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Mission: Wilderness Targets of Opportunity

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Name  Wilderness Targets of Opportunity 
Briefing  You can wait for great opportunities, or you can seize a common occurrence and make it great. Weak soldiers wait for opportunities; strong soldiers make them.

You want to make a name for yourself? Maybe even get a commendation placed in your permanent record? Keep an eye out for those opportunities and seize them!

Keep your eyes open out there on the battlefield and you'll know what I'm talking about when the time comes. Make me proud! 
  • Complete All 10 Targets of Opportunity
    Complete All Ten Targets of Opportunity Objectives on Wilderness.
  • Acquire All Wilderness Waypoints!
    Wanderer: Acquire all of the AFS Waypoints on Wilderness.
  • Kill 200 Thrax Soldiers!
    Thrax Hunter: Kill 200 Thrax soldiers on Wilderness.
    Thrax Soldiers Killed 0/200
  • Kill 40 Xanx!
    Bug Zapper: Kill 40 Xanx on Wilderness.
    Xanx Killed 0/40
  • Kill 30 Shield Drones!
    Bot Stomper: Destroy 30 Shield Drones on Wilderness.
    Shield Drones Destroyed 0/30
  • Kill all 6 Thrax Officers!
    Assassin: Kill all 6 Thrax Wilderness Officers: Glognar, Phlegg, Rankash, Horntail, Old Scratch and Archfiend!
  • Kill 40 Miasmas!
    Exterminator: Kill 40 Miasmas on Wilderness.
  • Collect all Wilderness Logos!
    Mentalist: Collect all of the Logos elements on Wilderness.
  • Complete 3 Wilderness Operations!
    Operative: Complete the primary objectives in the Wilderness Operations Pravus Research Facility, Caves of Donne and Crater Lake Research Facility.
    Operations Completed 0/3
  • Visit All Wilderness Caves!
    Spelunker: Visit every cave on Wilderness.
    Caves Visited 0/6
  • Complete Wilderness Story Missions!
    Wilderness Veteran: Complete all missions on Wilderness
DaOpa's Tips  All the Caves are listed on map #1-6. Also note .. Miasmas are underground inside caves. 

O - Lieutenant Colonel Cimoch
Yellow Circles - Thrax Soldiers
Blue Circles - Xanx Spawns
Red Circles - Miasmas
X - Shield Drone Spawns
L - Thrax Officers
1 - Alia Caverns
2 - Pinhole Falls Caverns
3 - Daghda's Urn
4 - Ranja Cavern
5 - Hidden Cavern
6 - Enigma Caverns

Quest Rewards List

(Some of these you have to pick & choose, while others you receive)


Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of NCsoft Corporation and its Licensors and used with permission. All rights reserved


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