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1 Author Message

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Rookie Rookie

06 November 2007

Last Visit:
25 November 2007
Australia Australia
Status:ooiittee - Offline
Posted on 23 November 2007 at 04:09:03 
I am encouraged by the potential this game has, while entertained by it I am yet to have my skirt lifted over it, but that could be said by most people. Keep at it guys.

I have to ask myself however, what is it that makes this game a MMO over a Local RPG. So far I have had no issues with completing any quests. I have not needed to group to finish instances. Granted I am a Specialist/Biotech and can remain self sufficent.

My point is that if I was to be playing something like, Two worlds or something similar, I pay for the game once and play it through to complete all the quests and dungeons etc. The game gives me all I need to complete it on my own.

TR seems to do pretty much the same thing. There is little to know reason to group, sure I see players around but all they seem to do is get in my way. case in point

Calling in the strike team in the Preditor missions in Divide yesterday when I spotted a play jump down from the cliffs onto the becon deploy location that I was holding awaiting the respawn of the red drop marker, which appeared while I was dispatching a target that was interupting my placing of the beacon. So he jumps in and drops his own beacon unagroed. I then wait about again for the next pop.

Most people are playing this game as a solo game. So what is it that qualifies this as a MMO.

Earlier MMOs were designed for players to have to interact. This meant that people had to get along with each other else face a dull and boring game with little chance of finding groups. Sure this did lead to long periods of standing to waiting for a group, but now we have the other extreme. I dont need a group to do anything, infact if I am grouped I am usually dragging someone around and not gelling as a team.

Blizzards beast has done alot of damage to the MMO world, with its huge solo content players have become rude and demanding, spoilt brats in alot of ways, and these lessons are not learnt by other MMO devels but repeated as the financial gains are massive. Flaming online and in forums is now common place where in the past was rare and discouraged by the community.

Is there anyone out there that is missing the community feel in the MMOs or am I the lone voice in a channel of noob flamers? thought?

Just to clarify,

I have not played TWO WORLDS, I dont think it is better, I am just using that as an example of a Local RPG.

Players arent thinking of grouping when it is benificial to all parties but in fact just running solo on everything. I ended up inviting a player who showed up after my beacon was ninjaed and we both finished the quest in one hit, thats community playing not solo thinking, this is my issue.

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Profile - ooiittee

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Novice Novice

16 November 2007

Last Visit:
01 July 2005
United States of America United States of America
Status:Vesak - Offline
Posted on 23 November 2007 at 06:11:06 
I have to agree with you on the lack of community in TR. I also have been doing the majority of the content solo, very little of it has actually required a group.

I think the intent was to make it possible to solo from a higher level, with the option of facing the content from a lower level with a group. This is also apparent with many of the quest rewards, which are much lower level than I completed them at, making them almost useless to me, but had I grouped up 3 levels earlier I would have been able to use them.

That being said, I have enjoyed grouping up and facing the harder content....it really takes the game to another level. I would recommend to anyone starting out to hit the instances with a group sooner rather than later, it makes for a better challenge.

I like that we have the option to solo or group with this design...but it certainly takes some effort to get the MM out of MMO in this case.

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Profile - Vesak

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