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Class Skills - Soldier

Machine Guns Icon  Machine Guns 
Allows the use of Machine Gun Weapons. Each training level above Novice adds 10% damage when using these weapons. At skill level III, gain improved heat dissipation, allowing longer use before weapon overheating. 

Level 1
Weapon Damage Bonus: 0% 

Level 2
Weapon Damage Bonus: 10% 

Level 3
Weapon Damage Bonus: 20%
Heat dissipation Bonus: 30% 

Level 4
Weapon Damage Bonus: 30%
Heat dissipation Bonus: 60% 

Level 5
Weapon Damage Bonus: 40%
Heat dissipation Bonus: 100% 

Required Logos

Rage Icon  Rage 
Utilize the power of Logos to increase the damage done by your attacks. Pump levels 2, 4, and 5 similarly affect nearby squadmates. Pumps 3 and 5 grant recipents +10% resistance to all damage types. 

Level 1
Damage Bonus: 30%
Duration: 20s

Power Cost: 40
Adrenaline Cost: 10% 

Level 2
Damage Bonus: 30%
Radius of Effect: 15m
Duration: 30s

Power Cost: 60
Adrenaline Cost: 20% 

Level 3
Damage Bonus: 40%
Resistance Bonus: +10%
Duration: 40s

Power Cost: 80
Adrenaline Cost: 10% 

Level 4
Damage Bonus: 40%
Radius of Effect: 21m
Duration: 50s

Power Cost: 100
Adrenaline Cost: 20% 

Level 5
Damage Bonus: 50%
Resistance Bonus: +10%
Radius of Effect: 24m
Duration: 60s

Power Cost: 120
Adrenaline Cost: 30% 

Required Logos
Attack  Enhance     

Reflective Armor Icon  Reflective Armor 
Allows the use of Reflective Body Armor. This class of body armor integrates reactive defenses that reflect kinetic energy from incoming shots back on the attacker.

Damage Absorption Rating: Good
Damage Bleed-Through: Standard
Body Armor Recharge Rate: Average

Types of Damage Reflection: Physical and Sonic 

Level 1
Damage Reflection: +2% Per Piece Worn 

Level 2
Damage Reflection: +4% Per Piece Worn 

Level 3
Damage Reflection: +6% Per Piece Worn 

Level 4
Damage Reflection: +8% Per Piece Worn 

Level 5
Damage Reflection: +10% Per Piece Worn 

Required Logos

Shrapnel Icon  Shrapnel 
Utilize the power of Logos to manipulate kinetic energy to fling metallic shrapnel into a cloud that wounds nearby enemies. 

Level 1
Damage: Very High
Radius: 6m

Power Cost: 25
Scrap Cost: 1 

Level 2
Damage: Very High
Radius: 9m

Power Cost: 50
Scrap Cost: 3 

Level 3
Damage: Very High
Radius: 12m

Power Cost: 75
Scrap Cost: 6 

Level 4
Damage: Very High
Radius: 15m

Power Cost: 100
Scrap Cost: 10 

Level 5
Damage: Very High
Radius: 18m

Power Cost: 125
Scrap Cost: 15 

Required Logos
Projectile  Area     


Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of NCsoft Corporation and its Licensors and used with permission. All rights reserved


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