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DaOpa - 02/06/2015 14:03:32 - Carnyx updates, WH List and LP Offers
Updates for the lasted patch "Carnyx" include 5 new...
DaOpa - 24/03/2015 15:02:43 - Updated T3 Ship DB for Scylla Changes
Updated all the defensive subsystems due to recent...
DaOpa - 24/03/2015 15:01:00 - Updated for Scylla
Updated LP Store Database and did some rechecks to...
DaOpa - 28/08/2014 17:19:56 - Anomalies Updated on WH DB
Added the new WH's but I dont have solid information...
DaOpa - 26/08/2014 18:47:11 - Anomalies Updated on WH DB
Hyperion had many changes to wormholes which included...
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Welcome to DaOpa's Eve-Online Fansite, this site features forums, videos, game databases, eve-online ships and much more!

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About EVE-Online

EVE Online is a massively multiplayer game. Hundreds of thousands of players compete within a single persistent universe for military, economic and political power. Players explore the suns of New Eden, mine and refine resources, drive the economy, and wage war on one another in a richly detailed virtual world set 35,000 years in the future in a stellar cluster far from Earth.

The four major Empires of EVE have broken their long-standing peace and are marshalling their forces for war. The outcome hinges on the actions of the galaxy's immortal pod pilots, allowing players to direct the course of the conflict.

The events of Empyrean Age have been a long time coming, building upon nearly a century of political tension. Access to Jovian technology ushered in the age of the pod pilots and shattered the balance of power, and recent events have sparked a march towards total war.


EVE-Online Free Trial
Free Trial

Some of the many features from the Free EVE-Online Expansions

Appearing randomly throughout New Eden, these gateways to the unknown open up access to thousands of new solar systems, new technology, new resources and deadly new enemies. With the news scanning mechanics, you’ll eventually find these

Tech 3 Strategic Cruisers
Custom build your next ship! New technology found in Wormhole Space allows players to research, manufacture and fly the next generation of cruisers. Thousands of combinations are possible due to the modular subsystem design Tech 3 brings to EVE Online. Entry level into flying a Tech 3 Strategic Cruiser is lower than that of Tech 2 ships. At first we'll be introducing three variations for each of the five modules, with the rest to come Soon (TM)

Tech 3 Production and Engineering
Pillage wrecks of Ancient race ships, salvage relics of ancient technology. New Experimental Laboratories allow you to reverse engineer the relics to build the blueprints for manufacturing Tech 3 components.

Epic Mission Arc
Spanning multiple regions of space, this all new mission arc will take players on a journey through all four empires, starting at character creation. As the story progresses and the rewards grow more enticing, pilots will be faced with the decision of which side to fight for in the final battle.

New NPC and NPC AI
The Sleepers lay in waiting beyond the wormholes, guarding resources and technologies considered to be of significant power and value back in known space. They will not give up their treasures easily, as they are masters of teamwork and maneuvering. Expect an enemy that works as a team, identifies your weaknesses and protects its own.

New Art and Effects
As part of our ongoing effort to bring cutting edge graphics to EVE’s players, almost every effect in game has been redone, from pulse lasers to gate warping and from shield hardeners to energy drain. In addition, almost everything within wormhole space is new, including the wormholes themselves and gorgeous new nebulas which are a taste of things to come.

New Sound Engine
An assault on all the senses! Improvements have been made to offer a crisper, richer sound experience, such as unique sounds for NPCs. We’ve set the stage for some amazing future improvements.

See full list at eveonlines.com updates section

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