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  > Earth and Beyond Forum - Static Guild
    > Events
      > 1st Guild Raid
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18 November 2002

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18 November 2002
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Status:mucher - Offline
Posted on 26 November 2002 at 22:38:36 
Modified on 27 November 2002 at 08:38:46

I would like to invite everyone to the first official Static guild raid on Sunday November 30th! The raid will last the enitire day. Hopefully the turn out will be worth all the planning I put into this. I have come up with a system I think everyone can benefit from. Please try to follow this as much as possible; I know first hand that its hard to please everyone so just try to bear with me this first time and I promise if anything needs to be addressed I will take any suggestions into consideration. One important note would be for everyone to save up as much money as you can these next few days for ammo and any equipment you may need. The system will work as follows.

1. Everyone head to Deneb. This was probably the hardest decision for me but I believe Deneb to be a good place since mobs there range from level 2 to level 50.

2. Group set up was another issue I carefully addressed. I would like for there to be 5 higher level players and 1 spot reserved for a lower level player. The reason is because I think this is a good way to help with power leveling so that he/she will be able to help us even more in the future, not to mention it will reduce the amount of people having to ask for power leveling. Also it is a good way for the lower level characters to be able to participate.

3. Loot. I thought about this one for a bit and came up with the following system so that everyone gets a fair amount. The group leader will be the only one to get the loot. This is for a couple of reasons. One reason is that the group leader is the one maneuvering the entire group so he/she will know when itís safe to go and collect it. Hopefully this will result in fewer deaths. The group leader will, at the end of the raid, count and evenly distribute the loot amongst the group members. One important note for group leaders to take into consideration if someone has put in a request for a specific item to please give that item to that player regardless of value and distributions. So make sure if you are a group leader that you are fair and honest.

4. Have fun! Play your part and enjoy yourself! Be considerate of all the players in your group and if someone makes a mistake take it with a grain of salt. We all make mistakes sometimes. Letís have a great day and put our skills to the test! Good hunting to all!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! And thanks to you all for being in the guild. Letís keep up the good work! -Mucher
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22 November 2002

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22 November 2002
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Status:Dark_as_Night - Offline
Posted on 27 November 2002 at 00:19:08 
Modified on 27 November 2002 at 00:20:17

Yea if you get loads of debt just work on yea Rd dragon faction hehe works fine for me seeing as it seems to take ages to get, and its done by kills not xp :~( :p [!?!]
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