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Dev Blog - Eve-Online FanSite

EVE Online Dev Blogs
Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/
Last updated on 2017-04-27T07:13:39Z

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/monthly-economic-report-march-2017/

Monthly Economic Report - March 2017

Published Date: 2017-04-21T18:57:10Z
Last updated on 2017-04-21T18:57:10Z
Author: CCP Quant
ID #:92123069

Dear fellow capsuleers,

Now that EVE Fanfest is behind us, it is time for a quick summary of what was discussed on the economy roundtable, along with the release of the Monthly Economic Report (MER) for March 2017.

The agenda for the Economy roundtable was the following:

  • Go over the March MER, discuss possible additions and improvements
    • Regional Stats: Are they in or are they out?
    • Add NPC Bounties to the regional stats?
    • Breaking down the NPC commodity faucet by Blue loot (Wormhole loot), and Overseer’s personal Effects (Empire loot)
    • Breaking down the Bounties faucet by space
  • Should CCP generate PLEX price history for the new PLEX that will be introduced this Spring, by taking the price history of the original PLEX and divide by 500?
  • Implementation of Financial instruments in EVE

Present on behalf of CCP were myself (CCP Quant), CCP Recurve, and CCP Fozzie.

Regional Stats: Are they in or are they out?

There was a clear opposition from the player base when we announced that the regional stats would be reduced or removed in the future. It became clear that this was a hotter topic than many people anticipated and a further discussion was needed within CCP and the CSM. This was also discussed on the CSM roundtable session, and from what I gathered the general consensus was to keep them in for now. We discussed possible mitigations to releasing too much information to players and one good solution to that problem was to delay certain metrics by 2-3 months rather than not including them. This could apply to the most sensitive part of the data, e.g. imports/exports by region. So, for now, regional stats remain, but we want to meet the new CSM and discuss this issue with them to get a proper consensus on the matter.

Should we add NPC Bounties to the regional stats?

This plays into the point above, we want to increase the amount of data we give you, but it’ll have to be fair to everyone and must conform with the EVE lore. Another good example of this is the distinct lack of data on wormholes in the economic report. This is because lore-wise the empires have no way of tracking activities in these regions. We discussed this on the round table and one possible solution to this is to involve the Sisters of EVE to be able to do some interesting reports on EVE without breaking immersion.

Should CCP generate PLEX price history for the new PLEX that will be introduced this Spring, by taking the price history of the original PLEX and divide by 500?

As most of you know by now, we will be effectively dividing PLEX into 500 units. There will be a new typeID for the smaller PLEX unit which, being a new type, will not have any price history. Should we artificially generate that history by simply dividing the PLEX price history by 500? An argument for that is to provide players with a smoother transition and UX when trading PLEX on the market. An argument against that is a chance for some market hiatus in the first few days after the change where some players won’t have a clear benchmark to compare prices to, this should be a feast for veteran traders. ?? What do you guys think?

Faucet Breakdown

This graph will be added into the economic report. On the left side, it shows how Sleeper Components (blue loot) and Overseer’s Personal Effects are almost exactly 50/50, and on the right side we see that 92% of bounties originate in Null Security space. I was a bit puzzled seeing some bounties coming from Wormholes (0.02% if I recall correctly) but luckily CCP Fozzie was there to explain to us that Sansha are present in some wormhole systems.

Accumulation of Liquid Ozone

One player (I’m sorry for not remembering who it was) asked me whether I had looked into the accumulation of Liquid Ozone after the Rorqual changes. If you look at the ice composition table you’ll see that Liquid Ozone is a common bi product of mining for heavy water, which saw a lot of increase in use following the Rorqual changes. The following graph, showing the change in supply over time, confirms this observation of his.

Implementation of Financial instruments in EVE

Quite a few players have approached me over the years to discuss viable means for CCP to implement financial instruments into EVE Online. For many different reasons, most financial instruments can be ruled out immediately, with the absence of a legal system in New Eden being one example of a reason. Asset backed securities however are instruments that we could viably implement in EVE.

What do I mean with asset backed securities? This is a fancy wording for Pawn shops in space. ?? If you are sitting on assets and you need liquid ISK, instead of going through the trouble of selling off your assets, you’d be able to place them into escrow as a collateral for a loan that could be completely customized. Part of the customization could be the loan amount (principal), maturity date, coupon (interest rate), payment schedule/terms (0 for bullet), and of course calculated value of the collateral compared to the internally calculated estimate. Upon default (failure of a payment) the collateral is released. Players are already doing this on the forums, but this currently this is very much trust-based.

I realize this is as niche feature as it gets, but we also understand that EVE has a special place in the video games industry for its advanced virtual economy and some of our players are solely here for trading and industry. On paper, it would also be pretty cool to be the first video game to implement financial instruments into a living virtual economy. An obvious next step would be to allow players to bundle bonds of default-prone players together into subprime bond packages with triple A rating with complete absence of any regulation! #eveisreal

Monthly Economic Report March 2017

The MERs contain a wealth of information about the economy in EVE. There is something for everyone: industrialist, traders, speculators, and just interested pilots can enjoy these reports.

If you want to have a closer look at the numbers, you are welcome to dig into the raw data (27 MB, zipped) for yourself!

Also, you can review the previous reports here.

Keywords: Monthly Economic Report - March 2017

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/tranquility-tech-iii-one-year-anniversary/

Tranquility Tech III - One-Year Anniversary

Published Date: 2017-04-05T15:00:03Z
Last updated on 2017-04-05T15:00:03Z
Author: CCP Gun Show
ID #:95936547

It’s been one year of Tranquility’s hardware refresh known as TQ Tech III, and that means it’s time for an anniversary blog!


A lot has happened over the year.

Immediately we saw that TQ Tech III was performing way better than Tech II and quickly released a blog with some metrics and numbers, which you can check out here.

Now, given the months in-between, we have more numbers to crunch … so here is the same view from CCP Quant only on a larger time scale


As you can see Ascension had a “nice” impact on our CPU cycles, yet there is room to breathe on our day to day operations though thankfully the pilots of New Eden keep us very much on our toes when fleet fights occur. On that note here is the fleet fight notification system which helps us prepare for battle!

So here is where we see the load really kick in and each improvement that’s made, be that in code or hardware, keeps getting its limits pushed higher and higher by EVE players. It’s a truly wonderful challenge that we do our very best to keep up with.

TQ Tech III also included a big network revamp. One particular metric is what we call Disconnect Spikes. That’s when more than 1000 pilots suddenly leave the cluster at the same time, which usually indicates an internet service provider failure. However, we have seen this trigger at predictable times, like when the opening credits of a new Game of Thrones episode starts…?? it was just a theory though!

Below you can see how much of an improvement the new routers and our BGP Intelligent routing platform is for EVE

That 5000+ spike in March is the actual upgrade day and that one instance in July was an unscheduled server reboot.

It’s nice to see these investments paying off and mitigating large disconnects. We’ve been quite adventurous in our experiments in 2017, with all efforts tailored to improve your experience. That’s always our ultimate goal.

For those who don’t know it, the database servers are two Lenovo x880 dual CPU servers with 768 GB RAM. We knew that Lenovo does have a special clip designed for the FLEX platform where you essentially dock together servers, much like GPU SLI, so when this clip was put in place and we fired up the server, the windows operating system see’s 4x CPUs and 1.5 TERABYTES of RAM!

We see during normal runtime the load obviously is lower versus a single node. That was no real issue for us, as where we see impressive gain for EVE is during startup and on some heavy queries .


When I was drafting this blog we hit another massive milestone and something we really pushed to achieve before Fanfest: upgrading the SQL Engine for TQ to SQL 2016

We had been running EVE in SQL 2012 compatibility mode. But before the Fanfest rush and while the ops team is now all hands-on deck setting up as this blog is published, we were able to hit this objective on Monday April 3rd!

Quoting our friends at Microsoft … “SQL 2016 its just faster.”

That’s what we want to see happen of course.

Now the current status is to finish Fanfest (and get over the massive non-virtual hangovers) then emphasize back on the hardware side of things, since we can now easily scale our DB nodes and compare metrics where EVE benefits the most. Questions like whether having 1.5 TB of RAM helps a lot or is 768GB the right amount? Should it be 2x CPUs with more cores or lower core count and 4x CPUs essentially duplicating NUMA domains and cache etc. etc.?

Loads of options to improve the experience for you , there is always something …

I really encourage those who are coming to Fanfest and like to talk about hardware and operations related topics to check out our roundtable on Friday at 17:00 UTC in Rima B

I promise we will take the discussion to the next level at pub crawl ??

Fly safe , o7
on behalf of the OPS Crew , CCP Gun Show

Keywords: Tranquility Tech III - One-Year Anniversary

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/introducing-the-upwell-organic-mass-granulator/

Introducing The Upwell Organic Mass Granulator

Published Date: 2017-04-01T12:18:00Z
Last updated on 2017-04-01T12:18:00Z
Author: Team Five 0
ID #:95835951

Greetings intrepid capsuleers!

Welcome to another dev blog in which we’ll discuss further development in the rapidly advancing world of Upwell Consortium hardware.

Over the course of the last few weeks you’ve heard more about the ever growing range of Upwell Consortium Structures that are on offer, as well as a little more about the next generation of structures, Refineries, which will also be arriving soon™.

Today we’d like to talk about another Upwell project that will be arriving not too far from now, as we continue to invest in the future of player built infrastructure in New Eden. In an effort to branch out and also dominate the deployables market, the Upwell Consortium have devised a new deployable; the Organic Mass Granulator.


The Basics

The Organic Mass Granulator is designed as the big brother counterpart to the Mobile Tractor Unit, a deployable loved by capsuleers across the cluster for making the collection of loot significantly faster.

However, after listening to the community for a number of years, we’ve come to realize that all that glitters is not gold. After a major engagement, there are far more valuable things in space to collect than salvage and modules.

We’re talking about these:

Above – The common Human Corpse (Meatus Popsicullus).

With the introduction of the Organic Mass Granulator, for the first time capsuleers will be able to recoup the cost of their cloning contracts, along with the cloning contracts of those unfortunate enough to be located on the business end of their weapons.

After a battle, you’ll be able to deploy an Organic Mass Granulator on the battlefield alongside your Regular Mobile Tractor Unit, and it will tractor in and collect all the unfortunate souls who were unlucky enough to be pod killed during the melee.

In addition to this, we realize that biomass collection can be quite the hobby for some capsuleers. If you already have a significant collection of unfortunate pilots, you can simply deploy an Organic Mass Granulator in space, jettison your collection on grid with it, and it will collect old biomass in the same manner as the fresh stuff (so long as they’re within 100km of the unit).

Above – An artist’s impression of the Organic Mass Granulator (Special thanks to CCP PointyBits).
(click to enlarge)


But wait, there’s more!

Not only will the Organic Mass Granulator collect corpses. Once it’s full, it will also process the corpses it collects into useful raw materials.

The raw materials it will extract from the unfortunate biomass it collects are Sodium Chloride and Lacrimix, both of which are found in high concentrations throughout capsuleer corpses after a ship and pod loss.

Above – The results of processing a single unfortunate soul.

These raw materials can either be sold on the market for substantial profit, or used in the production of a new breed of combat boosters.


Booster Production using Sodium Chloride and Lacrimix

Both Sodium Chloride and Lacrimix will need to be used together during booster manufacturing to reap their benefits, however the rewards of including these in your manufacturing chain are second to none.

The Introduction of the Organic Mass Granulator will be accompanied by a new series of supercharged combat boosters, which will require these two new raw materials, and will give significant bonuses to various attributes when consumed.

These new boosters offer bonuses to similar attributes as their lesser counterparts, however the effects are significantly more intense*. Please see the list below for further information.

  • Supercharged Blue Pill – 1,337% bonus to shield boost amount.
  • Supercharged Crash – 1,337% bonus to falloff.
  • Supercharged Drop –  1,337% bonus to tracking speed.
  • Supercharged Exile –  9,001% bonus to armor repair amount.
  • Supercharged Frentix – 9,001% bonus to optimal range.

*The Upwell Consortium assumes no responsibility for reduced cognitive function resulting from the use of these boosters. Similarly, the Upwell Consortium assumes no liability for loss of assets and/or life resulting from the use of these boosters.


Faction Variants

There are also initial plans to introduce advanced faction variants of the Organic Mass Granulator once the standard version has been rolled out. These plans will initially include variations of the deployable for the four empires, plus a special edition, before being followed with variants for each of the pirate factions.

In addition to performing the standard refining of biomass explained above with a 15% increase in output, the faction variants of the Organic Mass Granulator will include an additives bay, in which you can deposit additional materials to further enhance the output of your Granulator.


Amarr Navy Organic Mass Granulator:



NOTE - Cycle time on Amarr Navy unit is 10% longer for fermentation process.


Caldari Navy Organic Mass Granulator:




Federation Navy Organic Mass Granulator:




Republic Fleet Organic Mass Granulator:



WARNING - Water not potable.


Quafe Special Edition Organic Mass Granulator:




As with the upcoming Refineries from the Upwell Consortium, these Organic Mass Granulators will be released on a “when they’re done” basis, as we’d like them to be fully functional and working perfectly when they make their way to Tranquility.

As always, everything in this blog is subject to change as we respond to feedback and adjust designs closer to release, but we’ll keep you informed as we move forward with this exciting new development in the Upwell Consortium structures lineup.

Fly safe, and happy podding!

- Team Five-0

Keywords: Introducing The Upwell Organic Mass Granulator

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/new-eve-fiction-portal-launches/

New EVE Fiction Portal Launches

Published Date: 2017-03-31T16:52:14Z
Last updated on 2017-03-31T16:52:14Z
Author: Team Inkling
ID #:2112604692

Greetings Capsuleers,

It’s with pleasure that we announce the launch of a new EVE fiction portal that will serve a central repository and resource for all those interested in learning more about the rich lore of EVE Online and the wider EVE Universe. We know that this is something that has been keenly desired by many players for some time and we’re especially happy that it will lead to more opportunities for our volunteer writers to add to the depth of EVE’s fictional universe.

Indeed, the launch of fiction.eveonline.com has been enhanced by the work of our volunteer writers, and supported by a combination of dev teams, including Team Webster and Team Murder Services.

Storehouse of Lore

Visitors to the new EVE fiction portal will find a storehouse of lore, including overviews of the races, factions and corporations of EVE, along with the EVE chronicles and short stories. For those wanting to take a deep dive into EVE’s lore there are many lore articles on all manner of topics. Exploring the lore of New Eden through the fiction portal is supported by topic tags and a search function.

EVE’s storyline and supporting fiction has been developed over many years through collaboration between developers, volunteers and players, and the portal will be a resource and tool that will greatly contribute to this in the future.

New Developments

The launch of the new EVE fiction portal comes at an exciting time as our Interstellar Correspondents and Mercury fiction writer volunteer teams combine to form the New Eden Correspondents. This new volunteer writers team will be working closely with a new EVE development team dedicated to world-building in EVE Online: Team Inkling.

Working with stakeholders such as the cross-department story team Murder Services, EVE feature teams, the volunteers and you the players, Team Inkling aims to bring more lore to the game of EVE Online for all to enjoy.

The EVE fiction portal launch is an important step and we will continue to add more content to bring it up to date and publish new lore from our volunteer and dev story teams.

Please let us know your feedback on fiction.eveonline.com on the forum thread accompanying this dev blog. Additionally, we will be tracking issues and requests regarding the content of the fiction portal through https://github.com/ccpgames/eve-fiction-issues

We hope you enjoy diving into the new EVE fiction portal!

- Team Inkling, with Team Webster, Team Murder Services and the New Eden Correspondents

Keywords: New EVE Fiction Portal Launches

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/fanfest-2017-the-kyonoke-inquest/

Fanfest 2017 – The Kyonoke Inquest

Published Date: 2017-03-30T15:33:11Z
Last updated on 2017-03-30T15:33:11Z
Author: Team Murder Services
ID #:95951524

All is not well in New Eden, after a series of large outbreaks of the Kyonoke Plague were reported across the cluster over the course of the last few weeks.

An entire city in the Caldari State has been sealed off, quarantining more than 36 million. The orbital platform of a Space Elevator in the Republic has been shut down and towed into high orbit with countless still aboard. Several decks of a Genolution owned station in the Empire have been locked down, and a mining outpost in the Federation has been besieged and sealed tight.

All to avoid the spread of a deadly pathogen with a 100% mortality rate.

With the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation at each other’s throats in a diplomatic crisis over the spread of the plague, the Empire silent, and the Republic seeming to be planning to go to extreme lengths to protects its people, the Society of Conscious thought have constructed a base of operations close to the scene of the outbreak in the Federation with a view to resolving the situation both peacefully and ethically.

Along with science teams from all four corners of the cluster, the SoCT have invited the brightest and best capsuleers – our Fanfest 2017 attendees – to be part of the YC119 Kyonoke Inquest, an event that the Society hopes will find the root cause and a cure to the plague, before it’s too late for trillions across the cluster.


An Introduction

This year, in partnership with the Emmy award winning production company The Company P, the venue for Fanfest 2017 will be transformed into the H4-RP4 Kyonoke Inquest Center, a Keepstar class citadel gravlocked to a quarantined backwater Astral Mining facility in the Federal system of Postouvin.

Attendees are invited to take part in an immersive event over the course of the three days of Fanfest 2017, and your actions will ultimately decide the outcome of the situation as well as the responses to the containment situations by each of the empires.

The Stricken RP4 Mining Facility - Not exactly an ideal vacation spot - Image courtesy of EVE Travel.


How does it work?

At the start of each day of Fanfest, there’ll be a situation report and a briefing on the current state of play in the SoCT Inquest Hall, before each participant heads off to enjoy Fanfest and earn vote tokens through tasks and activities at various locations around the Fanfest venue.

Be aware though, to complete some of these activities and tasks, you may need assistance from your wingmen within EVE Online.

As each day concludes, participants will bring their vote tokens to the Inquest Hall, where they’ll be able to vote on various proposed resolutions to the situation, as well as add their own addendums to resolutions that they can attempt to push through for the benefit of their own empire, or of course to the detriment of those they oppose.

Theseus Station - A public engineering complex set up close to the Inquest Center by Villore Accords


How can I take part?

You can collect an additional Empire ID – which signifies that you’re part of the event and are working for that given faction – when you collect your Fanfest access pass. Just select your empire and you’re good to go!

This will let the NPC actors and game masters running the event know that you’re a part of it and would like to be included in proceedings.

Cosplay is of course encouraged, but not required to be a part of the game, and we’d like to see as many Fanfest attendees as possible taking part. After all, you’re making (or knowing the EVE Community as well as we do, breaking) history, so why not be a part of it?

For those who do happen to be in cosplay, maybe there’ll be a few devs around who’ll issue a prize or two if they see you sporting kick ass costumes.

To start being a part of the event, all you need to do is visit the four faction themed locations around the Fanfest venue to collect mission cards and earn vote tokens, which you can then use to influence the outcome of the event by voting on and hopefully passing various resolutions that shift as the game progresses.

You might want to assist with laboratory tests, hunt for clues in a shady looking bar, maybe excel in mental or physical aptitude tests, or rely on your faith to see you through. Either way, the choice is yours.

Whether you choose to drive the event or just observe and meet others, as a Fanfest attendee and capsuleer delegate to the YC119 Kyonoke Inquest, the venue is yours.

If at any point you feel like you want to opt out to head off to a presentation, roundtable or panel, just slip off your Empire ID and wave away any approaches by representatives from the empires.


The Quarantined RP4 facility framed between the towers of the Kyonoke Inquest Center - Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci


Sounds cool but I’m not a roleplayer… I don’t know where to start!

The whole event has been designed so that you don’t need to have a deep knowledge or understanding of New Eden’s backstory to take part. The aim is for this to be a fun and engaging event for attendees of all backgrounds and professions in EVE.

The challenges, activities and tasks won’t be deeply grounded in backstory to the point where those taking part will need to have good knowledge of it, with most of them revolving around simple mental or physical exercises to earn vote tokens.

That said, if you do want to immerse yourself, then there’s plenty of detail to dig into if you feel like it.

The choice is yours, but be aware that whether you’re a roleplayer or not, your actions have the potential to impact New Eden like never before.

The set locations for each empire that are distributed around Harpa are also free and open to all attendees, so should you want to just take a sweet selfie with your corp or alliance mates, or relax in an area themed after your favorite faction, you’re more than welcome to dive on in and do so.

Whether you decide to take part, or just want to experience Fanfest the traditional way, is entirely up to you. Regardless, you’ll be able to keep up with the event on the Twitter hashtag #kyonoke over the course of Fanfest.

There’ll be more information at Fanfest and via email for all attendees, so be sure to keep an eye on your inboxes and come along to the situation report sessions to learn more.

You can also join the Kyonoke Inquest facebook group to keep up to date.

We look forward to seeing you at Fanfest!

-          Team Murder Services



We’ve been testing ash samples for two days now, and it looks as if the temperature we’re incinerating at is sufficient. We’ve finished digging the additional pits in Seiituda Park, and I’ve heard they’re doing the same in twelve other districts too.

With the dome in place, we’re not going to be keeping up this rate of disposal. We’re running out of fuel and we’ve already had to drain the power cells on six Gunnlogis.

It’s been fourteen days since we heard anything from operations, and the squad is barely holding their shit together. They've cut us off down here.

Civilians are asking too many questions, and tempers are fraying. I had to put Kasola on medical leave yesterday because he shot two looters. He just couldn’t hold it together any more.

It was a mistake. As soon as command got wind that someone was on medical, Zainou showed up and quarantined him. We haven’t seen him since.

Son of a bitch better get back here soon; we need all the hands we can get... and well, we're all screwed regardless. Quarantining my squad ain't gonna help at this stage.

Asshole still has my smokes, too.

45834777345-A // SASILO, R

Keywords: Fanfest 2017 - The Kyonoke Inquest

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/fanfest-2017-live-stream/

Fanfest 2017 - Live Stream

Published Date: 2017-03-29T15:23:48Z
Last updated on 2017-03-29T15:23:48Z
Author: CCP Mimic
ID #:93109725

Greetings Capsuleers!

Just a few short days to go and Fanfest will be upon us! As the Reykjavik office gets everything prepared for our epic celebrations of all things EVE, the o7 crew are hard at work making sure that all of you at home can get as much of that magical Fanfest-feel as possible on our live stream.

Player and Developer Presenters

No Fanfest stream is complete without player hosts. This year the EVE TV crew will be joined by:

Drechlas, the Great Bearded fundraising personality who helped host in 2015

Alliance Tournament commentator, Taylor Swift Fanboi, and duet crooning legend, Elise Randolph

J Mcclain, Founder of the military veteran community and support network Best Of Us

Crossing Zebras Editor in Chief and returning Eve TV host, Niden

Tatius Jorgstern (more commonly known as Reload) streamer, YouTuber and all round great guy


On screen you’ll also be entertained and informed by a great host of devs: CCP Antiquarian, CCP Guard, CCP Lebowski, CCP Logibro, CCP Mimic, CCP Shadowcat,  and CCP Sledgehammer

And we’ve also grown the team to make this year extra special, so let me introduce the devs that are involved behind the scenes: CCP ArnarV, CCP Falcon, CCP Leeloo, CCP Nova, CCP Tara, and CCP Turtlepower

But of course none of this would be possible without our great audience…YOU!

You can make this year’s Fanfest stream even better by taking part in all that will be going on from the comfort of home. We’ll be offering you ways to get all the essential and exciting development news and announcements as well as hang out with your space friends in Twitch chat, get to know the people behind the names as we talk to all your favorite dev and player personalities. Why not subscribe to our Twitch channel to be sure you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Stream Schedule

We’ll be bringing you live coverage of the main presentations and keynotes throughout the event and will have all the content available on YouTube as soon as we have recovered from Saturday’s Party at the Top of the World. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when the content is available.

Our current stream schedule is:



Stream opens - o7 at Fanfest 2017


Welcome Ceremony


EVE Online Keynote




Stream starts


Game Balance


Game Design Panel


Project Discovery - Exoplanets with Michel Mayor


Project Discovery Review


EVE Graphics & VFX




Phenomenal PvE




Stream starts


New Player Experience


EVE Art 2016 Recap


EVE: Valkyrie - Roadmap


Live Concept Art


Dev & Player AMA


The Dirty Secrets of Trillionaires


Dev & Player AMA


EVE_NT: Events and EVEsports


Closing Ceremony


How To Take Part

As we mentioned before, there will be Live discussions with players and developers throughout the broadcast and on Saturday we will be trying something new by having several AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions using YOUR questions right from chat, so be sure to look out for details as those sessions get closer.

We have lots of competitions, giveaways and ways for you to be a part of Fanfest through Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. The stream is completely FREE and will be streamed in HD.

We can’t wait to share Fanfest with you. See you on the set!


CCP Mimic, on behalf of a very excited EVE TV team.

Keywords: Fanfest 2017 - Live Stream

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/the-eve-fanfest-2017-megablog/

The EVE Fanfest 2017 MegaBlog!

Published Date: 2017-03-24T10:01:22Z
Last updated on 2017-03-24T10:01:22Z
Author: CCP Falcon
ID #:92532650

It’s about that time of the year again!

EVE Fanfest 2017 is just a couple of weeks away, and pretty soon capsuleers will start to arrive in Reykjavík from across the globe for three days filled with spaceship related presentations, roundtables, events, parties and drinking excursions.

Over here at CCP Iceland, we’ve been working for a few months now to bring Fanfest attendees and stream viewers alike the annual action packed celebration of all things New Eden.

Whether your interests lie in alliance warfare, industry, PvE, piracy, building your own empire or taking a massive dump on someone else’s plans for galactic domination, we’ve got content here for you at Fanfest this year. This is an event that you don't want to miss, so you should be sure to either grab your tickets now, or make sure you tune into the stream for all the latest information and announcements during the event.

This year we've decided to condense all the regular Fanfest blogs into one colossal release of stuff happening at Fanfest so that information, timing and details are easy to find all in one place!

So, with that said, let’s get down to the details of what attendees can expect at Fanfest 2017 and the days leading up to it.



On arrival in Iceland, attendees can choose to either pre-register in the days before Fanfest and collect their pass in advance, or pick up their pass on the first day of Fanfest at the venue itself.

Please be aware that if you have qualified for a free Fanfest 2017 pass as community contributor or a member of the EVE media, you will need to collect your pass at Harpa on 2017/04/06.

Here are the times you’ll be able to pick up your Fanfest pass and with the power of Microsoft Paint, we've also included a handy map!

  • 2017/04/03 – 14:00 – 17:00 – CenterHotel Plaza
  • 2017/04/04 – 14:00 – 17:00 – CenterHotel Plaza
  • 2017/04/05 – 12:00 – 17:00 – Harpa
  • 2017/04/06 – 10:00 – 17:00 – Harpa

Please bear in mind that the first day of Fanfest can get pretty busy in terms of registration, so be sure to pick up your pass early, if you can!


The Fanfest 2017 Schedule

This year, we're pushing out the schedule a little bit earlier in digital form, so you can download it right now by grabbing the Guidebook app for your mobile device, which is available for both Android and iOS. Simply enter the redemption code "EVEFANFEST2017" and you'll be able to download the schedule directly via the app, and plan the sessions you'd like to attend.

For those of you travelling from outside the EU, fear not – Harpa will be equipped with free Wi-Fi for all Fanfest 2017 attendees, so you’ll be able to access Guidebook at the venue even if your roaming data services don’t work in Iceland.

If you'd rather look at the schedule in web form, you can do so here.

We'll also have pretty versions of the schedule available in the run-up to Fanfest and at the venue, that will displayed on screens outside each of the rooms to give more clarification on the location of each session.


The Keynotes!

Following on from the success of having the main keynote presentations on day one of Fanfest for the last couple of years, we'll follow the same scheduling practice this year and keep the major information at the start of Fanfest so that there's the rest of the event to talk about what's been announced, what's coming, and get into the details of the future of New Eden.

Here's a little taste of what's in store:

2017/04/06 - THURSDAY - 17:00 UTC - Opening Ceremony

Kicking off a little later this year, Fanfest attendees will be joining CCP Guard and a selection of guest hosts including CCP Hellmar, the CEO of CCP as we take a look at what's been going on in the world of New Eden since last Fanfest, and learn a little about what CCP has been up to in the last year.

2017/04/06 - THURSDAY - 18:00 UTC - EVE Online Keynote

After the opening ceremony, we'll be joining CCP Seagull, Executive Producer for EVE Online, for a look at the year in review since last Fanfest, as well as where New Eden is headed in future. With guest speakers including CCP Nagual, CCP t0rfifrans, CCP Ghost, CCP Larrikin and a whole host of others, there'll be new information on what's coming in 2017, plus some details on things a little further down the road.

2017/04/08 - SATURDAY - 17:00 UTC - Closing Ceremony

The saddest part of every Fanfest is when we have to say goodbye. We'll be looking back over three days of New Eden centric madness, as well as talking about events coming up in 2017 that will lead up to EVE Vegas 2017. We'll also be making the announcement of the dates for this year's EVE Vegas, and Fanfest 2018, so have your calendar ready to note down the dates!


Presentations & Roundtables

Fanfest 2017 will once again offer an extensive program of developer, player and third party presentations to make sure that there's always content during the event, regardless of your interests and aspirations in New Eden.

From the regular presentations, such as the Game Design Panel and Balance Presentation, to updates on art and GFX, as well as roundtables on ISD, Nullsec & Sovereignty, Structure, Tech Art, IP Development, Lore and even Fanfest itself, we've got content for everyone who's interested in EVE Online.

All the major sessions occurring during Fanfest 2017 also have their own dedicated roundtable hosted at some point after the initial presentation so that capsuleers can discuss content and ask questions about what's been presented on stage directly to the developers involved in making these features and changes happen.

As has become customary over the course of the last few years, Fanfest 2017 will also play host to a massive number of player presentations this year, with content from Makoto Priano, ExookiZ, Angelica Evermore, Nashh Kadavr, baltec1, General Stargazer and Max Singularity that range from PvP fitting, to theoretical physics and how to make trillions from the in economy of New Eden.

Be sure to check the schedule thoroughly, as there's a broad range of content coming to Fanfest this year!


Project Discovery

At Fanfest 2017, we're incredibly honored to be joined by Professor Michel Mayor, exoplanet expert and winner of the prestigious 2017 Wolf Prize for Physics.

Professor Mayor will be on site at Fanfest 2017 for a presentation and roundtable on the next stage of Project Discovery, which will see the search for exoplanets come to New Eden in 2017. There'll be more information on how capsuleers will begin classifying materials that will be sent back to the University of Geneva for use in refining and furthering the search.

Professor Mayor will be joined by CCP Burger and a selection of other CCP developers for a presentation and roundtable on all things exoplanets and Project Discovery. Be sure not to miss it!


The Fanfest Tournament

This year we'll be hosting a short, fast and furious tournament on day one of Fanfest (Thursday) in the PvP room, that will give attendees the chance to win PLEX and swag from our sponsors which include Razer and Nvidia.

The tournament will take the form of a 2v2 single elimination, with the specifics of the rules announced on the day for those competing, just to add a little spice to the mix!

You can sign up to take part in the tournament and be in with the chance to win awesome prizes from Razer and Nvidia by adding your details to this signup sheet.

From there, you'll need to be on site at Harpa during the tournament hours of 12:30 - 16:30 UTC on Thursday April 6th in order to take part.

You'll also need to be registered and in possession of your Fanfest 2017 access pass in order to take part, so be sure to have collected it before the tournament kicks off!


Immersive Event - The YC119 Kyonoke Inquest

All is not right in New Eden, as a number of quarantine zones have been established across the cluster in the wake of an outbreak of  the highly contagious and deadly Kyonoke Plague. For Fanfest 2017, we've partnered with an Emmy award winning organization - The Company P - who are working with us to produce an immersive experience like no other at this year's Fanfest.

Harpa will be transformed into the H4-RP4 Kyonoke Inquest Center, a Keepstar class citadel located in the Federal system of Postouvin which has been constructed by the Society of Conscious Thought close to one of the quarantine zones, in order to research the situation.

There will be five sets constructed at various locations around the venue, staffed by a myriad of inhabitants of the Keepstar. Participants in the event will have the opportunity to work with them or against them in order to earn vote tokens, which can be used to push through resolutions to the crisis. These sets will be environments that represent the four empires and the Society of Conscious Thought, with individuals from the relevant Inquest delegations at each of the sites.

The setting is an inquest taking place into the cause and potential resolutions of the Kyonoke outbreak. The results of this inquest will be determined by both attendees at Fanfest and those collaborating with them from within EVE Online during the event.

The fates of trillions lie in the hands of capsuleers. Whether a peaceful and humane, or destructive but effective resolution is brought to the table will ultimately be decided by the Fanfest attendees involved.

Choose your actions wisely, as the consequences could be further reaching than you might imagine.

There'll be more information on the immersive event itself in a dedicated Devblog next week, so stay tuned for more in depth information on how you can get involved and take part in the Inquest.

You can also join the open facebook group to find out a little more about the event and keep up to date with progress toward Fanfest!


The Fanfest Beer Uncasking

(click to enlarge)

Given that we're celebrating the 13th iteration of Fanfest this year and the 20th anniversary of CCP, the festivities would not be complete without delicious Fanfest beer. 

This year we've got four new brews for you guys to enjoy, and we'll be unveiling them in downtown Reykjavík before Fanfest 2017 kicks off. A delicious ale, light and dark lagers, plus a traditional Matari stout will be on tap at a selection of bars down town for your refreshment.

The uncasking of the beer and first tasting will happen at Prikið, in downtown Reykjavik at 16:00 UTC on Monday April 3rd, where a selection of devs will be on hand to raise a glass to the kickoff of Fanfest week here in Iceland!

For those who need directions, here's another handy map that gives the location of Prikið.

We're looking forward to seeing many of you there!


The Alliance Debate

Last year marked the return of the Alliance Panel to Fanfest. The room was packed and while some of the presentations ran long, it was a general success!

This year we want to switch up the format and make it a bit more interactive amongst the representatives. Our new style will seize on the “entertainment value” of high-profile political debates and town halls. What could possibly go wrong?

After a brief introduction/opening remark by each panelist, moderators will switch to EVE topics, giving each panelist an opportunity to answer and leaving room for some back and forth. Some topics/questions will be sent out beforehand and some will not. Meta-questions and nuts and bolts questions.

We’re looking for Alliance representatives to join us for this experiment (preferably Alliance leaders), which should provide some good spacelulz for all involved.

If you think you’ve got what it takes and you are headed to EVE Fanfest, hit up share@eveonline.com with your Character Name, Alliance Name, and contact information (RL name, email). No major preparation will be needed beforehand, just a willingness to speak your mind about your EVE.


The Fanfest Pub Crawl!

The legendary Fanfest Pub Crawl is in its twelfth iteration this year!

Join a host of CCPers and Icelandic guides as we take groups of players on a Friday night tour of the hottest bars in Iceland, starting with beers at Harpa, before taking a short walk downtown for a night of drinks and conversation about all things New Eden.

All Pubcrawl attendees will receive beer tokens to use at the bars, a custom Fanfest Pub Crawl shot glass and Icelandic beer and Brennivín to start out with at Harpa. In addition, many of the bars we'll be visiting will be serving the delicious Fanfest beers!

We'll be headed out from Harpa at 20:30 UTC on 2017/04/07 for an epic journey around downtown Reykjavik, before the entire pub crawl fleets up at the final destination to gather for a toast of epic proportions!

There's a few tickets still on sale for the Pub crawl, so be sure to grab yours soon before they're gone!


The EVE Fanfest Charity Evening

Hosted at Harpa, all proceeds from the Fanfest Charity Evening are donated to Barnaspítali Hringsins – The Iceland Children’s Hospital, who specialize in providing long term care for children who require treatment for a variety of health issues including cancer and diabetes as well as cardiovascular and neurological issues.

Beginning at 20:00 UTC on the ground floor of Harpa, on the first day of Fanfest (April 6th, 2017), the charity evening is a chance to enjoy dinner and drinks with CCP staff, all for a good cause.

We've already released the list of CCP developers that will be in atttendance and tickets are selling fast. There may only be a couple left on the day for people to buy at Harpa, so be sure to get your tickets soon from the Fanfest Website in order to avoid missing out.


The Fanfest Store

With every Fanfest, comes awesome EVE swag for you to peruse and take home with you as a memento of your trip. 

This year our partners at DPI will once again be bringing the EVE Store to Fanfest with a kickass selection of EVE goodies on sale throughout Fanfest.

Be sure to come take a look and pick up your gear as soon as early as you can. The Fanfest Store is well known for selling out toward the end of the event each year!

The store will be open during the following hours, on site at the Fanfest venue

  • 2017/04/06 - 12:00 - 19:30
  • 2017/04/07 - 11:00 - 18:00
  • 2017/04/08 - 11:00 - 18:00


The Sisters of EVE Tour

Once again, the spouses of Fanfest attendees who come along for the ride will be able to take a trop out to see the natural wonders of Iceland during the Friday of Fanfest (April 7th).

A staple part of the Fanfest lineup, the Sisters of EVE tour shows off some of the most stunning wonders of Iceland, including the Ölkelda Mineral Spring and Vatnshellir Lava Cave, before the trip winds its way to the Gerðuberg cliffs, where the journey will stop for a while so that guests can enjoy some traditional Icelandic food and drink.

The tour includes a private bus and guide throughout the da y for the group, an SOE water bottle, lunch at the Primus Kaffi, a guided tour of the Vatnshellir Lava Cave with all the necessary equipmpent, and a taste of Iceland at Gerðuberg.

The schedule for this trip is as follows on Friday April 7th (Day two of Fanfest 2017):

  • 09:00 – Departure from Harpa
  • 10:30 – Ölkelda mineral spring
  • 11:00 – Departure to lunch
  • 11:30 – Lunch at Prímus Kaffi
  • 12:30 – Vatnshellir Lava Cave
  • 14:00 – Arnarstapi walk with a guide.
  • 15:15 – Departure to Gerðuberg
  • 16:15 – Gerðuberg views and a taste of Iceland
  • 16:45 – Departure to Harpa
  • 18:30 – Return to Harpa

A few tickets are still available for the Sisters of EVE Tour if you're still thinking of sending that special someone for a real taste of Iceland!


The Fanfest Silent Auction

During Fanfest 2017, CCP is once again incredibly proud to support Barnaspítali Hringsins with fundraising, which is the Icelandic Children’s Hospital specializing in providing long term care for children who require treatment for a variety of health issues including cancer and diabetes as well as cardiovascular and neurological issues.

All proceeds from both the Charity Evening and the Fanfest Silent auction will go to the Icelandic Children's Hospital, and will be added to the EVE Community's fun for equipment and care.

This year there'll be a selection of concept and chronicle artwork, plus a few unique items in the Silent Auction for players to bid on, as well as three Server blades from Tranquility which powered EVE through the following expansions:

  • Revelations
  • Revelations II
  • Trinity
  • Empyrean Age
  • Quantum Rise
  • Apocrypha

Bidding on the Fanfest Silent Auction will start at 13:00 UTC on day one of Fanfest (2017/04/06) and will close at 14:30 UTC sharp on the final day (2017/04/08).

Payments will be able to be made via cash or card (VISA/MAESTRO/ELECTRON - no AMEX) for lots that are won, and the hour for payments will be 16:00 - 17:00 UTC on the final day of Fanfest (2017/04/08).


EVE: Valkyrie Demos

Throughout day 2 and 3 of Fanfest, we'll be hosting demos of EVE Valkyrie on PS4 Pro, using PSVR. These demos will be held on our own custom built EVE Valkyrie pods in the PvP room, where players will be able to test their mettle against some of the best fighter pilots in New Eden.

Come along to the PvP room for a tastes of EVE:Valkyrie on PSVR!


Party On Top Of The World

One word. Epic.

Join us on Saturday night from 20:00 as we turn up the heat in the world's most northern capital city.

We'll have a live performance by CCP's own in house band, Permaband, as well as a set from Hermigervill.

We'll also be joined by Kristian Nairn, known across the globe as Hodor from Game of Thrones, who'll be blowing the doors off of Fanfest 2017 instead of trying to keep them closed, with an amazing set that celebrates the conclusion of Fanfest 2017.



Less than two weeks to go, and we're counting down the days!

CCP are going to be here once again to welcome every one of you to Reykjavík for an epic week of updates, partying and spaceship shenanigans.

As with many of you, Fanfest is the highlight of the EVE calendar for us every year, giving us the chance to showcase everything that’s going on, and coming up in New Eden. Don’t hesitate to engage with developers and partners at Fanfest, discuss everything and anything, get your feedback heard and just hang out with our amazing community.

At EVE Fanfest, CCP are here for you just as much as you’re here for Fanfest, and we’re looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones alike.

For those of you at home, strap yourselves in and tune into o7 – Fanfest Live, where we’ll be bringing the excitement and fun of Fanfest directly into your homes through the power of the intertubes, with giveaways, contests and more stream content than we’ve ever broadcast at Fanfest.

There'll be more information on the Fanfest stream coming next week, which will of course be broadcast completely free, live and in HD across the entire web-o-nets.

For those of you who can't make it, be sure to tune in. For those coming out to the most epic EVE Online party in existence, we’ll see you soon!


On behalf of the Fanfest Team

Keywords: The EVE Fanfest 2017 MegaBlog!

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/introducing-upwell-refineries/

Introducing Upwell Refineries

Published Date: 2017-03-22T14:59:54Z
Last updated on 2017-03-22T14:59:54Z
Author: Team Five 0
ID #:95835951


Hello again ingenious capsuleers! This dev blog will cover the plans for the next series of Upwell Structures to become available to Capsuleers: Refineries.

We are releasing two connected dev blogs today. The first looks back at the last year of Upwell Structures and towards the future of updates and additions to their functionality. It also includes links to a survey that we’re releasing to gather your feedback about what priorities you think we should set in our quest to make all Upwell Structures better and easier to use for everyone. I highly encourage checking it out!

Rather than looking at structures as a whole, this dev blog focuses on just one upcoming set that is poised to revolutionize the way resources are harvested and processed in New Eden.

Refineries will be the premiere structure for resource collection and processing, with bonuses to reprocessing and the exclusive ability to fit moon mining and reaction service modules. These structures will usher in completely new gameplay for moon mining and reactions, as well as linking into future resource collection gameplay.

I’ll start out by addressing the question of release date. Refineries are firmly scheduled for “when they’re done” and we are not planning on rushing them out before they are ready. This dev blog begins the next phase of community discussion on these features and we want to come to you with the plans early to ensure that we can incorporate the best feedback. We are especially looking forward to hearing from you at Fanfest next month, which is why we are releasing this dev blog now instead of waiting to unveil these plans in a keynote. We believe that events like Fanfest are at their most valuable when we at CCP spend them listening more than talking.

The rest of this blog will describe the current state of the design of these structures and their service modules but everything here is subject to change and you should expect that quite a few things will change between now and release.

Drill Down to the Details!

Refineries will come in medium and large sizes with prices between that of Engineering Complexes and Citadels. Like the earlier Upwell Structures they will have docking and tethering ability as well as the whole suite of standard structure features like storage, fitting, insurance, repair and corp offices. They will be able to fit the same set of basic Standup modules as Citadels and Engineering Complexes. As we continue to add more features to the basic Upwell framework both before and after the release of Refineries they will gain those upgrades as well. The benefits of the larger sized Refinery will primarily come from increased defenses, more generalized rigs and increased docking capabilities, with all the core Refinery functionality available in both Medium and Large versions.

Refineries are intended to be the hub of resource collection and resource processing operations. At launch these operations will largely revolve around reprocessing ore, mining moons, and reacting advanced materials together to create composites. In the future we will continue to look for opportunities to tie more resource collection and processing functions to these structures. For instance, mining buffs and support roles provided by the structure are not out of the question over the medium-term, and we are interested in investigating the possibility of shifting the sov mining upgrade role from Infrastructure Hubs to Refineries eventually.


Reprocessing will be the simplest and most universal of the initial Refinery roles. Refineries will receive bonuses when using the existing Standup Reprocessing Facility service module, and the existing reprocessing rigs will be rebalanced to go along with these new bonuses. On patch day we will automatically unfit existing reprocessing rigs that are fit to Citadels and Engineering Complexes so that structure owners can have the option of either fitting their rigs right back on to the same structure or moving those rigs to a Refinery if they wish.

Since Refineries will not have an XL version, the rebalance of reprocessing rigs will include improved generalization for the L and M sized reprocessing rigs and a reduction in cost for the XL reprocessing rigs. We will be issuing appropriate compensation for owners of any rigs that have their build costs reduced.

Moon Mining

Moon mining is an area of gameplay that will be receiving very significant changes with the release of Refineries. The old moon mining system in starbases has been untouched since the early years of EVE and we believe that there’s a lot of room to make a system that provides better gameplay for many kinds of players.

The key goals of the new moon mining system are to create a new form of active group gameplay that organized corps and alliances can aspire towards and compete for. The new system must support gameplay for many different types of players, involve strategic choices, and reward players who can cooperate well.

Those of you who have been following the community discussions around moon mining over the last several years probably won’t be surprised by the key parts of this design, as we are building on a foundation of ideas that have been brought up and discussed many times from many sources.

Here’s a walkthrough of the process currently planned for the new moon mining system:

  1. A refinery that is deployed close enough to a moon can fit a special moon drilling service module. Fitting of this module will only be an option if no other drills are fit to other Refineries around the same moon, so only one structure can mine each moon at a time. This service module gives the owners the ability to designate how large of a fracking operation they wish to begin, with larger chunks taking longer time to prepare.
  2. The moon drilling module begins blasting a chunk of the moon away from its surface and dragging it towards the structure. This process takes between one and several weeks depending on the choices made by the structure owner. Observers can watch the chunk move through space as a way of estimating when it will reach the Refinery.
  3. Once the chunk of moon rock has completed its journey into space, the Refinery can use its drill module to detonate the chunk into a minable asteroid field. The exact time of the detonation is controlled by the owners of the Refinery within limits. If the chunk is left unattended long enough it will disintegrate into the asteroid field on its own.
  4. The new asteroid field that appears with the explosion of the chunk will contain new types of valuable ores that will yield moon minerals when reprocessed. The composition of the field will depend on the composition of moon materials available in the moon. The field will generally remain far enough away from the Refinery structure that you won’t be able to effectively mine it from docking range but close enough for a pilot controlling the Refinery to be able to cover the friendly miners and/or attack uninvited guests.
  5. Once the chunk has exploded, the drilling module can begin fracturing a new part of the moon to start the process again.

The time scale for this whole cycle will be controllable by the owners of the Refinery, within constraints. Longer cycle times will mean more ore generated in each explosion.

To be clear: Refinery structures themselves will be deployable anywhere that other Upwell structures can be deployed. However only Refineries deployed near minable moons will be able to fit a moon drill service module. The deployment UI for Refineries will clearly show whether the structure is in a location suitable for moon mining before deployment is confirmed.

We’re still in the process of determining how much or little we may need to adjust distribution of moon minerals, and announcements in that area will come later once we’re a little closer to release. However, for this first release we are not currently planning on expanding moon mining to areas of space where it is not available today (highsec and wormholes). Although this gameplay has the potential to be interesting and fun in any area of space we want to be careful not to dilute the regional value of tech two resource collection too much.

Since the time between events will be fairly long, we are expecting this group mining event to be a special high-value occasional event where your corp’s usual miners can turn their attention away from their normal belts and clusters for a few hours and players who only mine once in a while can pull out their barges and join in. In many ways these events will be like mining incursions that are partly controllable by the structure owner. The income from mining these asteroids will of course vary based on market forces and demand for different moon materials, but we expect mining the fields generated by good moons to be very valuable with higher isk/m3 than the high-end ABC (Arkonor, Bistot, Crokite) ores.

The Mining Ledger

With all this new activity around the moons of New Eden, the corporations claiming the moons will need new tools for tracking what’s going on in their territory. The mining ledger is the new open-ended tool for Refinery owners to keep track of who is mining in their belt.

Each Refinery structure with an active moon drill will keep track of all the mining done in its associated belt, logging the character, corporation, ore type and amount mined. This will allow Refinery managers to share profits or request fees as they see fit, allow mining operations to more easily organize themselves, and allow corps and alliances to see who has been ninja-mining their fields without permission.

The ledger will be available in the client, exportable to spreadsheets, and obtainable through an API for those who wish to build advanced tools. It will not update fast enough to provide a real-time warning system against ninja miners, but it will allow owners to look back at what happened in the past and plan their revenge or negotiations as they see fit.

All moon drilling refineries will log mining activity in the moon asteroid fields they generate, and we are also investigating opening up the option of tracking entire solar systems worth of mining for Refineries that are also owned by sov holders.


Refineries will also bring changes to the system for reacting moon materials and gasses into more advanced materials. Reactions are a key part of the resource processing chain for Tech-2 items, Tech-3 ships, and boosters, and we believe that the current reaction system using starbases has a lot of room to improve in user experience and quality of life.

With the release of Refineries, reactions will be moved from starbases to a special set of service modules exclusive to Refineries. These service modules will enable reactions as a new type of industry, using the same interface as manufacturing and research. These new service modules will have the same security status restrictions as the existing starbase structures, meaning that reactions will be limited to lowsec and below. Like other industry, the new reactions system will not have hard limits on the number of jobs per structure, and will have per-character limits that can be increased with a new skill.

The existing reactions will be converted to new blueprints that enable the reaction process in the new system, and new reactions will include small amounts of ice products in each run to compensate for the lower number of starbase towers needed for advanced industry.

Thanks for joining us for this look ahead at the work-in-progress Upwell Refineries! A big reason for releasing early dev blogs like this is that we want to hear from all of you, on the forums as well as in person at Fanfest!

If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend checking out the companion blog to this one that covers the past and near-future of Upwell Structures and includes a survey so you can have your say in our prioritization of changes.

Everything in this blog is subject to change as we respond to feedback and adjust designs and get closer to release. We’ll be keeping you up to date on these and other structure changes through more blogs as well as our official forums.


Fly safe and happy building!

-Team Five O

Keywords: Introducing Upwell Refineries

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/the-advancing-world-of-upwell-structures/

The Advancing World of Upwell Structures

Published Date: 2017-03-22T14:59:33Z
Last updated on 2017-03-22T14:59:33Z
Author: Team Five 0
ID #:95835951


Hello tireless capsuleers and welcome to this dev blog from your friendly neighborhood Team Five O!

We are currently hard at work bringing you improvements and features for structure gameplay as well as preparing for the next new group of Upwell Structures. Today’s blog will discuss the roadmap for Upwell Structures; past, present and near future. We’ll look back on the progress of the last year, bring you up to speed with the work that we are engaged in right now, and open up a new survey where you can participate in creating our short-term roadmap. We are also releasing a second dev blog at the same time as this one, which discusses the next new group of Upwell Structures: Refineries.

It can sometimes be hard to believe that the Citadel expansion was released less than 11 months ago. The last year has seen huge progress in EVE’s structure gameplay starting with the release of Citadels in April which rebuilt our concept of player-owned structures across the cluster. Citadels were the culmination of years of work and were only possible thanks to the EVE community’s active participation in the development process. Over the following months, we added more features to the basic Upwell Structure core such as redeeming, direct trade, and contracts. Then in November we released the biggest addition to Upwell Structures with full manufacturing and research services and a new line of Engineering Complexes to go with them.

The bet we decided to take was that if EVE players were provided better tools for creating their own shared infrastructure they would take that ball and run with it, eventually shifting even more of the EVE universe into the control of players. We’re happy to be able to say that you folks didn’t disappoint.

  • Over 7800 different player corporations have at least one Upwell Structure in space right now.
  • Four player alliances have active home citadels with more traffic and trade volume than any NPC stations except for the big four trade hubs and the newbie systems. The busiest of them has also surpassed Rens in trade volume.
  • The top 100 most active industry facilities in EVE (measured by industry job output value) so far in 2017 consist of 13 NPC stations, one Outpost, one Starbase array, one Citadel and 84 Engineering Complexes.

Watching what you built with these new tools over the last year has been an amazing experience.

Between these groundbreaking new structures and all the other features released during the year, YC 118 (2016) was a year of major feature growth in EVE.

This fast pace of feature development has great benefits, but also required the tradeoff of leaving less time for some other structure features we had been hoping to add such as insurance and repair services.

In the months since the Ascension expansion we’ve been watching the community discussion and feedback closely, through direct feedback on our forums and social media as well as through your elected representatives on the Council of Stellar Management (which has its next election active RIGHT NOW!). What we’ve been seeing in this feedback is that you want us to shift relatively more resources into bug fixes, performance optimizations and adding these extra features to Upwell Structures. We hear you loud and clear, and have already adjusted our roadmap to better match these priorities. The results of this shift are already visible in the YC119.2 release released a few weeks ago, and in the YC119.3 patch just released.

We are currently splitting our ongoing Structure work into three simultaneous tracks:

  1. Bug fixes, performance improvements and UI polish to make existing Structure features more reliable and easier to use
  2. Adding new universal features to all Upwell Structures, such as the addition of insurance last month and free item repair this week
  3. Preparing the next batch of structures and service modules: Refinery structures with moon mining and reaction services

Anyone following along with the patch notes of the last few releases will clearly see the benefits of track #1. We have been working hard to improve performance (especially with the industry system), fix bugs and improve UI. In the YC119.3 release we added even more of these improvements including better user experience for session change timers, preventing drones from losing contact with their owner while attacking x-large structures, enabling remote trashing of items in structures and a number of improvements to the user experience around taking and relinquishing control of structure weapons.

We are also making excellent progress in track #2 with personal insurance being added to structures in YC119.2 and item repair in YC119.3. These features are enabled in all current Upwell Structures and will also be available in future dockable Upwell Structures by default.

We want to give a special thanks to all the players who have been providing us feedback and bug reports to help us focus our work in tracks #1 and #2. The CSM (time for another gratuitous “go vote in the CSM election” plug!) has been an especially big part of helping us set priorities in this area and passing along the feedback they are hearing from all of you.

We Want Your Input!

To help keep our roadmap responsive to the needs of all of you in the community we have prepared a special survey asking about your experiences with Upwell Structures and asking for your opinions on what we should be prioritizing for our next steps. We have already asked the CSM for additions to the backlog and then for their individual priority rankings of a similar set of potential changes and now we want to hear from the community as a whole. This survey has been emailed directly to a large number of EVE players to ensure responses from a wide cross-section of the community, and it can also be found at this link directly.

We do want to make clear that since many of these changes require wildly different development time commitments we can’t commit to completing all of them and the feedback we receive from this survey will represent one of several inputs into our internal roadmap. However, we do believe that this list represents a lot of potentially beneficial improvements to Upwell Structures and we really want to see what you folks in the community think about the relative importance of different changes. We encourage you to fill out the survey and we want to thank all participants in advance.

Thanks for joining us for this dev blog today, and we hope that all of you will be able to find time to complete the survey so we can incorporate your feedback into our prioritization! Now that we’ve discussed the wider world of Upwell Structure features, the sister dev blog in this one will drill down (pun intended) on the next set of Upwell Structures in development: Refineries. These new structures will be the one-stop shops for resource collection and processing in New Eden, and will usher in major changes to moon harvesting and reactions as well as providing the cluster’s best reprocessing services. You can check out that blog here.

We welcome community feedback on the contents of both of today’s dev blogs. You can get in touch with the members of Team Five O on the official forums as well as social media and in person at Fanfest! EVE Online is a constantly growing and evolving work of science fiction and the community is absolutely crucial to choosing its direction.

Fly safe!

-Team Five O

Keywords: The Advancing World of Upwell Structures

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/plex-rework-follow-up/

PLEX Rework - Follow up

Published Date: 2017-03-21T17:06:45Z
Last updated on 2017-03-21T17:06:45Z
Author: Team Size Matters
ID #:95835960

Hi again!

Last week we announced plans to update PLEX, which you can ready about here. Since then, we’ve been listening to community discussion and now we want to give an update to add clarity and address concerns.

30 Days at A Time

First, we want to emphasize that there are currently no plans to sell game time in portions smaller than 30 days. We noticed that some of you made the fair assumption that because PLEX was becoming granular, it would mean subscription time would be granular as well. This is not the case. Our current plan is that PLEX will only be redeemed for game time in 30 day chunks, just like now. If you were worried about seeing cyno alts subbed for 3 hours at a time, don’t worry.

Aurum Balances Under 1000

Next up: Aurum conversion for players with Aurum balances of 1000 or less. The goal behind the initial plan was to minimize devaluation of PLEX at launch due to Aurum stockpiles entering the market, which is still a big priority, but, we hear you loud and clear that leaving some balances to not be converted is not a good enough solution.

After several days of looking at alternatives, we now intend to delay conversion for small balances rather than not converting at all. On feature release, we will convert Aurum balances greater than 1000 to PLEX immediately, and then, 3 months later, convert balances under 1000 Aurum. This should mitigate impact on the PLEX market and give us a good window to look at activity and adjust if needed.

Along with the change to conversion, we want to reiterate that we are going to be running offers in the in-game New Eden Store up until a few days before release so that spending those leftover balances is easy and rewarding. Specifics on those deals are still in the works but we want to make sure you have good options leading up to the day we convert.

Aurum Tokens

One more tiny detail for Aurum which has not been mentioned so far: we will be removing Aurum tokens from the game. Many of you might not even know they exist, as you haven’t been able to create them for years, but, there’s still a few around so if you have some get them converted back to Aurum currency before we make the switch to PLEX.

Brokers Fees for PLEX Orders

Last week we mentioned that active market orders for old PLEX would have their brokers fees refunded during the conversion. The CSM was kind of enough to remind us that in Citadels, brokers fees are paid to the Citadel owner, meaning that if we refund fees in Citadels we create a nice ISK printing machine for wealthy players. While following up on this, our team discovered that we don’t actually have the ability to refund fees at all. In EVE, fees are paid as a transaction when an order is placed and not tied to the order itself. This is one of our team’s first “type” conversions and we were simply confused. Sorry for that. Hopefully, with adequate warning, orders can be set up with release date in mind to minimize wasted fees.

Feature Timeline

Speaking of the release date, there was a lot of interest in hearing when we expect to go live. While we still can’t give a specific day, we know it’s important for you to have a ballpark so you can get your ducks in a row. Our current target is for shortly after Fanfest, in late Spring or early Summer. Delays are always possible but for those of you worried it would be Q4 or later, rest assured.

Thanks very much for all the input, we hope these updates find you well.

Team Size Matters

Keywords: PLEX Rework - Follow up

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/plex-changes-on-the-way/

PLEX Changes On The Way!

Published Date: 2017-03-16T17:23:09Z
Last updated on 2017-03-16T17:23:09Z
Author: Team Size Matters
ID #:95835960





Hello Space Shoppers!

Team Size Matters here to tell you about some changes we have lined up for PLEX, Aurum and the New Eden Store. These changes don’t have a set release date yet but will be coming to EVE Online this spring or early summer.

With Ascension behind us, and a wave of Alphas now living as permanent residents in New Eden, our team has been looking for ways to improve the PLEX experience for Alphas and Omegas both. PLEX (Pilot’s License Extension) has been an important part of the EVE ecosystem for many years now. It’s been great for EVE because it allows players to trade their time and money in whatever way they like without hurting the integrity of our shared universe. Over those many years, and especially now due to Clone States, we’ve learned a lot about PLEX and think we can make improvements without disrupting the core design. Let me tell you how!

Smaller PLEX

The first component of our plan is focused on making PLEX more flexible. Currently, PLEX is rather large. By always existing as a one-month chunk of subscription time, PLEX can be cumbersome to buy and trade. We think it would be great if it could be broken into smaller units that fit your needs rather than always being bound to the size of 30 days. With that in mind, our first planned change is to convert every existing PLEX into 500 PLEX. After the change, anything you could get for 1 Plex from CCP will instead require 500 Plex. This new PLEX granularity will allow us to sell smaller PLEX packages, and allow you to trade whatever amounts you like with each other.

The PLEX Vault

We also want PLEX to be easier to find and understand. To make it easier for players to find out what PLEX is and what it can do, we are introducing the PLEX Vault. The Vault is an inventory location, shared across all characters on an account, that stores PLEX and shows common actions you can take with it, as well as how you can get it.

Like any other inventory location, the Vault will appear in the list of locations to the left and you can drag PLEX in and out of the Vault to any other inventory you have access to. PLEX is the only item that can be kept in the Vault. When you purchase PLEX from CCP, it will go straight to your PLEX Vault instead of the Redeem queue.

It will look something like this (work in progress):

The PLEX Vault will allow you to move PLEX safely throughout the universe rather than having to move it in a ship. It will still be possible to carry it in a ship like any other item if you want, so if you have an urge to fill a shuttle full of PLEX and tour low sec just drag PLEX out of the vault and into your cargo and you’re good to go.

We know how much you love it when ships blow up with piles of PLEX inside, we even might understand why, but, we also don’t want new PLEX users to be losing their PLEX before they can trade it because they didn’t know how to get to market safely.

The New New Eden Store

With a much smaller PLEX, we can easily set up the New Eden Store catalog in PLEX prices rather than Aurum and let you use PLEX from your vault to buy things there. The coexistence of PLEX and Aurum has always been a heavy burden on anyone who wanted to buy something from CCP. Whether you just wanted a SKIN or you wanted to buy the smartest item to trade with other players to get ISK, you had some math to do. With Aurum out of the picture and PLEX taking over in the NES, buying should be much less confusing.

What about Aurum?

Aurum had its run but we are excited to move forward with PLEX only. On launch day for this feature we will convert all existing Aurum balances above 1000 Aurum to the new PLEX. Today you get 3500 AUR for every PLEX you convert to Aurum, and this is the same rate we will match to convert Aurum to the new PLEX. This means that if your Aurum balance on launch day is 1000 Aurum or more, it will be converted in its entirety and you will get 1 PLEX for every 7 Aurum.

A word on the PLEX market

One consequence of making the changes described above is that we are combining the existing stockpiles of Aurum and PLEX, which could affect the value of PLEX in the EVE market as new supply enters. Even though we believe this set of changes will be extremely positive, we very much want to protect the value of PLEX that you currently own. Here’s a small list of information and plans to protect the PLEX market:

  • As we announce these changes, we expect the in-game market to respond and that there may be some volatility which could take many forms. Based on what we know about the relative sizes of Aurum and PLEX stockpiles, we believe the market should take care of finding a new balance without major impact on the price and value of PLEX
  • Anyone looking to liquidate Aurum for ISK has had ample opportunity to do so, especially since the release of skill extractors
  • Converting only Aurum balances that exceed 1000 Aurum will lower the total amount converted and decrease the risk of a rapid inflow of PLEX destabilizing the market.
  • We will run specials in the New Eden Store leading up to the change so that there’s good reason to use up excess Aurum

We will keep a careful eye on things and be ready to intervene in other ways if necessary to protect the PLEX ecosystem and your investments in it.

Wrap Up

With these changes, we hope to keep everything that works about PLEX intact while greatly improving clarity and usability. More details will emerge over coming months as we take on feedback and continue to nail down specifics. We’ve included a Q and A below to try and address some common questions, let us know if we miss anything!

Fly free,

Team Size Matters


Handy FAQ!

Q: When will this feature launch?
A: We don’t have an exact date yet, but this feature is in active development now, and you can expect more detailed information on the launch timeline at EVE Fanfest in early April.

Q: What will happen to existing market orders for PLEX when the feature launches?
A: We will cancel all orders and repay fees, as usual when we make a major type conversion.

Q: Will market histories reflect the change in PLEX value?
A: New PLEX will be a new item type, getting its own graphs and history data starting from day one and leaving old PLEX data unaffected.

Q: Can I still buy Aurum?
A: Yes! All current Aurum packages will be available until near launch of these changes, after which we will close Aurum purchasing completely.

Q: Can I still buy PLEX?
A: Yes, until launch of these changes PLEX will continue to work exactly as today, and be offered from CCP at same rates and packages. Any PLEX you own on launch of these changes will be converted to 500 of the new PLEX.

Q: Why are you only converting Aurum balances above 1000?
A: A large portion of the total Aurum stockpile is in small balances left over from past giveaways and by not converting those small balances we mitigate risk of oversupply in the PLEX market

Q: For balances over 1000, will the entire balance be converted or only the amount exceeding 1000?
A: The entire balance will be converted. For example, a balance of 1050 Aurum would be converted into 150 PLEX.

Q: Will prices change in the New Eden Store?
A: Prices may change after the conversion from Aurum to PLEX as not all prices will be possible to convert at even numbers. Overall this change to PLEX is not made with the intention to change the price of products such as Skill Extractors in the New Eden Store, and we will define new pricing in PLEX to match the current pricing in Aurum.

Q: With smaller PLEX, will I be able to buy less than 30 days of Omega time?
A: We currently we have no plans regarding smaller game time packages.


Keywords: PLEX Changes On The Way!

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/monthly-economic-report-february-2017/

Monthly Economic Report - February 2017

Published Date: 2017-03-06T16:15:00Z
Last updated on 2017-03-06T16:15:00Z
Author: CCP Quant
ID #:92123069


This is the Monthly Economic Report (MER) for February 2017. 

Please click the graphs to enlarge them as needed, also check out the graph slideshow.
The raw data and graphs that make up this report can be downloaded here (27 MB).

Keywords: Monthly Economic Report - February 2017

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/to-inception-and-beyond/

To Inception and beyond

Published Date: 2017-02-16T16:47:31Z
Last updated on 2017-02-16T16:47:31Z
Author: Team Genesis
ID #:95835957


Greetings Spacefriends,

We hope you have had a wonderful start to 2017!  Here in the Reykjavik office, Team Genesis have been hard at work reading through the amazing feedback we receive and implementing further updates to the new player experience (NPE), released during EVE Online's November 15th expansion, Ascension. If you missed our first round of updates you can read about them here.

The NPE released in Ascension gives new players the opportunity to fight alongside their character’s Empire in a story-driven experience with the guidance of a revamped Aura and the newly created Empire mentors.  Our goal was to introduce players to New Eden via an immersive narrative arc, while also lessening the steep learning curve of EVE gameplay. 

During the first iteration of this experience, we have received so much great feedback from the community! We thank you all for the effort put into specific, reasoned suggestions; it has been wonderful to see how much you care about your fellow newbros! With that in mind, we’ve been working hard to improve the experience based on all your feedback as well as internal metrics.  

Increased assistance from Aura for new players that die during the NPE

There are no guarantees of safety during the NPE and it's our job to make sure new players understand how to get back to a station and board another ship. During the initial release we had the same instructions for all deaths, regardless of location or how far along the experience. We have changed this to tailored instructions dependent on where you are in the NPE when you die and also to replace the items you need to continue.

This means that a new player who dies right at the beginning of the NPE, during the Research Facility site, will receive tailored instructions about returning to station and receive a new Corvette whereas a new player that dies during the final site, the Drifter Zenith, will be guided back to station and given the modules they may have lost. 

Decreased complexity during station visits

There is a lot of information to teach players during the initial experience. We discovered some areas of improvement from the feedback we received and also from watching playtests.  We guided new players through a lot of new windows during their station visits, but not always in an order that linked them together and helped new players remember what each window was for.

An example of this was when the task to open the wallet initially came as soon as the player docked in the station. This task was introduced to show new players they earned ISK while in the site and to explain that ISK is the currency of New Eden. This was then followed by introducing skill training to the new player and then by purchasing an item from the market.  That is a lot of information to teach players within a short time and because of the flow we created, it felt like 3 different learning points.

We have now moved the “Open the Wallet” task to happen directly before the tasks to purchase from the market, directly linking the wallet and your ISK balance to purchases you can make. 

Improved Empire’s Might Site

The original version of the Empire’s Might site had quite long voiceover periods where the player had no active tasks and was just listening to the mentor and fleet members. We wanted to increase the activity within the site and make this a more meaningful experience for new players.

Therefore, we have reordered the tasks to make sure the player was doing something within the site while listening to the mentor, and also added a new task to encourage players to travel through the site.

UI Changes

We’ve enabled highlighting of multiple UI elements at the same time and added the ability to position UI highlights.  This allows Aura to explain more clearly by highlighting specific areas of the screen for new players and also lets us combine tasks by highlighting multiple areas at the same time rather than having to have a new task each time.

This should help the experience flow better and also ease player confusion as the highlights will be more exact. For a full list of all changes, you can view the patch notes here


Thank you again for your continued feedback, it is really valuable to the team.  Rest assured, our work on the new player experience is far from over. In future blogs we’ll tell you more about our plans for existing career agents and our efforts to help new players hone their skills and become self-sufficient EVE residents.

Check back for further updates!

- Team Genesis

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Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/sleeping-beauty/

Sleeping beauty - How one of the oldest bugs in EVE got hunted down and resolved

Published Date: 2017-02-15T15:40:00Z
Last updated on 2017-02-15T15:40:00Z
Author: CCP Snorlax
ID #:90784082

Sometimes a story of a bug is so intriguing you have to write it down - so if you are technically minded or just curious about the realities of development on EVE Online. Join me for a deep-dive into the technical depths of the EVE Online code base, as I recount how one of the oldest defects in the game got hunted down and resolved! 

We're always working on improving EVE Online and our code base, and I hope you enjoy coming along on a journey of how this work can look.

How it all began

A little while ago CCP karkur asked me if I could help with an issue she had been looking into with the drone window, where it sometimes would stop updating when drones are being recalled. Her investigation did not uncover any bugs in the code related to drones or the UI. Over the course of a few hours, she managed to repro the drone bug 3 times, each time adding more logging where the problem seemed to lie. After the last repro, it became clear that it was failing at the least expected line of code - the drone window simply started updating, then went to sleep for a bit, but never woke up again -  it seemed that tasklets were on occasion simply not returning from their sleep.

The original bug was quite difficult to reproduce, but CCP karkur put together a script that generated 500,000 tasklets that simply sleep for some given time, with some tracking to identify tasklets that never finish. With this script, we've been able to reproduce this sleeping disorder somewhat reliably. This script identified the tasklet that didn't wake up, and upon inspection it was clear that the tasklet was neither scheduled nor blocked - it was in some sort of limbo.

My first attempts at reproducing the bug with CCP karkur's script were not successful - I was running in Jessica (our authoring/debugging tool) without the client and didn't seem to have any luck. Later I tried in the client with better luck, so it seemed there was more to it than simply having lots of tasklets. I started reading through the relevant C++ code to try to come up with theories.

Some background

Tasklets (see Stackless Python for more information) are run in PyScheduler::Run, by calling PyStackless_RunWatchdogEx. This method takes in a timeout value and runs any scheduled tasklets until the given time has passed. When a tasklet is created, it is scheduled and so will run when the PyScheduler::Run is called. When a tasklet sleeps, it calls Synchro::SleepWallclock, which is implemented by creating a channel and calling receive on the channel. This blocks the channel until somebody sends something on that channel. Synchro maintains a heap of sleepers - a sleeper is a simple object that holds the due time when the tasklet should wake up, and the channel. Synchro::Tick pulls sleepers from the top of the heap and sends a value on the channel. This in turn unblocks the tasklet and schedules it.

My first idea was that there might be a bug in the heap code. It's our own code, it's old and there are no unit tests for it. I considered writing some tests for it, or even finding a suitable replacement, but then I realized the symptoms didn't match with the tasklet never being pulled from that heap. If that were the case, the tasklet would simply remain blocked forever. It's still on my to-do list to add tests for this code, though.

My next idea came from looking at the documentation of PyStackless_RunWatchdogEx. It can return a tasklet, that should either be killed or rescheduled. That turned out to be a dead end - this only applies when running in preemptive mode, where a tasklet can be interrupted.

Show me the code

I had a hunch that killing tasklets might be a factor in this, but I couldn't see anything wrong with the code around that. Nevertheless, I couldn't convince myself that the reference counting of the channel was correct, so I decided to clean up the code a bit. It felt awkward how it was done.

PyObject* Synchro::SleepWallclock(int ms, const int64_t &due)
    Sleeper sl;
    sl.channel = PyChannel_New(NULL);
    if (!sl.channel)
        return 0;
    PyChannel_SetPreference(sl.channel, 0); //just make runnable on wakeup
    sl.due = due;
    // Go to sleep and wake up! *(the sender releases the channel)
    PyObject *ret = PyChannel_Receive(sl.channel);
    if (!ret) {
        //we were killed, so lets try and find us in the queue, to release resources.
        RemoveSleeper( mWallclockSleepers, sl );
    return ret;

The SleepWallclock function creates the channel, stores it in the Sleeper object, puts the Sleeper object in the heap and calls receive on the channel. The receive call returns after Synchro::Tick has called send on the channel. That unblocks it, causing it to be scheduled. The tasklet could also be killed, in which case receive returns a nullptr. Let's take a look at a snippet from Synchro::Tick:

//gather sleepers for wakeup
std::vector sleepers;
while (mWallclockSleepers.size()) {
    if (mWallclockSleepers.front().due > now)
if (sleepers.size()) {
    Be::Time nnow = BeOS->GetActualTime();
    for(unsigned int i = 0; i < sleepers.size(); i++) {
        Sleeper &s = sleepers[i];
        if (PyChannel_GetBalance(s.channel)) {
            int res = PyChannel_Send(s.channel, Py_None);
            if (res)

This all looks correct - the channel could not pulled out from under the tasklet until after the Send call. What happens when a tasklet is killed?

void Synchro::RemoveSleeper( Heap &sleepers, Sleeper &sl )
    SleeperIt it;
    for( it = sleepers.begin(); it != sleepers.end(); ++it )
        if( it->channel == sl.channel )
    if( it != sleepers.end() )
        //Ok found us.  Let's delete us.
        sleepers.Remove( it );
        Py_DECREF( sl.channel );

Again, it all looks alright - the tasklet is removed from the heap and the channel is released. Note that it is not an error if the tasklet can't be found on the heap - it could have woken up and been scheduled on the same tick as it is being killed, but in that case the channel will have been released in Tick.

Let's examine this a bit further, though. Keep in mind that Py_DECREF frees the memory if the reference count goes to zero. The PyChannel_New call in SleepWallclock returns a PyChannelObject with a reference count of one. There are no references added, so the channel object is deleted in Tick when it calls Py_DECREF.  This should be fine, as there are no references to the channel in SleepWallclock after the receive call. Except...

In RemoveSleeper, which is called after a tasklet has been killed we're comparing channel objects. There should always be a one-to-one correspondence with tasklets and channels so we're effectively looking for a tasklet here, but since we needed to keep track of channels to wake them up, we just use the channels. I added a reference to the tasklet in the Sleeper object so that I could verify it here, and lo and behold, when running the scripts from CCP karkur I got a discrepancy - a tasklet was determined to be in the heap based on the channel, but the tasklet didn't match.

The Eureka moment

When a channel object is deleted, its memory is now free and available for reuse. This implies that a tasklet that goes to sleep on the same tick as a tasklet is killed exactly when it wanted to wake up can get the same channel pointer as the killed tasklet. RemoveSleeper will in that case remove the wrong tasklet (the one that just called SleepWallclock) from the heap, kill it's channel, leaving it in a non-scheduled, non-blocked state.

The fix is simple - move the Py_DECREF calls into SleepWallclock. This ensures that channel objects are not recycled prematurely, and in my opinion is actually cleaner, keeping the reference counting localized in one function.

Never assume

EVE Online is almost 14 years old now and has seen many battles during its lifetime, and one can say the code base is thoroughly battle tested. However, that doesn't mean sneaky bugs might not be hiding there, but finding a bug in such a fundamental function was surprising, to say the least. I guess we can never assume that any part of our code base is absolutely 100% correct. CCP karkur and others have spent a considerable amount of time tracking this issue down so we had high confidence in the higher level code. This allowed me to go into this investigation on the assumption that Sleep was broken, being stubborn until I found this rare edge case.

We have reason to believe that a few other bugs are symptoms of the same underlying issue - the overview not updating, for example, or the shield, armor and structure bars not updating. These bugs have always been nearly impossible to reproduce but nevertheless are reported occasionally, especially after mass tests or heavy fights on Tranquility.

Keywords: Sleeping beauty - How one of the oldest bugs in EVE got hunted down and resolved

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/the-future-of-probe-and-directional-scanning-ui/

The future of probe and directional scanning UI

Published Date: 2017-02-13T12:19:22Z
Last updated on 2017-02-13T12:19:22Z
Author: Team Psycho Sisters
ID #:95870221


The probe and directional scanning UI and UX in EVE Online is a core element for a number of gameplay areas including exploration, hunting, and wormhole life to name a few. There have been many feedback threads on scanning across the internet that we’ve been keeping an eye on for some time now.

Inspired by this feedback, we are preparing an update to the scanning UI and UX in hopes of delivering a much better scanning experience.

During the latest CSM summit we got the opportunity to sit down with a number of your elected space politicians and let them get hands on with our changes. It was a really productive session that allowed us to further refine the directions of our planned changes.

When will the following changes be available?

The changes will be on a test server at the end of February and releasing with the March release.

What are the changes?


Here is a picture from the current scanning system live on our game server Tranquillity:

There are lots of things going on in a busy scene and the intensity of some items, and the color of others makes it quite hard to see what you are actually trying to do. This represents some of the biggest areas of feedback as to why people are still using the old scanning system. 

To increase visibility of the important items, we have reduced the visual intensity of a number of items in the scene, such as:

  • Spheres in the scene including scan probes and signatures
  • Sun
  • Solar System rings

One of the biggest changes we are making to the visibility of probe scanning will be the introduction of icons for each specific site in exploration and the display of the corresponding ship icon in combat scanning. Only when your scan results are at or above 25%, these are only going to be exposed - by then, you already know the according Group.

We are also going to show the progress of the scan in the actual scene when you are scanning specific signatures. When you select a signature in the probe scan window, a circle will appear in the solar system map to show which signature is selected and the progress of the scan. Your selection in the probe scanner window will be maintained in the solar system map.

When a scan completes, the site icons in the scene will animate to their new estimated location, instead of just popping there. We hope this makes it much easier to realize what happened.

We have also added a new colored state to the scan progress to address some defects we had about a signature showing green 100% but still not being warpable.

The color range will now be as follows:

  • 0% to 24.9% - Red
  • 25% to 74.9% - Orange
  • 75% to 99.9% - Yellow
  • 100% and warpable - Green 

Our aim with all these changes is to improve the overall visibility in the solar system view so it is always clear which signatures you are scanning.

Probe Manipulation

Positioning your probes is kind of a big deal when scanning, so we decided to address some of the pain points that both systems, old and new, have been causing for people.

Let’s start with moving your probes. Have you ever had this issue where you want to pick the cube, but a bracket is in the way?

That should no longer be an issue, as the cube should always get the mouse click sent down to it, even through other brackets

What about this one? You want to pick the front of the cube but instead you grab the front arrow.

Problem Solved! We are removing the arrow pointing towards the camera when you reach a certain angle.

Ever wondered why we let the arrows go flat to a point you could not actually select them? So did we.

For resizing the probes, we are going to remove the way you click from the edge of the probe spheres and replace it with a slider in the Probe Scanner window. We found the current implementation to not be accurate enough and with other brackets enabled it caused too much opportunity for unintentional item selection.

This means for resizing probes there are 4 available methods:

  1. New Slider in the Probe Scanner window
  2. Alt + Mouse wheel
  3. Dedicated shortcuts set through the Shortcuts tab in the Settings window
  4. Individually resizing each probe through right-click menu in the solar system map

We are adding 2 buttons to quickly change the camera angle between a top and side view. This will also be bound by default to a double click anywhere in the solar system map that is not a bracket or the probe object.


The goal here is to make manipulating probes easy, accessible, and not frustrating.

Window Management and Layout

We are maintaining the window states that were introduced with the “new” scanning system and building on them. You will still have the options for full screen, dock left, dock right, and floating. With the changes you will be to dock the Probe Scanner and Directional Scanner windows within the Solar System map view. You will still be able to open both windows without having the solar system map open.

We have tweaked the layout of the Probe Scanner so everything should flow a little better.

The top section should include all the information about your probes:

  • How many are launched?
  • The strength, deviation, and duration of the scan.
  • Recalling your probes. We are keeping this away from the Analyze btton so there are no accidental recalls

The middle section has not changed too much, but we have added the icons in a new column and the new color states.

The bottom section now has the controls for altering the formation of probes, the size of the probes, and the Analyze button. We think this flows better for scanning. Launch formation, change size, analyze, change size, and analyze!

We have hidden the ignored section until you actually ignore a signature.

There will now be some more informative text in the Probe and Directional Scanner windows when there are no results. The probe scanner will tell you if there are no signatures or anomalies in the system, it will also tell you if there are no results being shown because you have filtered or ignored all of them.

Exposed Scan Strength, Deviation, Duration

As part of the effort to improve the scanning user experience we have added the players Scan Strength, Scan Deviation and Scan Duration to the probe scanner window. These can be seen here

These will show the player's base values taking into account any bonuses they are receiving from Skills, Ships, Modules, Rigs, and Implants.

We hope that by exposing these we can increase a player’s ability to discover how they are able to improve their scanning potential.

Scanning Difficulty

As an attempt to improve usability, we’ve introduced the concept of scanning difficulty. This should hopefully help new players understand why they simply cannot pin down a very difficult site, as well as creating a nice reveal moment that can also help with deciding if it’s worth proceeding with the scan or not as difficulty roughly correlates with the value and risk of the site.

Not too much detail on this at the moment because during the CSM playtest the most common question was "What do these things mean?". We took this as a pretty obvious sign we should probably take another stab at how to visualize this.

Tooltips and Discoverability

How do I scan? What is the difference between Probe Scanning and Directional Scanning? What do all the things mean?!?

Hopefully we can answer most of your questions with accurate and informative tooltips added to the Probe Scanner and Directional Scanner windows.

We are adding “?” tooltips to the Probe and Directional Scanner windows. These will include brief descriptions of the purpose and functionality of the two systems including links to the basic items required to perform either action.

For players discovering a data, relic, gas site for the first time and not having a clue what that means, we have added some basic tooltips to each signature in the Probe Scanner that should give a brief description of what each site is and if they require specific modules to interact with.


Directional Scanner

The directional scanner (aka dscan) is in a pretty good state but there are a couple of issues we have seen in feedback while working on the feature that we are going to resolve.

We’ll be adding a couple UI elements to the Directional Scanner window

  • An icon column should hopefully help newer players
  • The buttons for "Show Scan Cone" and "Align with Camera" have been moved from the Solar System map header to the Directional Scanner window

We are also working on improving the use and feedback of the scan cone and camera inside the Solar System map.

We noticed with the CSM that when people had the "Align with Camera" option enabled, but then went to do something else and did not realise "Align with Camera" was still enabled it would seem like the camera was broken. We are going to change how this works so when you pan the camera or click on a bracket the "Align with Camera" will be disabled.

The scan cone appearance when "Align with Camera" is enabled has had a little touch up to improve the overall appearance and visibility when using it. 

We have changed the color of the directional scan shape from blue to green.

Defect Fixes

Along with all the changes listed above, we have also been working on cleaning up as many probe and directional scanning related defects as possible.

Including this one where you want to ignore a signature but you have another one selected.


What is happening with the old system?

In short, the old system is going to be removed when we are happy with the new implementation, but we are committed to this being as soon as possible.

For the initial release we will keep the “old” system in place and replace the current system with a “brand new” system that’s the default for all new players.


Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing your feedback once we get this in your hands.

Go forth and explore or hunt or both,

Team Psycho Sisters

Keywords: The future of probe and directional scanning UI

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/fanfest-2017-call-for-player-presenters/

Fanfest 2017 – Call For Player Presenters!

Published Date: 2017-02-10T16:37:57Z
Last updated on 2017-02-10T16:37:57Z
Author: CCP Falcon
ID #:92532650

It’s that time of the year again, and Fanfest is upon is.

The annual pilgrimage of capsuleers from across the globe to the frozen land of ice and fire is only two months away, and the clock is ticking as we count down to three solid days of all things EVE Online.

Once again, at Fanfest 2017 there will be developer presentations and roundtables, as well as the EVE Online keynote which will chart what’s coming up in EVE Online in the near future, with some significant announcements and information on the direction that our spaceships will be travelling in over the course of the coming years.

Fanfest 2017 comes after another amazing year for EVE Online and its awesome community, and this year we’ll once again be putting the focus on you, our players, as we celebrate both the kickoff of CCP’s 20th anniversary celebrations, and the fourteenth anniversary of the launch of EVE Online.

After a fantastic 2016 event that saw the biggest performance yet by Permaband and more player focused content than ever before, we’re now looking to amp it up and put even more content at Fanfest in the hands of our pilots.

The whole Fanfest team is super stoked to once again be working on Fanfest.


We want you for Fanfest 2017!

Last year, we wanted Fanfest to give MOAR.

This year, we want it to be the most epic celebration of EVE Online possible. Then, in 2018 we’re going to have to top it again, for EVE’s FIFTEENTH anniversary!

We want to get you all involved with Fanfest again this year, with a solid lineup of player presentations, events and content that our developer presentations, roundtables and keynotes can supplement.


What are we looking for?

We’re looking for players who’re comfortable presenting in front of a Fanfest audience, and who have something interesting or fun to talk about. These players will of course need to be fine with committing to putting together a presentation, hosting a roundtable, or putting together an event at Fanfest 2017.

In terms of presentations, we’re looking at two slot durations. The first is a full 45 minute presentation, and the second is a shorter 10-20 minute presentation.

Alongside the official CCP schedule and program for Fanfest, there are a lot of player run events that occur every year as part of the greater Fanfest experience. If you’re hosting a party, get together, karaoke night or any other event that you think players and devs alike would enjoy, you can feel free to get in touch with us and we may be able to assist in making sure that your event has more visibility to attract a larger audience. We also may be able to help you get in touch with various venues and partners in Reykjavik to make your event even better.

The only requirements for this type of assistance are that the event is open to everyone, and that you’re already planning in coming to EVE Fanfest and are looking to host an event during Fanfest as CCP will not be supplementing airfare or passes for these efforts.

Feel free to send us a mail and see if we can help you out!


How can you be a part of it all?

If you’re interested in being a part of the Fanfest 2017 lineup, you can send an email to share@eveonline.com with a subject containing the words “Fanfest Player Presentation”.

You’ll need to include the following information:

  • Real name and age
  • In game name
  • Desired length of presentation
  • Topic
  • Brief summary of content
  • A little about yourself, and any other information you feel is relevant
  • We’re looking for any content that you think would be interesting and fun for EVE players to share in.

The deadline for submitting your proposal for a presentation or roundtable is March 10th, 2017. After this we’ll start locking down the schedule and will need a full commitment from you to be a part of the lineup.

For external events you can inform us as soon as you have something concrete, preferably by the end of February.

Right now, we’re not going to commit to a specific number of speaker slots or events as there’s always room for more high quality content from our players. Our goal is to build a Fanfest program with a balanced and interesting program for all attendees.


We want your feedback!

We’re also looking for feedback on Fanfest over the years. If you’ve been an attendee and you’ve felt like there’s something you’ve particularly enjoyed, disliked or felt was missing from Fanfest, then now is your time to speak up and let us know.

Leave us some comments in the comments thread for this Dev Blog and we’ll see what we can do to make Fanfest even more awesome.

You can also tweet at me if you want to suggest cool things for Fanfest, or have memories and great photos and videos to share.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Keywords: Fanfest 2017 – Call For Player Presenters!

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/monthly-economic-report-january-2017/

Monthly Economic Report - January 2017

Published Date: 2017-02-09T15:45:00Z
Last updated on 2017-02-09T15:45:00Z
Author: CCP Quant
ID #:92123069


This is the Monthly Economic Report (MER) for January 2017. 

Please click the graphs to enlarge them as needed, also check out the graph slideshow.
The raw data and graphs that make up this report can be downloaded here (29 MB).

Please note that this MER is the last one containing regional stats, the next MERs will be more streamlined and not showing those graphs. This was a request by the CSM.

A bonus graph (develoment of the top 25 corporations since February 2012) can be found here.


Bonus graph!
Development of the top 25 corporations in EVE Online since 2012.

Keywords: Monthly Economic Report - January 2017

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/the-guardians-gala/

The Guardian's Gala

Published Date: 2017-02-07T10:20:07Z
Last updated on 2017-02-07T10:20:07Z
Author: Team Genesis
ID #:95835957



Greetings spacefriends,

As New Eden churns with fresh conflict and activity, it is time to welcome you all to the Guardian's Gala.

The Guardian's Gala is an annual celebration for the Angel Cartel and the Serpentis pirate factions where everyone from foot soldiers up to the big bosses get together to rejoice in past successes and discuss future business ventures.  

The Gallente Federation stands in opposition to this celebration, as each year they have noted an increase in narcotics smuggling and the lives of their citizens under increased threat. This year, as the event has increased dramatically in size to a universe-wide scale, they have decided to involve CONCORD. CONCORD is now asking you, the powerful capsuleers, to aid in putting a stop to these Gala events by locating and disrupting them with the deadly ships at your disposal.

It is rumored that the Angel Cartel ships defending these Gala sites will drop a unique SKIN for Gallente hulls and performance-enhancing narcotics if destroyed.  They have manufactured this new ‘Spirit’ SKIN for the purpose of trying to smuggle narcotics without detection. These rewards are of course yours to keep for aiding CONCORD on this widespread endeavor.

To aid you on your search, CONCORD has tagged the Angel Cartel and the Serpentis meeting sites as "Guardian's Gala Rendezvous Point".

You will be able to locate these sites in all of New Eden, from High Security space down into the deepest wormholes, so keep an eye out for them on your Overview.

This event will run for two weeks, starting on Tuesday the 14th until the 28th of February.


So good luck, fly safe and see on February 14th.

- Team Genesis

Keywords: The Guardian's Gala

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/csm-12-candidacy-applications/

Applications for CSM 12 are now open

Published Date: 2017-02-03T16:26:00Z
Last updated on 2017-02-03T16:26:00Z
Author: CCP Guard
ID #:90610935



Voting for CSM 12 opens on March 6, but a lot will happen between then and now. As of this moment we´ve started accepting applications for being on the CSM 12 ballot. The application period lasts two weeks and closes on February 17. Any EVE Online player who meets the requirements can apply.

CSM Candidate Requirements

  • To apply, your account must be older than 60 days at the time that candidacy applications close (that is, created no later than 2016-12-26)
  • Both Alpha and Omega accounts are eligible to run
  • You must have a history of honoring the EULA and the Terms of Service. We will screen every applicant thoroughly and EULA/TOS violations on your record can result in a rejected application.
  • Your account must have updated and correct information at the time of your application. This includes; your real life name, correct date of birth and the same email you use to submit your application. To view and edit this information go to the account management system.
  • Candidates must be a minimum of 18 years of age. If the legal adult age in your home country (the age at which you have the legal capacity to enter into a contract) is higher than 18, that number applies instead.
  • As an applicant, you must consent to providing your personal details to CCP, including your real name and a copy of your passport or internationally accepted identification. A CSM candidate can share any real-life information about themselves with the player base at their own discretion but it is not required at any stage in their application or CSM term other than sharing their country of residence on their candidate information page. Further personal information is only visible to CCP staff and will not be revealed by CCP.
  • To apply you must own a valid passport or verifiably be in the process of successfully applying for one at the time of your application. CSM members are expected to have the option of travelling to summits in Iceland. A passport is still required by applicants living in the EEA, as airlines may demand possession of a passport as a condition of carriage.
  • If you control a character that is well known in the EVE community, CCP may require you to run under that identity and not one of an alt or a lesser known character.

Applicants who meet these requirements can apply using the application form on our website.

Applicants, please read these instructions carefully

  • Applications cannot be edited after you submit them so make sure your information is correct.
  • The applicant must provide a copy of a valid, internationally recognized identity document to CCP (passport preferred, driver’s license generally accepted). This is required to confirm the identity of the candidate and to prove the ability to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. A copy must be of a high quality and should be sent to csm-contact@ccpgames.com immediately after the application has been submitted through our website. Include your running Character’s name in the subject line. CCP will reply once they have received your documents to confirm delivery.
  • If you fail to submit a copy of your ID, your application will be rejected.
  • Once your application has been submitted, you are encouraged to create a campaign thread in this forum section.

Replacement of the White Paper and updated information about the CSM

The White Paper was the original document drafted to explain the purpose and function of the CSM but also the aspirations and reason for setting up the democratically elected institution. It served its purpose well through the years and went through a couple of rewrites, but the CSM has moved on and a lot of the text in the document is now unnecessary or outdated. It remains as a historical document and reference. We’ve worked with the current CSM to outline the actual, current function of the CSM so that both voters and potential candidates have a clear and up-to-date idea of what the CSM is.We’ve updated the CSM website with this new text and you can now find this information on the website itself instead of in a separately hosted document.

Change in the number of CSM members.

The size of the CSM has not been static and has changed several times. The current number of delegates is 14. When that number was first implemented, half the council consisted of alternates.  Another change saw all 14 become full members with CCP committing to flying 7 members to attend on-site summits. During the last two summits we’ve invited all members to attend in person as a temporary measure to strengthen the CSM.
We’ve now discussed future arrangements both internally, and with CSM 11, and we’ve decided to reduce the number of members to 10, all of which will be invited to summits.

The CSM 11 second summit

We just came out of a great summit with the current CSM. To give the citizens of EVE insight into the CSM process we ran a live stream with the council last Sunday prior to the summit and then we did live recaps each day on Facebook with different members each time.
Sunday pre-summit live stream
Day 1 recap
Day 2 recap
Day 3 recap
Day 4 recap

That‘s it for now. We look forward to receiving and reviewing applications for CSM 12 and to opening the voting page on March 6. February and March will no doubt be marked by extensive campaigning and for those of you who’ve never been through a CSM campaign period before, it should prove exciting, informative and entertaining. Please use the time to study the candidates and their platforms and think about what you want for EVE’s future. Your vote counts.

On behalf of CCP,
CCP Guard and CCP Logibro
CSM Coordinators

Keywords: CSM 12 Candidacy Applications

Source: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/csm-12-election-announcement/

All you need to know about the CSM 12 elections

Published Date: 2017-01-18T18:10:00Z
Last updated on 2017-01-18T18:10:00Z
Author: CCP Guard
ID #:90610935



Greetings citizens of EVE,

The CSM 11 term is in its second half and we’re fast approaching the elections for CSM 12! In this blog you should find everything you need to know about the upcoming elections for CSM 12, whether you’re running or voting.

If you’re new to EVE or to space politics, CSM refers to the Council of Stellar Management, a player advocacy group democratically elected by the players to advise and assist CCP in the continuous development of EVE. The CSM brings focused, structured feedback from the community to CCP and represents its views and interests. More information on the CSM can be found here.

Election timeline

The timeline of the CSM 12 election process will be as follows:

February 3 – 17: Candidacy application period

  • Potential candidates submit applications indicating they wish to serve on the CSM. No applications are accepted before or after these dates.

February 17 – 28: Application processing period

  • This is where CCP reviews submitted applications and ensure they comply with all application requirements.

February 28: Candidates for CSM 12 are announced

March 6 – 26: CSM 12 Voting period

  • The polls are opened and the Capsuleers of New Eden vote for candidates to represent them on CSM 12.

April 6: CSM 12 election results are announced at EVE Fanfest during the EVE Keynote!


Application requirements

To be eligible for the CSM, applicants must meet the following requirements.

  • To apply your account must be older than 60 days at the time that candidacy applications close (that is, created no later than 2016-12-26)
  • Both Alpha and Omega accounts are eligible to run
  • You must have a history of honoring the EULA and the Terms of Service. We will screen every applicant thoroughly and EULA/TOS violations on your record can result in a rejected application.
  • Your account must have updated and correct information at the time of your application. This includes; your real life name, correct date of birth and the same email you use to submit your application. To view and edit this information go to the account management system.
  • Candidates must be a minimum of 18 years of age. If the legal adult age in your home country (the age at which you have the legal capacity to enter into a contract) is higher than 18, that number applies instead.
  • As an applicant, you must consent to providing your personal details to CCP, including your real name and a copy of your passport or internationally accepted identification. A CSM candidate can share any real-life information about themselves with the player base at their own discretion but it is not required at any stage in their application or CSM term other than sharing their country of residence on their candidate information page. Further personal information is only visible to CCP staff and will not be revealed by CCP.
  • To apply you must own a valid passport or verifiably be in the process of successfully applying for one at the time of your application. CSM members are expected to have the option of travelling to summits in Iceland. A passport is still required by applicants living in the EEA, as airlines may demand possession of a passport as a condition of carriage.
  • If you control a character that is well known in the EVE community, CCP may require you to run under that identity and not one of an alt or a lesser known character.

How to apply

  • To apply, fill in the application form made available from 12:00 UTC on February 3.


  • Applications cannot be edited after you submit them so make sure your information is correct.
  • The applicant must provide a copy of a valid, internationally recognized identity document to CCP (passport preferred, driver’s license generally accepted). This is required to confirm the identity of the candidate and to prove the ability to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. A copy must be of a high quality and should be sent to csm-contact@ccpgames.com immediately after the application has been submitted through our website. Include your running Character’s name in the subject line. CCP will reply once they have received your documents to confirm delivery.
    If you fail to submit a copy of your ID, your application will be rejected.
  • Once your application has been submitted, you are encouraged to create a campaign thread in this forum section.



For those of you not interested in a career in space politics, you can show your love for democracy by voting!

  • Voting is performed through the CSM portal on the EVE Community website. The voting site will not be accessible until voting opens on March 6.
  • To vote your account must be in Omega state at the time of voting. This is due to the increased ease of voting manipulation by mass creating alpha accounts specifically for voting purposes. Despite this, Alpha players are eligible to run and serve on the CSM.
  • Accounts must be at least 30 days of age before they can vote.
  • Every active Omega account gets to vote once, but each vote allows you to choose up to 14 characters in the order of your preference, from highest to lowest.
  • Votes cannot be edited or revoked after they are submitted
  • The voting system we use is called Single Transferrable Vote.
  • The code used to tally votes is available on Github in this repository. The voting data will be made available after the election results have been announced if you wish to verify the results of the tally.


More CSM for you:  Upcoming Summit and White Paper re-write

CSM 11 will be having its second and final summit here in Iceland from January 30 through February 2. They’ve had a fruitful term and will leave a good runway for whoever get elected next. We will try to keep you updated as best we can with what’s happening at the summit, and of course we will release meeting minutes of all their sessions in the week following the summit. More about all of that in upcoming news and social media posts!

The White Paper, the document outlining everything that the CSM aims to be has seen previous revisions but given some subtle and not-so subtle changes made both to the CSM process and the CSM philosophy in the last year, we are working on an overhaul to formally reflect these changes. We aim to publish a rewritten document after the summit, at the same time the application period opens. We will discuss the changes we make to the CSM process and the document with CSM 11 at the summit.

That’s it for now. Keep your eyes open for posts from us, as well as any updates from the amazing community sites covering the election.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by a ticket under CCP Community team or leave a comment in the comments section.

On behalf of CCP,
CCP Guard and CCP Logibro
CSM Co-ordinators

Keywords: CSM 12 - Election announcement

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