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is the second campaign in ArenaNet's massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The Factions campaign, which can be played either connected with the regular Guild Wars or as its own separate game, includes new regions (with an entire new continent), professions, skills, missions, and monsters, along with expanded options for both Cooperative and Player-versus-Player (PvP) play, and enhanced features for guilds.


* A New World
Guild Wars Factions takes place in Cantha, an Asian-inspired three-nation continent far to the south of the lands of Tyria, the setting for Guild Wars (the original Prophecies campaign). Players who own both Factions and the original Prophecies campaign can travel between the two continents by boat.

* New Professions
- The deadly Assassin uses a pair of daggers and teleportation to strike down enemies at close range.
- The Ritualist is a "dark priest" who controls the battlefield by summoning spirits and channeling the power of the dead.

* Alliances
Guilds can join together to form guild alliances. Allied guilds share alliance chat and can visit each other's guild halls. Alliances can also gain control of cities and towns in Cantha by participating in Alliance Missions, which gives them the ability to trigger events and gain access to exclusive areas.

* Factions
By aligning with one of two warring factions, alliances can gain and hold territory by participating in Faction Battles. The outcome of these battles influences the progress of the war between the two factions. Current battle lines and control of cities and towns is visible on the world map.

* New Game Types
- Challenge Missions
Cooperative missions with specific scoring objectives, such as holding out against progressive waves of enemies. We will track and display personal bests and high scores and display them in game.
- Elite Missions
The most powerful alliances will have access to new areas that are designed to be the ultimate cooperative challenge.
- Alliance Missions
Multiple teams compete to control resource points and achieve strategic victory. Victors earn faction points for their alliance that will determine control of towns and outposts.
- Faction Battles
Large-scale, strategic PvP battles that allow factions to conquer new territory.

* New Content
- A total of 300 new skills, including 90 new elite skills, for the two new Factions professions and the six core Guild Wars professions
- More than 50 new locales, including story missions, combat arenas, and questing areas
- More than 100 new creatures
- New guild halls
- New faces, hair styles, and armor sets for both Factions and core professions
- New pets
- Hundreds of new weapons and items


Two hundred years ago, the Emperor of Cantha was slain by his closest bodyguard--a man by the name of Shiro Tagachi. When this bodyguard was finally brought to justice (read: killed), his death wail was so powerful and full of hatred that it petrified the forest and turned the sea to jade, forever changing the landscape of Cantha and its neighboring nations. In the current day, Shiro's spirit has returned to Cantha to cause havoc, and it is up to the players to stop him.

Main Characters:

The Players: The hero. It's always been our goal to put the player in the role as the protagonist. Guild Wars Factions follows this same path.

Shiro Tagachi: The villain. Two hundred years ago, Shiro slew the Emperor of Cantha. Today, he returns as a spirit, intent on sewing the seeds of chaos. The players will have to uncover his master plan and stop him before it is too late.

Master Togo: The advisor. Master Togo is the half-brother of the current Emperor of Cantha and the advisor/guide to the players who start new characters in Cantha.

Brother Mhenlo: The student. Players should be familiar with Mhenlo from the previous release and from the Guild Wars fiction. As a past student of Master Togo's, Mhenlo comes to Cantha to aid his old master (and the players) in the hunt for Shiro Tagachi.


Canthans: Players were introduced to the Canthans in the first release. The Xunlai Agents (account storage NPCs) are from this nation. They are generally wealthy merchants and traders. As a group, Canthans are very cosmopolitan and worldly. Their country is lead by an emperor, who inherited the title from his father.

Kurzicks: Highly religious and made up of talented artisans and crafters, this culture resides in a petrified forest (the result of Shiro's death wail 200 years ago). Their buildings are highly ornate and masterfully crafted out of the gigantic fossilized trees. In general, these people respect artisans, titles of nobility, and the established order of things.

Luxons: Once a seafaring nation, this nation has had to adapt since the sea has been turned to jade (the result of Shiro's death wail 200 years ago). They travel across the petrified water using huge magical walking machines. Because of this transition, they have become a mostly nomadic culture, using easily portable materials to make shelter able to be picked up and moved at a moment's notice. As a group, this culture respects strength above all else.


The Luxons and Kurzicks have a tremendous hatred for one another. The reasons for this stem mostly from a dispute over resources. Each side currently controls lands and resources that the other would like to get a hold of, and as a consequence, they are at a constant state of war. Players will be able to ally with either one of these nations, thus creating a system in which guild wins advance the cause of one side or the other, changing the political face of the world.

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