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  > DaOpa's Tabula Rasa Forum
    > Game Bugs / Issues
      > PVP cant be targeted for healing/repair
Last Visit:01 July 2005 at 01:00:00Login | Top 10 Posters
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06 November 2007

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25 November 2007
Australia Australia
Status:ooiittee - Offline
Posted on 24 November 2007 at 03:45:02 
I was grouped today with a play that was in a PVP clan. This player was at war with another clan so I am unsure if this was the main reason.

I was not able to heal him if I targeted him, I could radial him but if my target was over him I was not able to trigger my radial as he was not a valid target. I am not going to start with how much of a major pain in the back side it is to find a target in a battle but now we have to not target someone so that we can have the PVP player not stuff up a heal that I need.


1. Cant active any buff or healing ability if I happen to be targeting a PVP player. So radial will repair the PVP player but I cant activate it if my target is on the PVPer.

2. [recommendation] You cant repair BANE or enemy targets so when a repair tool is readied how about turning off the target search so that you can only lock on to friendlies. I am not interested in anything elses status if I have a reapir tool out its safe to say I am not looking to kill things.

Get rid of PVP until you can get it working. Personally, IMO its pointless and counterproductive to the story, if an organised military saw soliders shooting at each other inthe front lines there would be executions all round.

Right now PVP is only hampering the PVE players and given the problems TR already has with PVE, its a good idea. Bring it in, later just make it work first.

rushed post sorry if the info is a little untested.

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