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Posted on 29 March 2005 at 15:51:54 by Evie. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Q n A

Q: Should I make a shadow priest or a holy priest? How should I spec?
A: A shadow priest is more mage like, and a holy priest is more healer like. This is heavily dependant on your personal choice as well as the type of server you play on. (PVP or regular) Shadow priests are known as one of the best soloers in the game but not very strong when it comes to instance healing. Holy priests are a necessity when it comes to higher level instances and raids. Keep in mind that you can experiment with both types with talent respecialization but it can get pricy if you change too much.

Q: Which race is best?
A: This depends on what you want to do with your priest. Dwarves and humans are great choices for holy priests because of their racial spells, and undead has the best racial spell for pvping and damage.

Q: What is brainwash?
A: This is a spell that was removed in beta. Unfortunately, a lot of websites still has it listed as a priest spell.

Q: Where do I find light feathers for levitate?
A: You have to farm them off of bird creatures. Plainstriders in the barrens and darkshore drop them frequently.

Q: How do these +healing and +damage items work? Is +healing really bugged?
A: Instead of trying to answer this one, I will just link the official blizzard explanation.
Q: What kind of weapons can I use, and where do I go to train them?
A: Priests can use daggers, one handed maces, and staves. Priests start off with mace, but you have to train staves and daggers. Alliance trainer is available in Stormwind. Horde trainer is available in Thunder Bluff. Ask a guard for directions.

Q: What armor can I wear?
A: Priests can only wear cloth armor.
Q: How do I use wands?
A: Equip the wand in your ranged slot. Open up your spell book and under the general tab, there is an icon for shoot. Place that on your hotbar and click to fire your wand.

Q: Should I use wands?
A: Priests are one of the only classes that get wand specialization that increases wand damage by up to 25%. This is a big advantage, especially on PVP servers where priests need a little extra damage. But wand cooldown effects spell cooldown so beware when you are using it. After a wand fires, you might not be able to heal for 1 or 2 seconds.

Q: How come when I cast vampiric embrace on a mob and then hit them with my shadow wand, my group isn’t healed?
A: Vampiric embrace will heal all members of your party for 20% of all shadow damage your spells deal. Wands does not count as a spell.
Q: What’s the best duo with priest?
A: Very subjective – a priest will generally duo ok with almost any class. Read the forums for more information on why a priest can duo with each class.

Q: How do I kill xxx class in PVP 1 on 1?
A: Very subjective – again, a good idea to get some good strategies are to read the forums.

Q: What does it mean when a spell is channeled?
A: Channeled spells have a set duration. During this “channeling” process, the caster is unable to cast any other spell. If a mob hits you while you are channeling your spell, your channel breaks. The only exceptions are classes with talents that decreases the chance of channeling breaking such as mages and warlocks. For priests, the channeled spells include starshards (night elves only), mind flay (shadow talent), mind control, and mind vision.

Q: How does spirit tap work?
A: If you put 5 points into spirit tap, it gives you 100% chance of doubling your spirit (mana regeneration) for 15 seconds if you get the killing blow. During the 5 second rule, your spirit regen is at 50%.

Q: What is the 5 second rule?
A: You will not regenerate mana for 5 seconds after you have casted a spell. This is the case for all casters. Priests can take the meditation talent to regenerate mana at a reduced rate under the discipline tree.

Q: Which professions should I take?
A: This is up to you. Obviously it wouldn’t make too much sense for a priest to do blacksmithing or leatherworking. If you want to make money, take up 2 collection skills such as skinning and herbalism. Engineering and Alchemy are two good choices. Tailoring and Enchanting are good to do as a pair because tailored items can be disenchanted. Two things to mention, enchanting can be very costly, and most engineered items can only be used by engineers.

Q: How does mind control work?
A: Mind control lets you take over a mob or a player and look through their eyes. When you take over a mob, you have access to all their abilities and spells. When you take over a player, the only thing you can do is melee. If you are damaged while channeling mind control, there is a good chance that it will break. A resistance check is made every 5 seconds to determine if MC will break. There are 3 ranks of mind control, first rank is at level 30.

Q: The talent "Improved SW:Pain" says it increases the time the spell does damage by 6 seconds. If my version did 180 damage in 18 seconds, is this not reducing the spell?
A: No. The amount of damage will be increased by 33%. So your original spell of 180 damage over 18 seconds will become 240 damage over 24 seconds. Both the time that the spell lasts and the total amount of damage it will do is increased by 33% so that each 'tick' remains the same damage amount.

Q: What does Shadowform look like?
A: It looks like fade with a purple-ish cloud at your feet.

Q: Can I travel on ____ while in Shadowform?
A: You can't ride anything (mount, windrider, bat, gryphen, etc) while in form. Shadowform is equal to shape shifting.

Q: How does a Shadowform heal?
A: Shield, vampiric embrace, potions, bandages, and the ability to exit the form at will (returning the use of the holy school).

Q: How do I target someon 50,000 yards away? (Mind Vision Rank 2)
A: You can't. But you can 'jump' with this spell. While you're looking through mob A's eyes, you can target mob B and cast mind vision to see through mob B's eyes. Repeat for mob C, etc.

Q: What's better... spirit or int?
A: Most priests will argue that int is better since the 5 second rule is in place. Some still argue spirit is better. This is situational and up to you which you make your primary stat. 3 spirit = 1 mana regenerated per 2 seconds Spirit has a 'soft cap' of 300 1 int = 15 mana
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