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Posted on 06 October 2007 at 18:16:10 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Selected Creature Guide for Arieki

Brann – The Brann are a bipedal humanoid race native to the planet Erdas, a lush, idyllic sister planet to Arieki. They share some physical characteristics of Humans and Foreans, but have a light blue skin tone and elongated ears, with three digits on their hands and feet. Long ago the Eloh revealed the power of Logos to the Brann, who revered them as gods and showed great aptitude for Logos. The Brann wanted to emulate the Eloh society and they strove to create a Utopian civilization of learning, wisdom, and spiritual tranquility. They viewed unstable elements such as aggression and greed as destructive and forced unwanted Brann who displayed these tendencies to penal and re-education colonies off-world, on Arieki. While the ostracized Brann on Arieki would theoretically rehabilitate themselves through self-sustenance and mutually beneficial societies (or die trying), the Brann on Erdas would concentrate on their Utopia and the learning of Logos.

Unfortunately for the Brann, a Bane expeditionary force discovered them. Seeing the Brann’s vast knowledge of Logos as an imminent threat, they descended quickly upon Erdas and eradicated the peaceful Brann completely. There are rumors that a few scattering remnants made it to Arieki and may have found refuge with the Irendas Colony. Petty criminals originally inhabited the colony and those convicted of other “light” crimes, who are currently attempting to remake themselves in the Brann tradition (called the Reformists). Meanwhile, the hard-core criminals in the Staal Facility revolted and formed a number of self-ruling Syndicates. While AFS members are encouraged to cooperate with both groups of Brann, the Syndicates seem to be more inclined to engage the enemy and may be of great help on the battlefield.

Atta - NPC - Monster - Tabula Rasa Atta – The global indigenous species of Arieki, the ant-like Atta is a collective society of colony workers.. They are at odds with the other major inhabitants of Arieki (Brann, Humans and Bane), as they plainly see incursions into their perceived territory as a threat, not only to themselves but the ecosystem that sustains them on a whole. Exobiologists have discerned that the Atta are probably solely responsible for maintaining Arieki’s ecosystems and maintaining the habitability of the planet. However, the Atta occasionally attack Brann and Human settlements and are to be considered hostile.

Barb Tick – These small, colony-based creatures live on and beneath the blasted sands of Arieki. They grind food for nutrition and sustenance, and the high mineral content of Arieki’s soil collects in their bodies over time, allowing the Barb Tick to spit out these chunks at high velocity. Barb Ticks also have a symbiotic relationship with another Arieki species, the Beam Manta, as they rely on the Beam Mantas to kill large prey.

Beam Manta – Large, floating creatures that meander lazily close to the surface of Arieki, Beam Mantas use a unique method of attack to bring down prey. Beam Mantas gather electrical energy with their long, slender tails and store this energy in muscle tissue arranged across their back. When the Beam Manta attacks, it bridges a connection between its forward appendages, allowing it to direct a strong electrical pulse at its target. The Beam Manta is incapable of eating large prey on its own, and relies on Barb Ticks to reduce its food to manageable proportions.

Geyser Hopper – One of the lowest creatures of the Arieki food chain, Geyser Hoppers serve an important role in sustaining life on the planet. Hoppers sustain themselves on bacteria and other organic material that can be found near Arieki’s numerous sulfur geysers. As a byproduct of this feeding, they produce and store oxygen and hydrogen in gas form, using it to propel themselves from one place to the next in the ever-constant search for more food. Hence, not only do these non-violent creatures replenish the breathable air, they serve as a constant source for food for nearly everything else.

Magmonix – These large, four-legged hairless creatures evolved into a territorially aggressive species on Arieki. While they generally move slowly, Magmonix walk in a head-forward posture in anticipation of ramming anything they don’t like. A Magmonix’s flanks typically consist of thick plates of hide, in places charred heavily due to enormous heat. They like to live around extremely hot areas such as lava flows and other volcanic regions, and AFS members are encouraged to use their heads before attacking one.

Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of NCsoft Corporation and its Licensors and used with permission. All rights reserved

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