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10 November 2007

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01 July 2005
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Posted on 11 November 2007 at 04:39:24 
As my nick emplies, I have been an on again/off again WoW raider/pvp'r. I really enjoyed WoW up until I got to the pre-raid content. I didnt get to do Naxx because there were no Naxx guilds on my server and there are now no BT/Hyjal guilds. And really that didnt even burn me out as much as the "raiding culture" if you will. I didnt mind farmin or workin on my gear, but I got really fed up with the "bull whip" mentality of the GM's/raid leaders and the lack of coherent schedules. I tried quite a few raiding guilds and they were all pretty much like that. I view MMO's like a hobby, such as golf, there's a time, people show up we do the event etc. However, people always were loggin in late, didnt have what they needed etc. I can understand r/l happens and people get help up etc, but when its the same 10-15 people thats just b/s. Anyway, my big question about TR, (my copy is currently in the mail) is this:

Is the end game going to be 20+ member "raid-based" content?

I havent seen much that goes to explaining this. I have seen posts about the utter worthlessness of the crafting professions and no AH, but I can live with that. Anyway, any previous WoWers that can shed some light on the differences etc, please reply.

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20 October 2007

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26 October 2009
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Posted on 11 November 2007 at 04:50:36 
Heres a post from Paul Sage on the Elder Games

Time for another quick, or not so quick update. Right now, the team is working hard getting the game ready for the next patch. I think balance has greatly improved, and a lot of the features that have been implemented are excellent additions to the game. You will see those on Tuesday and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

As we move closer to launch, some may think that now would be a good time to finally relax after months of crunch, but that’s not what making an MMO is about. So the question “what’s in store for the upper level player?” has come up, and I thought I would share a sneak peek of some of our plans. Some of these will come sooner rather than later and as with any development, nothing is set in stone and our plans could and will invariably change. Still, here are just a few of the features we are working on:

Personal Armor Units (PAU’s): When players get to level 40, they won’t just get a pony! Promotion to Level 40 comes with the option to train for certification in the PAU. Each PAU will have bonuses such as movement, more firepower, and different abilities per type. Each type is unique to the military career the player has selected. When visualizing the PAU, visualize the AFS Mech, although each will be very different… and may not necessarily be a mech.

Sneak peek: PAU for the Grenadier: Grendel – The surprisingly nimble Grendel, has two machine gun turrets on each arm, providing a cone of doom a short distance in front of the Grendel. More impressive is the Hornet’s Nest capability of the Grendel, which when unleashed uses the remaining power of the user to determine the number of rockets unleashed on the opposing forces but does massive damage to surrounding units.

Command Opportunity: When you climb the ranks to level 50, you need someone to order around. Command Opportunity is the privilege the AFS commander has to control their own subordinate squad of NPCs. Teach them, outfit them, and give them commands on the battlefield. The more successful you are with your squad, the bigger and better your squad will become, granting you Command Points.

Flashpoints: The Neph generals aren’t happy with the setbacks in their bid to rid the universe of Eloh manipulation, therefore they have begun attacks on various worlds. Each Flashpoint will require multiple squads to solve. Certain objectives will need to be done simultaneously to fight back the Bane and each objective will require a dedicated squad that is at their best. Conquer flashpoints with squads formed of all players, or have a few players that have NPC squads at their command.

Clan Warfare: Clans will gain their own abilities for their members over time, meaning the leader will be able to select a passive buff that all members of the clan will have. This buff will grow in strength the larger the clan. Clans who go to war can wager these buffs and loot in clan wars. Eventually, clans will be able to lay claim to Control Points fighting off rival clans, and earning bonuses while they control them. There will even be AFS sanctioned Rivalry Zones where players have strategic objectives to fight over such as Capture the Flag, and Hold the Location.

These are just a few of the things that the team will start working on after ship. (Which essentially means we are working on them now.) It is going to be an exciting next few months as we launch the game and watch how the game grows. As always your feedback is very welcome and encouraged via our feedback form.

Paul Sage
Lead Developer

Article can be found here:
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