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20 October 2007

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18 March 2019
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Posted on 25 April 2013 at 23:01:43 
Check out CCP's Fanfest live stream at twitch.tv/ccp

Schedule of Events

GMT/PST Wednesday 24th

20:45/13:45 EVE TV goes to the Symphony 21:00/14:00 The EVE Symphony 2013

GMT/PST Thursday 25th

11:00/04:00 Welcome to Fanfest 2013 with EVE TV
12:00/05:00 Retribution Roundup
13:00/06:00 Ship Balancing
14:00/07:00 EVE is Real - Bringing FTL to IRL
15:00/08:00 Game Design: Balancing Tears & Laughter
16:00/09:00 Lowsec PvP/Crimewatch
17:00/10:00 (e)Merging Economies
18:00/11:00 DUST 514 KEYNOTE
19:00/12:00 DUST 514 KEYNOTE
20:00/13:00 DUST 514 Reflecting the Universe
21:00/14:00 End of Fanfest Day 1

GMT/PST Friday 26th

11:00/04:00 EVE Economy: A Decade in Review
12:00/05:00 DUST 514 Planetary Conquest in Low Sec
13:00/06:00 DUST 514 Advancing the Core
14:00/07:00 EVE is Real - Asteroid Mining
15:00/08:00 EVE Security
16:00/09:00 Game Design - Live Session
17:00/10:00 EVE Keynote
18:00/11:00 EVE Keynote
19:00/12:00 Dev. & Ops are in a Relationship
20:00/13:00 Remixing EVE: You did WHAT?
21:00/14:00 End of Fanfest Day 2

GMT/PST Saturday 27th

11:00/04:00 Art Panel
12:00/05:00 PvP Tournament Finals
13:00/06:00 PvP Tournament Finals
14:00/07:00 EVE is Real - Space Elevators
15:00/08:00 Games as Art - EVE & other Games at the MoMA
16:00/09:00 Concept Art - Live Session
17:00/10:00 CCP PRESENTS!
18:00/11:00 CCP PRESENTS!
19:00/12:00 Prototyping the Future of EVE
20:00/13:00 EVE TV Reviews Fanfest 2013
21:00/14:00 Party at the Top of the World
00:00/17:00 End of Fanfest Day 3[b]
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