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      > Recluse Leader of Temporal Vindicators rants and threatens to sue UT after losing a war
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topleft icon Recluse Leader of Temporal Vindicators rants and threatens to sue UT after losing a war topright icon
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27 November 2007

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01 July 2005
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Posted on 27 November 2007 at 00:52:25 
Modified on 27 November 2007 at 06:09:49

The leadership of Umbra Tutela has decided to make public the just silly rants of the leader of The Temporal Vindicators. We weren't going to post this but after he threatenned to literally sue me if I did we changed our minds lol.

Anyways here it is:

Recluse who is the leader of The Temporal Vindicators clan declared war on Umbra Tutela randomly, we accepted. After accepting I had a conversation with Recluse which went well where we agreed that we would use a honor code for the war. The honor code we agreed on was our base honor code with the addition he asked for of not killing members with the afk symbol above their head. Here is a copy of our Honor Code:

The Following Rules only apply to wars where our opponent sticks to a resonable honor
system for the war, in no way are these rules intended to hinder our ability to win.

It is against the rules to attack players that are more than 4 levels lower than you.
It is against the rules to attack a enemy inside a hospital or within 20m of a respawn point.
Exception to rule 2, if you saw the person alive outside these areas and they moved into it in your presense.
Additional Exception to Rule 2, if the enemy attacked you from within one of these areas.
After killing all hostiles within a base or around a respawn you must leave for a period of 30 seconds.
During a single engadgement with multiple enemy inside a base or by a respawn,
if the hostiles respawn and engadge again the hospital or respawn is a active engadgement
point for the duration of that fight (that is until they all stop spawning and all hostiles are gone or dead from the base..
Only a Command Staff Member can declare a end to our Honor rules for a given war.

Notes about Rules of War as they apply to other clans:
We do not force clans that we war with to follow our honor system.
We will however fight the war we are given, IE if your fighting with
some underhanded dirty tactics we will too. Once a war has gotten to this
stage it will not revert to a honor war for the duration. So don't
rattle a cage when you aren't ready to fight the beast.

Anyways the war went well for about 13 hours until their clan started breaking the honor code left and right. This was done primarily by the members of their clan Donson and Brie, their leadership was contacted about this and were unable to keep their members from breaking the rules here are screenshots of the rules being broken by their members:

Brie killing outside of level limits
Donson's level
Donson killing outside level range

Let it be known Donson killed multiple of our members outside the level range over a long period of time. Also he camped the member Ryan who was out of the level range.

Anyways this is the conversation attempted immediatly prior to the break down of the war to a non-honor war:

Myself trying to contact Recluse notice he comes back from afk
Recluse not responding to the warning of recinding honor rules and the incident that ended the honor rules being talked about in clan as well as my tell saying "its on" indicating we ended honor rules

Immediatly following the ending of the honor rules we rolled on Brie who was the last straw breaker of the honor rules bringing the score within minutes to 15 to 9 in our favor. It was at this time Recluse decided now to contact me after recognizing his grave error in judgement about how easy we were taking the war because of the honor rules:

Recluse contacts me for the first time ranting about the war.
Filler image to show nothing was left out
Me informing Recluse exactly what ended the honor war system
Recluse stating in a rant he is surrendering and saying he considers it a win for their clan lol.

Recluse then found out from one of his members who was chatting with one of our members that we had all these screenshots and may post them. He then threatened to sue me if I posted the screenshots. Bring it on lamer apparently you know just as much about law as you do Tabula Rasa. Anyways here is the funniest thing I have seen in game yet:

Recluse threatening to sue me if I posted any screenshots or used his clan name anywhere online.

Then we decided to be the better men and just end it without posting this whole thing until Recluse put this on his shitty website lol:

Recluse posts to his website threatening Umbra Tutela directly with a lawsuit if we posted this.

Needless to say this basically speaks for itself.

To wrap it up I would like to say to Recluse its just a game you apparently need medications or something. Also my uncle is my Lawyer and has told me there is literally nothing that I have done that has broken the law, so sure go waste your money and sue me.

To the members of Temporal Vindicators I am sorry your leader is so just dumb, I hope this opens your eyes to who your following.

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Profile - Crawford

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Expert Expert

10 November 2007

Last Visit:
01 July 2005
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Status:Anonymous - Offline
Posted on 27 November 2007 at 14:26:05 
We also war'd them, how they managed to be top players on the server is beyond me, they suck at pvp. We wiped the floor with them and they had no chance. Eventually we agreed to a truce until the time ran out, some of their members are good lads, but a lot are complete idiots and have no sense of how to pvp.
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