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status icon feelings gif  whats going on???
not valid icon
03/12/2003 19:38:36
0 3990 blorgh what
03/12/2003 19:38:36
status icon feelings gif  VOTE FOR ME DARK DRAGON
not valid icon
16/08/2004 00:32:25
2 4609 DARK DRAGON www.skateboard596@sbcglobal.net
16/08/2004 16:56:44
status icon feelings gif  tfa match
not valid icon
29/07/2003 19:36:17
1 3539 magic cool u want to know what happend well nothing...
29/07/2003 22:54:37
status icon feelings gif  stupid comp
not valid icon
11/05/2004 00:34:11
4 4367 magic cool good thing your back and playing we need...
27/05/2004 20:25:57
status icon feelings gif  SOULREACER IS A FROID
not valid icon
11/01/2003 18:04:03
2 3353 OLLE is he kicked now!?
21/01/2003 08:40:55
status icon feelings gif  sign up
not valid icon
RD Xavier
11/01/2003 16:07:00
1 3461 magic cool yep i am
19/01/2003 21:16:36
status icon feelings gif  should really fix this... lol
not valid icon
04/03/2003 17:15:41
1 3284 magic cool I think magi knows how to do that but thxwe...
04/03/2003 18:53:32
status icon feelings gif  rEd vs. RD
not valid icon
24/06/2005 13:42:54
6 4200 Cronic_Chaos Lets fucking match allready. I can
30/06/2005 10:57:12
status icon feelings gif  reconstruction of RD
not valid icon
magic cool
14/07/2003 18:38:48
0 3374 magic cool ok (RD)cool{L} here i am trying to reconstruct...
14/07/2003 18:38:48
status icon feelings gif  RD's new tag
not valid icon
magic cool
26/07/2004 17:39:51
1 4304 Ryan WE Should us both tags i like the old o...
28/09/2004 15:48:34
status icon feelings gif  RD's new server
not valid icon
magic cool
10/06/2003 22:22:13
0 3340 magic cool hey all RD and other people RD has a RD...
10/06/2003 22:22:13
status icon feelings gif  RD vs TN
not valid icon
magic cool
10/10/2004 15:12:00
2 3238 magic cool who are u again? you sound like a very good...
24/10/2004 20:59:23
status icon feelings gif  RD vs rEd
not valid icon
magic cool
16/08/2004 11:09:44
0 4313 magic cool hey all RD members the RD vs rEd match is...
16/08/2004 11:09:44
status icon feelings gif  RD vs ReD
not valid icon
01/11/2004 14:56:27
1 3232 magic cool well u know ryan i
02/11/2004 18:40:49
status icon feelings gif  RD vs E rematch
not valid icon
magic cool
29/01/2003 21:33:40
0 3154 magic cool the RD vs E rematch as reguested by RD members...
29/01/2003 21:33:40
status icon feelings gif  RD vs E match canciled
not valid icon
magic cool
30/01/2003 20:56:01
1 3240 DaProX ....bummer
31/01/2003 15:16:25
status icon feelings gif  RD vs E
not valid icon
magic cool
09/01/2003 18:42:38
1 3155 DaProX something about a rematch????? *if i am...
26/01/2003 19:39:54
status icon feelings gif  RD vs 420 victory
not valid icon
magic cool
25/10/2004 17:20:44
0 3104 magic cool nice match we had there RD everyone was...
25/10/2004 17:20:44
status icon feelings gif  RD vs
not valid icon
01/11/2004 14:53:13
0 3375 Ryan 
01/11/2004 14:53:13
status icon feelings gif  RD vote
not valid icon
magic cool
29/01/2003 21:30:11
0 3184 magic cool yo RD members Zoink and blogh are still...
29/01/2003 21:30:11
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