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Posted on 08 May 2007 at 13:38:49 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

WOW In-game lingo:

WoW: World Of Warcraft
TBC: The Burning Crusade, The expansion released January 14th 2007 forthe World Of Warcraft.
Mats: Short for Materials, generally used in crafting professions.
Prof: Professions, can be split into three groups:
Crafting Prof.: Build your own gear from materials you gather around theWorld Of Warcraft, They are: Tailoring (Tailor), Blacksmithing (B.s.),Leatherworking (L.w.), Alchemist (Alch), Engineering (Eng), JewelCrafting (Jwl)and to some degree Enchanter (chant/Ench). The maximum level of theseprofessions are level 375 with The Burning Crusade, lvl 300 with Standard WoW.
Gathering Prof: Professions that supply mats for the crafting professions, Theyare: Mining (for blacksmithing and engineering), Herbalism (for Alchemy), andSkinning (for Leatherworking).
Second profession: These are professions that don't require one of your twoprofession slots (you can learn all three of these, and 2 main professions)Fishing, Cooking, First-Aid.
LFG: Looking For Group, used when someone is looking for someone else toparty with, generally for an instance, or quest.
LFM: Looking For More, used when a group is looking for more people to doan instance or quest, generally a class title and number follow this Ex: (LFM 1Priest, and 1 Rogue)
DPS: Damage Per Second, used to describe certain classes of the game,specificly classes with high damage outputs, Rogues, Mages, Warlocks and huntersare the main three.
Tank: The main damage taker of a party, his job is to keep enemies off ofother members of the party.
Clothie/Squishie: nick-name given to cloth wearing classes, theygenerally do not have the damage surpression given by higher armor wearingclasses.
Mob: A creature/humanoid enemy unit.
Pot: Potion, used for quick recovery of Mana or health. Can be made byAlchemist.
XP: Experiance, Gained after turning in a quest, or killing a Mob.
Req: Requirment, Pre-requisite. Something that needs to be done beforesomething else happens, (must be level 20 to wear X equipment, must have X ininvintory to begin quest)
Newb: (Noob, Nub, Nublet, Nubile (oops!), Noobie) Someone withoutexperiance in the game, most people start out with this status, given by otherplayers.
Rep: reputation, when killing certain creature, or doing certain quests,The rewards sometimes include reputation with certain factions in the game,these can lead to cheaper product buying, and even some special items onlyavailable to people who put in the time to gain the required reputation.
B.G.: Battleground: an area designated for the killing of the oppositefaction, Can be entered from any of the major cities. three major pre-Burningcrusade b.g.s are Warsong Gulch (WSG, a capture the flag style game 10player/team limit). Arathi Basin (A.B. Capture and hold nodes to win the game,15 player/team limit) Alterac Valley (A.V. the largest PvP battleground, killthe enemies general to be victorious, 40 players/team)
Twink: someone who reaches a certain level, and doesn't intend onleveling any more, Generally the top level of an instance set, 19, 29, 39. Theymostly try to get the best items they can for their level, the most expensiveenchants, merely for winning battlegrounds.

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