)while already fighting the initial mob
Aggro = Who the mob is attacking
Aggro Radius = The distance from a player at which a mob will stop itsnormal behavior and engage the player in combat
Buff = A temporary beneficial spell or effect placed on a player
Debuff = The opposite of a buff. Debuffs lower attributes, reduceabilities or deals damage to the target
Dispel = Remove an effect (buff, debuff, disease, poison, or spell) froma character, item, or mob.
Melee Range = Within melee weapon range (striking distance with a blade,staff or axe)
Mob = Any monster, bad guy or beast in the game
Mule = An alternate character created for storage and/or gopher work tothe AH or vendors
Ninja = A player who takes loot to which he or she is not entitled
Pull = The act singling out a single enemy from a group of mobs. Whenthat enemy is a safe distance from the rest of the group, it can be attacked andkilled without aggroing the others
Ranged only = Only get close enough to gun, bows, wand or spells. Thiswill often keep ranged players beyond AOE effects of a mob
Zerg = To get attacked by a lot of players or mobs at once

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