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Posted on 29 March 2005 at 15:59:15 by Chalon. | Print Articles Send To Friend

I. General

Q: What is the best (Horde/Alliance) race for a rogue?

A: The differences between starting stats are minor, at best. The amount of health and stats you gain per level is based solely on your class, so by the time you get to level 60, the difference in stats is basically nonexistant.

As for racial traits, they are not designed to make a clear-cut best or worst race for a class. Generally, I recommend picking a race not based on the racial traits, but based on which race you want to play the most. While it is true that certain traits are not useful for the rogue (such as axe specialization or added intelligence), the ones which can be useful will rarely turn the tide of a battle. The traits are merely bonuses; they do not make or break your play.

With that being said, it still is a hot topic of debate, and I'm sure you'll find many posts on it arguing one way or another.

Q: What is the best weapon for a rogue?

A: This depends on what abilities you want to use. Backstab and Ambush can only be used when you have a dagger equipped in your main hand. However, if you plan on using Sinister Strike all the time, and not Backstab, you are better off using a sword or mace, since those weapon types will generally do more damage with SS.

Q: Is it possible to be a viable ranged weapon rogue?

A: No. The only use you have for a ranged weapon generally is pulling enemies, or for the stat boost it may provide. You cannot, however, do any reasonable damage with a ranged weapon. The only class which can do so is a hunter.

Q: Is it possible to be a viable fist weapon rogue?

A: No, not really. Fist Weapons basically have all of the disadvantages of a dagger, without the advantages of one. Not to mention, there are so few fist weapons in the game currently (less than 10 blue/green fist weapons). If you happen to get one with a good DPS, though, there's no harm in putting it on your off-hand.

Q: What are good profession combinations for a rogue?

A: There are quite a few combinations to look at...

Engineering/Mining - Engineering has some nifty gadgets you can make, like the Gnomish Net Gun and Catseye Goggles, which can be quite useful, especially in PvP. Also, as a rogue you often can survive party wipes, and with Goblin Jumper Cables you have 25-50% chance of saving the wipe. Mining is basically essential as a support skill. A drawback here is that you won't really be able to make anything that will sell to other players, beyond explosives and mechanical squirrels. Most of the gadgets require some skill in engineering.

Blacksmithing/Mining - This can be very profitable, but the problem is you won't really be able to make that many items that are useful for a rogue. There are only a handful of daggers and other one-hand weapons you could use, and all the armor would not be equippable.

Alchemy/Herbalism - Herbalism is nice, since two rogue items require herbs (Thistle Tea and Blind Powder). Also, Alchemists can make some nice potions, and some pretty good money at the same time (especially from transmuting).

Leatherworking/Skinning - Prior to this patch, there was very marginal use for leatherworking at the endgame, since there were no patterns past 250 skill. There are now some, and seeing some of the patterns (like Stormshroud Pants) has made me consider keeping it for release. It will remain to be seen, though, how many nice patterns there really are out there. One other thing to consider is that leatherworkers don't really have anything they make that will sell to non-leather users. Armor Kits are nice, but at higher levels people will usually want enchantments instead.

Some Combination of Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning - This can be a good way to make money, as there is always a market for people who want to buy materials. If you go this route, it is probably best to get Mining OR Herbalism, and then throw in Skinning. You can only actively be "finding" one type of resource, and you'll be killing lots of animals anyways, so why not skin them?

Enchanting + Gathering Skill - Enchanting can be a decent way to make money, and doesn't require a gathering skill in the strict sense, as you get your mats from disenchanting blue/green items. This may seem like an "odd" set of skills for a Rogue in the RP sense, but it's still a useful skill to have. A variation on this would be to get Tailoring, so you have a constant supply of greens for disenchanting. Enchanting/Tailoring is not really a rogue combination, though :).
Q: What secondary skills should I learn?

A: You should learn them all, since you can. Cooking is good to get up to at least 60 skill, so you can make Thistle Tea. First Aid is very nice for reducing downtime, and for popping on during a stun or gouge on the enemy. And finally, fishing can be a good way to kick back (or get meat for cooking).

Q: Where do all my abilities on the toolbar go when I stealth?

A: When you go into stealth, it automatically changes to a special "stealth" toolbar. You will have to drag and drop the abilities you want to use there from your spellbook (press P).

Q: Is there any way to increase my total energy, or how fast it regenerates?

A: The highest-tier Combat talent, Adrenaline Rush, will give you the ability to double your regeneration rate for 15s, with a cooldown of 6 minutes. The highest-tier Assassination talent, Vigor, will increase your total energy by 10. One of the set bonuses for the epic Nightslayer set also increases your total energy by 10.

There is also a drink called Thistle Tea which can be made with 60 cooking, that you can drink to instantly restore 100 energy. The cooldown for the drink is also 6 minutes.

Q: What Rogue quests are there?

A: There's basically three quest series we have. At level 10, there's the pickpocketing quest you get, and the reward is a dagger. At level 16, you have the lockpicking quest, and at level 20 you get the quest to learn poisons. There is now also an early 30s quest at Ravenholdt Manor, but it seems to not be fully implemented yet.

Q: Where should I go to quest/grind at level X?

A: I would suggest taking a look at Haunted's thread, which does a pretty good job of listing out areas by level. It's currently from mostly an Alliance perspective, but it is expanding:

Q: What talent build do you use, and what equipment do you have?

A: If you want to see my talent build and equipment, just check out my profile on Allakhazam:


  II. Training >>
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