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03 January 2003

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03 January 2003
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Status:CanadianMafia - Offline
Posted on 23 February 2003 at 17:30:25 
this is along story(i no i had to listen to it, took him for ever to type it, lol joking cool)
Story told by (RD)Cool{L} edited by (RD)CanadianMafia>HC

RadicalCDude: long ago yll talked about getting a lomm tourney together
RadicalCDude: everyone said they would love to have a tourney almost every clan in lomm entered the toruney RD was 1 of the last to enter before the brackits were full
RadicalCDude: well RD faced WOD in a match
RadicalCDude: and RD reporteivly won
RadicalCDude: but WOD denided the win because RD naded though nades were allowed in this tourney and we haad to fight again because of the complaint
CanadianMafia32: i c ic
CanadianMafia32: who won then??
RadicalCDude: but before WOD even complained yll declared RD the winner of the WOD vs RD match so we went on to face FoC
CanadianMafia32: kool
CanadianMafia32: who won that one or i supose ur going to tewll me that now
RadicalCDude:We practiced day and night to get ready for foc
RadicalCDude: and then the day came RD got all ready in 1 server i couldn't play because i had to go to a graduation party for my cousin
CanadianMafia32: ow that would suck
RadicalCDude: but before i had to go RD reportivly heard that foc was talking on aim
RadicalCDude: so RD got ready the same way
RadicalCDude: our plan was to go in pairs of two
CanadianMafia32: ow yeah?
RadicalCDude: many other RD were waiting on another serve just incase they need to fill in for 1 of the other RD
CanadianMafia32: kool
RadicalCDude: anyway when i got back from the graduation i heard that RD lost and then thats when i first heard about the FoC vs RD scandel
CanadianMafia32: scandeled eh??
RadicalCDude: well listen to this now the storyies not nearly over yet
CanadianMafia32: i no
RadicalCDude: any way heres how the RD vs FoC match went RD won the first round then foc killed us the next 3 rounds we were palying on the sword in the stone map and FoC won the last 3 round by carring the sword on top of buildings to the sword return place
RadicalCDude: they did this so RD had no way of stoping them
RadicalCDude: becausae dbs would not brake up there and the bullets shots missed
RadicalCDude: its that cheap or what
CanadianMafia32: cheap
RadicalCDude: i complained to yll about this and they said it was fair play
CanadianMafia32: fair....
RadicalCDude: then about a day after that foc said the RD vs FoC match was jsut a practice because RD has to face WOD agian and we didn't even know we had to face WOD again because WOD said we won because of nadea and yll even said before the match nades could be used
RadicalCDude: cvan u beleave that
CanadianMafia32: that would be meessed up
RadicalCDude: yll says RD has to face WEOD again because we used nades witch wasn't against the rules then when i told yll that FoC won because they carried the sowrd on top on building he said it was fair play what the fuck is taht
CanadianMafia32: i do not have a clue
RadicalCDude: then WOD beat us and went on to face FoC and RD was droped from the tournement
CanadianMafia32: ouch
CanadianMafia32: so i guess thats the stroy of the yll tourney eh??
RadicalCDude: not its not over yet
CanadianMafia32: ow
CanadianMafia32: go on
RadicalCDude: ok so since FoC faced WOD they beat them and then went on to face tool tool went on and TOOL and TFA went on and domenated each clan droping them from the tournement 1 by one
CanadianMafia32: ooh thats gotta blow
RadicalCDude: tell the end came the match TOOL vs TFA
CanadianMafia32: i c i c
RadicalCDude: the matfch that would prove witch clan was the all time best
CanadianMafia32: hmm
RadicalCDude: u want to hear more
CanadianMafia32: yes plz
RadicalCDude: ok TOOL was all ready to fight TFA but TFA was slowly losing their strengh
CanadianMafia32: hmm that most suck
RadicalCDude: TFA maneged to hold off the match for a about 2 weks until YLL said thats it you eaither have the match this week or the tournement will be called a draw
RadicalCDude: want to hear the end
CanadianMafia32: u betcha
RadicalCDude: sadly TFA and TOOL never matched and the tourney was totally forgoten about
CanadianMafia32: hmm watta ending
RadicalCDude: and after the tourney TFA slowly died off
CanadianMafia32: preety much gone npw
CanadianMafia32: but the few members they have damn r they good
RadicalCDude: and today there are about 4 active TFA members
RadicalCDude: altough the tourney had a lot of talk come among it
CanadianMafia32: yeah i no WB.Hotflow.Jesus and then theres some other guy i forgot about
CanadianMafia32: i c
RadicalCDude: WB cheats he admited it
CanadianMafia32: did he??how??
CanadianMafia32: did he cheat
RadicalCDude: he said he clocks his speed a little
CanadianMafia32: ow i never tried to cheat
CanadianMafia32: and i never notcied he was either
CanadianMafia32: so that is along story
CanadianMafia32: i gonna copy and paste the whole part when u were just about to start the story till the end, ok??
RadicalCDude: do u want to hear the story of the lomm tournery match results
RadicalCDude: or have u heard enough for 1 day
CanadianMafia32: ok ill lisen, tell away
RadicalCDude: then i tell u the story
RadicalCDude: well their was much talk among the lomm touney some romors about people cehating during matches and some actual screenshots of people cheating during matches this amazed a lot of lomm players because some clan they never though would ever cheat anyway the big story will be about the RD vs WOD and the RD vs FoC scandel well u already heard about a little of the scandel but not much into detail well here the story is for the first time when RD and WOD match RD was said to ahve won and RD moved up the brackets to match FoC this match was very cheap and RD felt as though YLL sided with FoC and not RD on this 1 FoC had won because they carried the sword on top of the house on the map the sowrd in the stone many RD people and some other calns sided with RD and said it was unfair but YLL never said it was and they said it was fair game that u could do that but then this is a story twister and a half here WOD complained to YLL that the only reason RD won is because we naded even though before the match RD vs WOD started YLL big chef said nades were allowed so YLL said ok RD has to match WOD again its like what the fuck this bull shit big chef even said nades were allowed well RD did match WOD again and lost is that bull shit or what RD thought of this as an excuess to get RD droped from the tourney well i worked and was such a fuckin bunch of bullshit so thats the story is that bullshit or what
CanadianMafia32: dude thats long
RadicalCDude: yeah
RadicalCDude: and thats the story

i edited a bit but then got lazy so just bare with it and there the story, did RD get ripped or what??
Allways remember there'll b a mafia were every u go.
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Novice Novice

03 January 2003

Last Visit:
03 January 2003
-N/A- -N/A-
Status:CanadianMafia - Offline
Posted on 23 February 2003 at 17:31:18 
the winner was never actully declared!! its a mistery!!
Allways remember there'll b a mafia were every u go.
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