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Posted on 15 September 2008 at 12:44:46 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Battle Mode Hotkeys

Hotkeys for Battle Mode
‘Space’ – Switch between your Active screen and your Reserve screen.
‘CTRL+A’ – Selects all active units.
‘CTRL+Z’ – Removes player interface.
‘CTRL+Arrow keys’ – Spins map.
‘Arrow keys’ – Moves map.
‘plus key (+)’ – Zooms current view in.
‘minus key (-)’ – Zooms current view out.
‘CTRL+1–9’ – Set selected units as group 1–9
‘1–9’ – Select group 1–9
‘F5’ – Center camera on selected unit.
‘ESC’ – Deselect unit.
‘delete’ – Deactivate unit (Placement mode only)
‘G’ – Displays a grid across the terrain.
‘shift’ – Hold this while clicking to select multiple units.
‘enter’ – Clears Battle notification windows.
‘/’ – Allows you to type in chat (prefix with ‘/’).
‘hold middle-click’ – Rotate camera view.
‘double right-click’ – Doulbe right-clicking a unit will center the map on that unit.
When a unit is selected:
‘S’ – Activates a selected unit’s special abilities.
‘C’ – Selected unit will charge to the location right-clicked.
‘H’ – Selected unit will halt in place.
‘N’ – Sets ‘Normal’ battle stance for selected unit(s)
‘T’ – Sets ‘Melee Defense’ battle stance for selected unit(s)
‘L’ – Sets ‘Ranged Defense’ battle stance for selected unit(s)
‘A’ – Sets ‘Aggressive’ battle stance for selected unit(s)
‘double right-click’ – Selected unit will charge to the location right-clicked.
‘shift+right-click’ – Garrisons selected unit (only works with deploy buildings).

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