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10 November 2007

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01 July 2005
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Posted on 16 November 2007 at 03:31:40 
Its often hard to pick up a squad. The community is fairly friendly and happy to form up a quick adhoc squad to take down a major boss or complete a tricky mission. That is IF they see the invite you send them. The interface cant pickup an invite clearly. Sure it not intrusive enough to jump up on to your screen mid combat but we shouldnt have to really work at noticing we have one either.

I would suggest that the invitiation icon message becomes more demanding and an audio be produced that repeats to advise that there si something on the interface that needs your attention, trade requests have the same issue, if I was not on skype with my mates they wwould never know I had requested a trade with them....

So few MMOs really encourage groupping, its either essential or unnessecary. I WOWed to 52 with my lock without needing to group at all bar instances. Why I couldnt do that on a local game I dont know?

Group development
Also more encouragement should be given to get players to group. For instance the gaining of combat benifits for cohesive squads, as the more they fight together the better they will interact with each other, I would suggest that after 5 mins they all gain a 5% bonus to damage and every 30 mins it raises another feature, to a max of 20%, stats could be XP, Tool use, armour, regen, damage etc. This would last as long as two players are grouped, others may come and go but if two stay grouped the beniftis keep attributing.

Class benifits for long term groups
You could even put in mile stones for players in your friends lists of clan, when you group with them for "x" number of hours you raise certain stats on yourself when they are with you, this could be governed by the class your ally is, Biotech = health or regen, Sap= Armour, Comm= dmg Ranger=crit .

Marker for long term grouped players
To keep things like this simple, you can marker a player your effected by when you reach a milestone, say 2 consecutive hours of being in the same squad gives them a flag. You are told you can friend them and if you do you start the timer on cooperation XP, if you group of an hour you gain coop xp for that player. When you get XP coop you can spend it on raiseing skills, attributes or group enhancements.

Hey its long term in thinking but it would add a really good dynamic to the game.

We need to be able to let the characters interact directly with each other, build bonds or create fueds, you could reverse these bonuses by having fueds with players therefore gaining bonuses when PVPing them or what ever (though that would work better on a clan level as there would be alot of PVPers to keep records of stats of). the marker for this could be if you are fragged by the same player X number of times you get a marker and every time you now kill that char you gain vengernce XP. it would also help balance out PVP, you keep getting eaten by "x" then you gain more abilities in PVP to use agains 'X'.

Buddy system would be if you had a certain number of slots that you could add players too that would be old training buddies that you trained with in the early days. Levels would bring on new buddy slots and you can add your mates to to further develop your abiliteis, having these buddies in your group would enhance certain stats.

Gotta stop thinking..... chopping off fingers now!!!!
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06 November 2007

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25 November 2007
Australia Australia
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Posted on 16 November 2007 at 03:32:42 
Sorry my post above.
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