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  > Legends of Might & Magic - Clan RD Site
    > Recruits
Last Visit:01 July 2005 at 01:00:00Login | New 10
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status icon feelings gif  Would like to join rd
not valid icon
19/07/2004 10:55:56
1 3667 magic cool just let us watch u a little in the game...
19/07/2004 11:00:23
status icon feelings gif  would like to join RD
not valid icon
09/11/2004 13:00:21
1 4539 Cronic_Chaos No i vote no do i care about your email?...
05/03/2005 05:05:53
status icon feelings gif  vote on weather blogh should join RD or not
not valid icon
magic cool
08/02/2003 15:06:44
6 3543 blorgh SWEET!!!! thanx cool. :)
18/02/2003 19:41:30
status icon feelings gif  vote FOR ME DARK DRAGON TO JOIN RD
not valid icon
16/08/2004 00:25:17
16/08/2004 00:25:17
status icon feelings gif  Ryan Wants to Re Join!!
not valid icon
29/08/2004 23:11:12
1 4657 magic cool ryan we all would like u back even people...
29/08/2004 23:28:30
status icon feelings gif  RocknRollKing wants to join RD
not valid icon
magic cool
30/09/2004 19:55:51
2 4775 Ryan Chornic whats your aim agian?? we need ...
02/10/2004 13:26:44
status icon feelings gif  Recruting members into RD
not valid icon
magic cool
07/05/2003 18:28:01
2 3926 blorgh im still here as well. u can count on me
07/05/2003 21:04:07
status icon feelings gif  Read me!
not valid icon
22/10/2004 11:59:38
0 4719 Cronic_Chaos Yes i am sorry i broke my computer its fixed...
22/10/2004 11:59:38
status icon feelings gif  plz recuit me
not valid icon
04/06/2005 15:52:45
3 3582 magic cool my msn is rdautumn7135@yahoo.com
04/06/2005 18:53:07
status icon feelings gif  New Peoples post here page gif 1
not valid icon
01/01/2003 14:44:44
31 12335 magic cool well dark dragon thank u i will make a poll...
14/08/2004 15:50:20
status icon feelings gif  Megaman.EXE Jacking-in
not valid icon
18/01/2004 12:38:20
3 3639 magic cool welcome back megaman
10/02/2004 21:21:44
status icon feelings gif  LiVeINPeACe
not valid icon
16/08/2004 19:29:50
5 4754 magic cool yep just put -( )- in front of your name...
17/08/2004 16:41:23
status icon feelings gif  joining
not valid icon
24/10/2004 17:37:10
5 4810 Ryan rhodium  u can join rd just put the rd tag...
01/11/2004 14:58:26
status icon feelings gif  Its RaiderMonkey I would like to join!
not valid icon
21/07/2004 00:51:15
1 3304 magic cool u won
21/07/2004 09:10:33
status icon feelings gif  immmm back
not valid icon
RD Wolveman1
06/07/2004 09:54:29
1 3534 magic cool wolveman holy crap where the hell have u...
07/07/2004 21:17:23
status icon feelings gif  I'm Bowen, and i'd like to join (RD)..Thx! :)
not valid icon
24/07/2004 01:24:34
5 4928 Bowen Kk, thanks guys :) Woot!
25/07/2004 16:36:22
status icon feelings gif  i would like to join
not valid icon
21/02/2005 22:38:08
4 5049 magic cool congrats on becoming a member serenity josh...
06/03/2005 09:30:14
status icon feelings gif  i would like to join
not valid icon
mj tank
19/07/2004 17:09:17
1 3456 magic cool so mj tank you want to join? i goota see...
19/07/2004 17:37:35
status icon feelings gif  i wanna join rd
not valid icon
06/09/2004 03:26:24
2 4901 Cronic_Chaos Z3r0x7 you are a noob and never make a good...
20/09/2004 02:20:49
status icon feelings gif  I DarkForce wants 2 join RD page gif 1 2
not valid icon
03/10/2004 18:05:45
11 9564 Cronic_Chaos Df i will Wtf pwn you Fight me if you want...
22/10/2004 11:54:25
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