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  > Earth and Beyond Forum - Static Guild
    > News
Last Visit:01 July 2005 at 01:00:00Login | New 10
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status icon feelings gif  Test Server up in January???
not valid icon
12/12/2002 05:17:14
12/12/2002 05:17:14
status icon feelings gif  Hi
not valid icon
14/12/2002 12:13:11
1 3498 ErisBlack Xarpolis, WELCOME ABORD!. if you ever need...
15/12/2002 11:09:10
status icon feelings gif  Galixie Circuit (nov 23-25)
not valid icon
18/11/2002 22:31:21
0 3536 Akaasha If you follow Net7 news then you heard about...
18/11/2002 22:31:21
status icon feelings gif  Sorry to everyone yesterday....
not valid icon
10/11/2002 16:14:55
0 3640 Deuz My ISP went dead on me till today =\ i was...
10/11/2002 16:14:55
status icon feelings gif  HI
not valid icon
12/12/2002 00:54:44
1 3643 t0a5t3r oops, forgot to mention, im" Create "
12/12/2002 01:03:02
status icon feelings gif  New Patch
not valid icon
08/11/2002 10:03:25
2 3716 Jeandar im not even gonna ask how the heck you know...
08/11/2002 13:46:43
status icon feelings gif  Guild status and Rankings
not valid icon
08/11/2002 20:34:51
2 3723 Deuz Rath, you need to learn to spell my name...
10/11/2002 16:11:51
status icon feelings gif  hmmm.... try and find this
not valid icon
26/11/2002 14:01:37
1 3756 Dark_as_Night Xipe behind the line beyond the rd gate...
26/11/2002 19:26:13
status icon feelings gif  Hello Static
not valid icon
21/12/2002 19:42:31
2 3813 Prodgen Yeop!!
26/12/2002 15:15:55
status icon feelings gif  NEWS FLASH!!!
not valid icon
17/12/2002 11:25:22
2 3873 Magi if santa is targetable hes gonna die .....
17/12/2002 11:35:29
status icon feelings gif  The waiting game
not valid icon
11/12/2002 04:37:21
3 3876 Floss If they have guild wars, our guild is going...
11/12/2002 22:22:26
status icon feelings gif  To restart or not to restart
not valid icon
11/11/2002 18:54:08
1 3899 Magi nah dont restart , you will have enough...
11/11/2002 20:33:15
status icon feelings gif  Vrix Messages in moorse code!
not valid icon
26/11/2002 13:55:16
0 3960 Rath excert from forums>>> (this could lead to...
26/11/2002 13:55:16
status icon feelings gif  Maps, listings of stations
not valid icon
02/12/2002 06:06:08
4 4016 vazz Thx for the info, link to site looks good....
03/12/2002 06:07:42
status icon feelings gif  British Space Corps Welcomes You!
not valid icon
09/11/2002 13:27:36
1 4051 Magi sorry about that ... I just Fixed the other...
09/11/2002 13:41:15
status icon feelings gif  Guild Ship color scheme
not valid icon
15/12/2002 00:01:44
4 4063 Floss Yes I have a lot of time on my hands right...
15/12/2002 12:04:21
status icon feelings gif  Hey guys, just want to say Bye, gonna miss all of you ;)
not valid icon
03/12/2002 21:29:21
5 4157 ErisBlack Mca you leaving? :~( the game or are you...
04/12/2002 13:35:23
status icon feelings gif  Talesh and uber loot.......
not valid icon
11/12/2002 12:16:54
3 4201 Stravanov For TT needs, I
14/12/2002 09:49:44
status icon feelings gif  Guild Merge
not valid icon
18/11/2002 14:44:05
6 4208 Magi Never fear magi is here ...... this is a...
20/11/2002 19:02:49
status icon feelings gif  Loot list
not valid icon
30/11/2002 14:57:14
1 4210 vazz Strava I have a looted lvl 7 unique JE only...
02/12/2002 05:57:17
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