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  > Legends of Might & Magic - Clan RD Site
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Last Visit:01 July 2005 at 01:00:00Login | New 10
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status icon feelings gif  In or out of RD?
not valid icon
magic cool
17/02/2003 19:43:01
3 3063 blorgh it doesnt take much just to look at the...
18/02/2003 19:47:25
status icon feelings gif  Clan Pratice
not valid icon
04/06/2005 19:58:51
3 3084 magic cool yeah i always try little 1on1
22/06/2005 17:34:21
status icon feelings gif  RD vs 420 victory
not valid icon
magic cool
25/10/2004 17:20:44
0 3086 magic cool nice match we had there RD everyone was...
25/10/2004 17:20:44
status icon feelings gif  RD is very close to dead
not valid icon
magic cool
13/04/2003 19:35:04
4 3104 blorgh well put this on a voice file and ud have...
15/04/2003 18:57:26
status icon feelings gif  Long time no see guys
not valid icon
03/12/2004 10:05:58
1 3110 magic cool i understand bro at least u use to fourms...
04/12/2004 00:21:52
status icon feelings gif  RD vs E
not valid icon
magic cool
09/01/2003 18:42:38
1 3133 DaProX something about a rematch????? *if i am...
26/01/2003 19:39:54
status icon feelings gif  RD vs E rematch
not valid icon
magic cool
29/01/2003 21:33:40
0 3133 magic cool the RD vs E rematch as reguested by RD members...
29/01/2003 21:33:40
status icon feelings gif  RD Merged with SA!
not valid icon
magic cool
03/08/2003 10:26:12
0 3142 magic cool hey all RD and everyone else RD decided...
03/08/2003 10:26:12
status icon feelings gif  RD vote
not valid icon
magic cool
29/01/2003 21:30:11
0 3165 magic cool yo RD members Zoink and blogh are still...
29/01/2003 21:30:11
status icon feelings gif  new site
not valid icon
01/01/2003 23:04:43
3 3182 OLLE The site is good and have a cool look its...
21/01/2003 08:35:05
status icon feelings gif  RD vs ReD
not valid icon
01/11/2004 14:56:27
1 3194 magic cool well u know ryan i
02/11/2004 18:40:49
status icon feelings gif  Im back guys
not valid icon
RD LordDjinn
09/06/2003 15:31:33
1 3198 magic cool ok Djinn thx for letting us know your going...
09/06/2003 20:56:20
status icon feelings gif  RD members plz read
not valid icon
magic cool
27/08/2003 16:45:59
0 3200 magic cool any one who is a member of RD should give...
27/08/2003 16:45:59
status icon feelings gif  Quit
not valid icon
16/11/2004 22:53:09
1 3203 magic cool hehe nice times dude nice times
20/11/2004 09:16:04
status icon feelings gif  I was wondering if i could my name TO LOKI
not valid icon
04/10/2004 20:08:29
0 3210 DARK DRAGON 8) 8) 8) 8)please if its no bother
04/10/2004 20:08:29
status icon feelings gif  RD vs TN
not valid icon
magic cool
10/10/2004 15:12:00
2 3215 magic cool who are u again? you sound like a very good...
24/10/2004 20:59:23
status icon feelings gif  prox....
not valid icon
31/01/2003 21:56:06
2 3218 magic cool y u leaveing
01/02/2003 10:35:39
status icon feelings gif  RD vs E match canciled
not valid icon
magic cool
30/01/2003 20:56:01
1 3221 DaProX ....bummer
31/01/2003 15:16:25
status icon feelings gif  new members post here
not valid icon
05/01/2003 17:00:16
0 3231 rdjosh hi all rd
05/01/2003 17:00:16
status icon feelings gif  DONT SMAKE TALK UNLESS I TALK
not valid icon
RD Wolveman1
01/06/2005 20:50:18
1 3234 RD Wolveman1 just putting this message on top of them...
01/06/2005 20:53:59
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