<% If sPseudo <> "" Then sTitlePage = GetTranslation("LANG_TITLE_DEFAULT2", sPseudoName) Else sTitlePage = GetTranslation("LANG_TITLE_DEFAULT") End If %> <% GLOBAL_SITE_NAME ="Greek Music, Greek MP3, Greek Videos Directory SuperSite!" GLOBAL_META_KEYWORDS = "greek music; greek music videos; realtime greek music; greek; greek mp3; greek music ancient; greek video; greek music trypes; download greek songs; greek music stores; greek lyrics; greek chat; dalaras; greekwav; mazonaki; notis; garbi" GLOBAL_META_DESCRIPTION = "Greek Music, greek mp3, greek videos directory site with details on greek artists, greek music videos, artist directory and much more." %> <% ' Extra code ' ' Look in /include for the new extra defaultX-inc.asp ' I have made some examples of how you can design you own default page. ' There is now 5 different standard files, REMEMBER they are JUST examples ' It is up to you to redisign them to fit your needs. ' %> <% ' Extra code %>