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  > DaOpa's Tabula Rasa Forum
    > General Disussion
Last Visit:01 July 2005 at 01:00:00Login | New 10
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status icon feelings gif  Pale-Riders (Orion)
not valid icon
13/11/2007 10:51:11
1 4211 Anonymous Just wanted to hit again and let people...
30/11/2007 20:13:46
status icon feelings gif  Auto aim
not valid icon
07/12/2007 09:16:39
1 4609 Kurtan Its not ann autoaim, its a lockon. This...
07/12/2007 14:06:28
status icon feelings gif  A PvP Clan heading to Pegasus
not valid icon
28/10/2007 04:16:40
1 4863 Magi Just an added note Pegasus is the East Coast...
28/10/2007 05:41:19
status icon feelings gif  Female gamer looking to try trial forTR.....is it like Wow or EQ?
not valid icon
23/11/2007 23:20:05
0 4354 Thunderkiss Female gamer looking to try out TR. Is it...
23/11/2007 23:20:05
status icon feelings gif  Frostreaver Corp (Cassiopeia) - Recruiting!
not valid icon
01/12/2007 14:51:36
0 4466 Stewker Frostreaver Corp is recuiting! --We are...
01/12/2007 14:51:36
status icon feelings gif  not needed anymore Trial Key - if any one has one to spare please
not valid icon
25/11/2007 15:49:32
1 4247 Shamu Sorry A. I was half was done d/l
26/11/2007 03:48:28
status icon feelings gif  How much does this game cost per month?
not valid icon
08/11/2007 19:34:52
2 4961 Magi On the link the 12.99 Price is in EURO I...
09/11/2007 02:57:33
status icon feelings gif  this game on Vista 64: Looking for first hand info
not valid icon
08/11/2007 15:21:56
4 4786 d3pth Thanks for the quick replies, guys! Looks...
10/11/2007 03:35:34
status icon feelings gif  more PvP wanted
not valid icon
08/11/2007 07:27:32
4 4492 Vitman Sent a reply to your tell Scotter hope it...
08/11/2007 17:24:00
status icon feelings gif  Join The Pacifists TODAY!!! ( Pegasus Server )
not valid icon
29/10/2007 19:52:24
1 4609 Magi just so ya know, I
29/10/2007 20:01:57
status icon feelings gif  A question.
not valid icon
24/08/2008 11:21:13
2 7589 Rahan Figures :) ...thanks.
24/08/2008 11:53:27
status icon feelings gif  wil my pc run tabula rasa page gif 1
not valid icon
03/11/2007 08:47:07
10 9078 Anonymous i found my credit in this blog...it
20/11/2007 08:43:50
status icon feelings gif  PvP POW's
not valid icon
28/11/2007 01:08:42
0 5066 ooiittee A nice addition to PVP would be to add POWs....
28/11/2007 01:08:42
status icon feelings gif  UI configuration setups
not valid icon
21/11/2007 05:59:12
1 4524 Anonymous There is no ability to customize the UI...
22/11/2007 23:53:16
status icon feelings gif  /Motivate
not valid icon
25/11/2007 23:09:20
0 4395 ooiittee Motivate Me....? How do you motive a gamer,...
25/11/2007 23:09:20
status icon feelings gif  What we all do and never speak of....
not valid icon
09/11/2007 14:44:58
0 4897 ooiittee Yes thats right I think its about time we...
09/11/2007 14:44:58
status icon feelings gif  MMO or RPG
not valid icon
23/11/2007 04:09:03
1 4262 Vesak I have to agree with you on the lack of...
23/11/2007 06:11:06
status icon feelings gif  Speacial Edition "free month" help
not valid icon
03/11/2007 09:11:28
2 5106 Coronas The Security Card that you have received...
06/11/2007 15:39:06
status icon feelings gif  Mission DB ~
not valid icon
27/12/2007 07:04:44
6 7749 Kelisco Hey Hey :) Kelisco here... This is going...
31/12/2007 16:44:31
status icon feelings gif  Mechs - Really Cool!
not valid icon
16/02/2009 01:07:55
0 13620 Magi So I went back into TR to check out the...
16/02/2009 01:07:55
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