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20 October 2007

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23 September 2018
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Posted on 04 June 2014 at 00:18:15 
Greetings all,

New Updates from Kronos ...

New Mordus Legion Ships

Check them out here:

Some of the blueprint offers require a new item that you get from exploration sites called "Guristas Data Sequence"

There was alot of implant name changes in Kronos:

**Use to be Named
**What it is named now

"Talisman Alpha"
"High-grade Talisman Alpha"

"Talisman Beta"
"High-grade Talisman Beta"

"Talisman Gamma"
"High-grade Talisman Gamma"

"Talisman Delta"
"High-grade Talisman Delta"

"Talisman Epsilon"
"High-grade Talisman Epsilon"

"Talisman Omega"
"High-grade Talisman Omega"

"Snake Alpha"
"High-grade Snake Alpha"

"Snake Beta"
"High-grade Snake Beta"

"Snake Gamma"
"High-grade Snake Gamma"

"Snake Delta"
"High-grade Snake Delta"

"Snake Epsilon"
"High-grade Snake Epsilon"

"Snake Omega"
"High-grade Snake Omega"

"Crystal Alpha"
"High-grade Crystal Alpha"

"Crystal Beta"
"High-grade Crystal Beta"

"Crystal Gamma"
"High-grade Crystal Gamma"

"Crystal Delta"
"High-grade Crystal Delta"

"Crystal Epsilon"
"High-grade Crystal Epsilon"

"Crystal Omega"
"High-grade Crystal Omega"

"Halo Alpha"
"High-grade Halo Alpha"

"Slave Alpha"
"High-grade Slave Alpha"

"Halo Beta"
"High-grade Halo Beta"

"Slave Beta"
"High-grade Slave Beta"

"Halo Delta"
"High-grade Halo Delta"

"Slave Delta"
"High-grade Slave Delta"

"Halo Epsilon"
"High-grade Halo Epsilon"

"Slave Epsilon"
"High-grade Slave Epsilon"

"Halo Gamma"
"High-grade Halo Gamma"

"Slave Gamma"
"High-grade Slave Gamma"

"Halo Omega"
"High-grade Halo Omega"

"Slave Omega"
"High-grade Slave Omega"

"Low-grade Crystal Alpha"
"Mid-grade Crystal Alpha"

"Low-grade Crystal Beta"
"Mid-grade Crystal Beta"

"Low-grade Crystal Delta"
"Mid-grade Crystal Delta"

"Low-grade Crystal Epsilon"
"Mid-grade Crystal Epsilon"

"Low-grade Crystal Gamma"
"Mid-grade Crystal Gamma"

"Low-grade Crystal Omega"
"Mid-grade Crystal Omega"

"Low-grade Halo Alpha"
"Mid-grade Halo Alpha"

"Low-grade Halo Beta"
"Mid-grade Halo Beta"

"Low-grade Halo Delta"
"Mid-grade Halo Delta"

"Low-grade Halo Epsilon"
"Mid-grade Halo Epsilon"

"Low-grade Halo Gamma"
"Mid-grade Halo Gamma"

"Low-grade Halo Omega"
"Mid-grade Halo Omega"

"Low-grade Slave Alpha"
"Mid-grade Slave Alpha"

"Low-grade Slave Beta"
"Mid-grade Slave Beta"

"Low-grade Slave Delta"
"Mid-grade Slave Delta"

"Low-grade Slave Epsilon"
"Mid-grade Slave Epsilon"

"Low-grade Slave Gamma"
"Mid-grade Slave Gamma"

"Low-grade Slave Omega"
"Mid-grade Slave Omega"

"Low-grade Snake Alpha"
"Mid-grade Snake Alpha"

"Low-grade Snake Beta"
"Mid-grade Snake Beta"

"Low-grade Snake Delta"
"Mid-grade Snake Delta"

"Low-grade Snake Epsilon"
"Mid-grade Snake Epsilon"

"Low-grade Snake Gamma"
"Mid-grade Snake Gamma"

"Low-grade Snake Omega"
"Mid-grade Snake Omega"

"Low-grade Talisman Alpha"
"Mid-grade Talisman Alpha"

"Low-grade Talisman Beta"
"Mid-grade Talisman Beta"

"Low-grade Talisman Delta"
"Mid-grade Talisman Delta"

"Low-grade Talisman Epsilon"
"Mid-grade Talisman Epsilon"

"Low-grade Talisman Gamma"
"Mid-grade Talisman Gamma"

"Low-grade Talisman Omega"
"Mid-grade Talisman Omega"

"Low-grade Centurion Alpha"
"Mid-grade Centurion Alpha"

"Low-grade Centurion Beta"
"Mid-grade Centurion Beta"

"Low-grade Centurion Delta"
"Mid-grade Centurion Delta"

"Low-grade Centurion Epsilon"
"Mid-grade Centurion Epsilon"

"Low-grade Centurion Gamma"
"Mid-grade Centurion Gamma"

"Low-grade Centurion Omega"
"Mid-grade Centurion Omega"

"Low-grade Nomad Alpha"
"Mid-grade Nomad Alpha"

"Low-grade Nomad Beta"
"Mid-grade Nomad Beta"

"Low-grade Nomad Delta"
"Mid-grade Nomad Delta"

"Low-grade Nomad Epsilon"
"Mid-grade Nomad Epsilon"

"Low-grade Nomad Gamma"
"Mid-grade Nomad Gamma"

"Low-grade Nomad Omega"
"Mid-grade Nomad Omega"

"Low-grade Harvest Alpha"
"Mid-grade Harvest Alpha"

"Low-grade Harvest Beta"
"Mid-grade Harvest Beta"

"Low-grade Harvest Delta"
"Mid-grade Harvest Delta"

"Low-grade Harvest Epsilon"
"Mid-grade Harvest Epsilon"

"Low-grade Harvest Gamma"
"Mid-grade Harvest Gamma"

"Low-grade Harvest Omega"
"Mid-grade Harvest Omega"

"Low-grade Virtue Alpha"
"Mid-grade Virtue Alpha"

"Low-grade Virtue Beta"
"Mid-grade Virtue Beta"

"Low-grade Virtue Delta"
"Mid-grade Virtue Delta"

"Low-grade Virtue Epsilon"
"Mid-grade Virtue Epsilon"

"Low-grade Virtue Gamma"
"Mid-grade Virtue Gamma"

"Low-grade Virtue Omega"
"Mid-grade Virtue Omega"

"Low-grade Edge Alpha"
"Mid-grade Edge Alpha"

"Low-grade Edge Beta"
"Mid-grade Edge Beta"

"Low-grade Edge Delta"
"Mid-grade Edge Delta"

"Low-grade Edge Epsilon"
"Mid-grade Edge Epsilon"

"Low-grade Edge Gamma"
"Mid-grade Edge Gamma"

"Low-grade Edge Omega"
"Mid-grade Edge Omega"

"Grail Alpha"
"High-grade Grail Alpha"

"Grail Beta"
"High-grade Grail Beta"

"Grail Delta"
"High-grade Grail Delta"

"Grail Epsilon"
"High-grade Grail Epsilon"

"Grail Gamma"
"High-grade Grail Gamma"

"Grail Omega"
"High-grade Grail Omega"

"Talon Alpha"
"High-grade Talon Alpha"

"Talon Beta"
"High-grade Talon Beta"

"Talon Delta"
"High-grade Talon Delta"

"Talon Epsilon"
"High-grade Talon Epsilon"

"Talon Gamma"
"High-grade Talon Gamma"

"Talon Omega"
"High-grade Talon Omega"

"Spur Alpha"
"High-grade Spur Alpha"

"Spur Beta"
"High-grade Spur Beta"

"Spur Delta"
"High-grade Spur Delta"

"Spur Epsilon"
"High-grade Spur Epsilon"

"Spur Gamma"
"High-grade Spur Gamma"

"Spur Omega"
"High-grade Spur Omega"

"Jackal Alpha"
"High-grade Jackal Alpha"

"Jackal Beta"
"High-grade Jackal Beta"

"Jackal Delta"
"High-grade Jackal Delta"

"Jackal Epsilon"
"High-grade Jackal Epsilon"

"Jackal Gamma"
"High-grade Jackal Gamma"

"Jackal Omega"
"High-grade Jackal Omega"

"Ascendancy Alpha"
"High-grade Ascendancy Alpha"

"Ascendancy Beta"
"High-grade Ascendancy Beta"

"Ascendancy Delta"
"High-grade Ascendancy Delta"

"Ascendancy Epsilon"
"High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon"

"Ascendancy Gamma"
"High-grade Ascendancy Gamma"

"Ascendancy Omega"
"High-grade Ascendancy Omega"

"Ascendancy Alpha Blueprint"
"High-grade Ascendancy Alpha Blueprint"

"Ascendancy Beta Blueprint"
"High-grade Ascendancy Beta Blueprint"

"Ascendancy Gamma Blueprint"
"High-grade Ascendancy Gamma Blueprint"

"Ascendancy Epsilon Blueprint"
"High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Blueprint"

"Ascendancy Delta Blueprint"
"High-grade Ascendancy Delta Blueprint"

"Ascendancy Omega Blueprint"
"High-grade Ascendancy Omega Blueprint"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Alpha"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Alpha"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Alpha Blueprint"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Alpha Blueprint"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Beta"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Beta"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Beta Blueprint"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Beta Blueprint"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Delta"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Delta"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Delta Blueprint"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Delta Blueprint"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Epsilon"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Epsilon"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Blueprint"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Blueprint"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Gamma"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Gamma"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Gamma Blueprint"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Gamma Blueprint"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Omega"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Omega"

"Low-grade Ascendancy Omega Blueprint"
"Mid-grade Ascendancy Omega Blueprint"
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