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Posted on 06 October 2007 at 18:31:07 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Selected Creature Guide for Foreas

Foreans – Transplanted thousands of years before by the Eloh, the Foreans strive to live in harmony with the planet. Not quite pacifists, the Foreans understand the impact of the misuse of technology and try to shun it as much as possible. Oft times the Foreans try to discourage reliance on technology and scientific exploration, and they commonly view the Humans as a reckless race. The consummate environmentalists, the Foreans also won’t shirk from defending the land against the ravaging Bane and will fight them to the death to do so. The Foreans can make use of Logos powers in combat.

Foreans are humanoid in stature and shape, though they are typically taller, thinner, and have four digits on their hands (with only three digits on their feet). Their skin is a general olive green color or similar shade, and they consistently mark themselves in tattoos that represent different stages in their lives. Socially, Foreans live in small communities, settled in ingeniously constructed villages that make the most of the natural environment. Foreans use natural fibers in armor construction, but they do not wear protection for their hands or feet and often utilize archaic yet deadly weaponry to accompany a selection of energy and projectile weapons.

Boargar – Somewhat similar to Earth boars, these stout four-legged creatures burrow under the roots of trees for shelter and feed off various forms of foliage and small insects. They are practically blind and use radar with their Aura Viscus, an organ located between their horns, to sense surroundings and food. In fact, Boargar radar can be extremely powerful, is detectable by Human ears, and is capable of stunning large prey (even humanoids) before charging.

Filchers – One of Foreas’ most common scavengers is a species of bird, called the Filcher. Bright, shiny objects generally catch the attention of Filchers, and they highly value collecting “trophies” from the battlefield. Filchers aren’t aggressive enough to attack anything that can fight back, but may be caught grasping all sorts of randomly useful goods.

Miasma - NPC - Monster - Tabula Rasa Miasma – Mysterious to even the Foreans, Miasma are one of the original species of Foreas. They take on the appearance of shadowy, ethereal creatures, composed of gasses and various micro-organisms found near decaying material. They can be found deep in the forests or down in Foreas’ caverns, but will aggressively attack in swarms any intruders that get too close.

Treebacks – Another indigenous creature of Foreas, Treebacks are the largest spcies native to the planet. They can grow to be several meters tall and a dozen meters long, moving about on four legs with a severely hunched back. Found dwelling in marshy, wooded areas, Treebacks may slumber for years at a time (during which other creatures or plants may nest on top of the Treeback). Given its size, Treebacks are slow, ponderous creatures but shouldn’t be taken likely, as anyone venturing too close risks getting trampled by these large beasts.

Tree Lurker - NPC - Monster - Tabula Rasa Tree Lurkers – The perennial boogeyman of Foreas, the Tree Lurkers are aggressive carnivores that inhabit the branches of trees, watch for prey to pass below, and then pounce on them. They even physically resemble trees in some ways and Forean elders typically use Tree Lurkers to frighten their young with stories of abductions. Unfortunately, Tree Lurkers are very real and are a frequent hazard to unsuspecting travelers in Foreas’ forests.

Warnet - NPC - Monster - Tabula Rasa Warnet – Winged insects that resemble large wasps, Warnet homes resemble honeycombed crystals known as Hermetium, which generate a highly sought-after source of energy. Long-term exposure to this energy has made the Warnets unusually powerful for their size, and their mandibles are quite strong. Worse, they can deliver a nasty energy shock to their victim when they bite, and when the Queen dies the swarm will commit mass explosive suicide (which is generally unpleasant to be around).

Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of NCsoft Corporation and its Licensors and used with permission. All rights reserved

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