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Last Visit:01 July 2005 at 01:00:00Login | New 10
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Elf Guard
30/10/2004 10:40:54
1 8353 Merik Drasnik Classic? -Merik
04/01/2007 13:21:45
status icon feelings gif  i wonder..
not valid icon
04/07/2004 20:48:44
0 5851 Ace_of_Anarchy is the classic Dransik as popular is it...
04/07/2004 20:48:44
status icon feelings gif  Anyone looking for a guild to join and r of 10 lvl +
not valid icon
11/11/2003 07:47:43
3 5627 Zod who are you on there? tell me and ill look...
06/01/2004 08:27:26
status icon feelings gif  Maps - submit
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14/03/2003 19:10:25
1 5733 FireRaven go to homebound there are some cool maps...
19/11/2003 12:29:33
status icon feelings gif  Lokking for pictures
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01/09/2003 14:16:24
1 5571 Zod try dransik home page then screen shoits...
11/11/2003 07:43:05
status icon feelings gif  monster drops
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25/09/2003 04:00:12
1 5541 Zod prob late reply but its all about how long...
11/11/2003 07:42:08
status icon feelings gif  Paying
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10/05/2003 05:34:30
3 5179 choper your kidding right ..... well a refural...
25/09/2003 03:46:19
status icon feelings gif  Submitting
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16/03/2003 17:05:02
1 5454 Magi which section would u be reffering to?
16/03/2003 19:00:23
status icon feelings gif  ahh testing
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13/03/2003 20:22:48
0 5751 Magi testing MB ... ok it works .. just starting...
13/03/2003 20:22:48
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