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  > DaOpa's Tabula Rasa Forum
    > General Disussion
      > Crafting Changes - Coming soon
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20 October 2007

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26 October 2009
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Posted on 03 September 2008 at 22:06:17 
Modified on 03 September 2008 at 22:13:10

Hmm so crafting changes are coming .. there was a quick run down on how the system works --

Heres a clip from the news post!

  • You activate the system by using (right-clicking) a Crafting Station in the
  • The Crafting Window appears showing the Main Menu.
  • Like before, it has an input slot for you to place a recipe or an item
  • There is a new type of item, called an Equipment Module, which represents a
    "loose" loot module removed from an item.
  • Once a recipe, item, or module is placed in the input slot, appropriate menu
    items awaken and can be selected
  • The menu items are:

    1. Fabrication: used for paint recipes and recipes for consumable items
    2. Salvage: used to destroy enhanced equipment to receive Mimeogel
    3. Extraction: remove a module from the item without destroying it
    4. Upgrade: upgrade a module to a higher strength
    5. Integration: insert a loose module into a piece of equipment

  • Each submenu displays appropriate costs and requirements

    1. These highlight red if the requirement is not met
    2. Note that modules have special restrictions and attempting to violate those
      causes red highlights:

      1. An item may only have 1 module of a type on it

    3. E.g. only one "Body Bonus" is allowed on one item

  • Modules can only be inserted into the same type of equipment they came from

    1. E.g. you cannot extract a module from armor and integrate it into a weapon
      or tool

  • Each submenu has one or more buttons to perform the desired action using the
    target item(s)
  • Once clicked, the costs are deducted and the new or modified item(s) are
    displayed along with a "Take All" button
  • You MUST take any pending outputs into your inventory before doing any
    further crafting
  • There is no longer a 12-slot crafting output buffer
  • There are no longer any skill requirements for Crafting

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