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      > Crafting - and Clones
Last Visit:01 July 2005 at 01:00:00Login | Top 10 Posters
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31 December 2007

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01 July 2005
United States of America United States of America
Status:Kelisco - Offline
Posted on 31 December 2007 at 17:49:33 
I think these two subjects have to be tied together but this is mainly about crafting. this is not the information on exactly HOW to craft but just some information, tips, and mistakes that I have made and possibly other's could use/learn from.

In Pre-order Beta and even prior to the first respec I tried putting points into crafting - just a little - but it is seriously not worth it to do this on any character you use to fight with. Crafting is definately work for a Clone and they can be very good at it. I have 1 point in each crafting skill on my main - Severus, Spy - and that is a mistake. Next respec/clone he will have zero crafting abilities.

I made my first crafter clone at 40. It could be argued that this is a little late but I had a lot of ToO's hanging out there after level 30 and when I hit 40, I felt I had enough clone credits to make a crafter clone and still respec Severus a couple times if needed. With the points at level 40 you can easily max all 4 crafting skills and on Kraftsman Kelisco I did just that and put a point in Stealth Armor and Swords just for the heck of it. I also tried a few other skills to see if the percentage chances on upgrading items would change but the only thing that matters for crafting is the crafting skills themselves and possibly level (more on this in a second).

I cloned the crafter in Crucible's main base. At the time this seemed to be ideal because there were Footlockers, a Crafting Station, a Crafter NPC, Weapons and Armor NPC's and a Wormhole and Dropship all within the main base and very close to each other. The only problem i realized later was there was no Military Surplus. My level 45 Clone is stationed in Thunderhead where there is a a crafter and Craft NPC within the Military surplus and weapons and armor, wormhole, dropship all close by.

A few items to note here:

1. I sort all my dropped items in the following manner: Gray Items are sold, Green Items are disassembled, Blue and Purple Items are Auctioned once and if they dont sell then they are either sold if they are over 5K credits or disassembled if they are under. I may disassemble anything if I need a specific part.

2. Increased crafting skills have no effect on disassembly. I was transferring all my Green items to the clone to disassemble but had the main do it once in a pinch and noticed that the percentages were what they always were. the greater the number next to the mod, the higher percentage chance you have of getting the part out.

3. Schematics are level-based! my level 40 crafter can only use schematics up to level 45. For a spy, all stealth armor changes on the 5/10 level (i.e. 35, 40, 45 means new armor) but the swords change at the 1/6 level so at level 46 when I wanted mods for my swords, I had to have not only level 50 schematics, but I needed a level 45 crafter to use them.

4. You can add the same mod to an item multiple times - so don't think "well I will just buy all Purple items from the MS and never need a crafter" - Not true and in fact far from the truth. Many MS weps/armor dont have good mods on them - purple or not. Any Purple and blue items that drop with only 3 mods can usually take a 4th mod. (some blues will let you and some won't - have not figured out the reasoning on this.

5. I have to confirm this but my level 45 crafter has a 72% chance to add a 3rd mod. I beleive the level 40 crafter had a success % in the 60's. If this is the case then I will also make a level 48 or 50 crafter so I can mod things up to 4 times each IF a higher level helps the percentages.

6. It is a judgement call on wether to mod items when the percentages are bad. Adding a 4th Mod has a success rate of 30% I beleive but I have done it IF the mod really helps the item perform or if I have another very similiar item. but on armor, if your boots have a Resist Fire (1) and your Helmet has a Resist Fire (3), it only makes sense to add the next resist to the boots. Why chance losing your Helemet OR the schematic.

7. Armor schematic's seem very hard to come by compared to Weapon ones. I would suggest that any mission that gives the choice of 4 schematics as a reward; take the armor one - and know what you need in the way of schematics.

8. One last tip on the clones: Each clone comes with a 10-shot package of paint. the center color is white or at least pretty close. you cannot transfer the paint to another character but you can transfer your mains armor to the clone and if you put one point in the correct armor type and the clone is the right level, they can equip the armor, paint it, and then put it back in the footlocker for you to wear. The paint is not a true white but it is real close.

Kelisco: Severus, Spy 46: Kraftsman, 40: Keida 45
Pegasus :)
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10 November 2007

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01 July 2005
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Status:Anonymous - Offline
Posted on 07 January 2008 at 06:30:55 
"Each clone comes with a 10-shot package of paint."
you can buy these from the npc's by the crafting machines as well, those of which are tradable.
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