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06 November 2007

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25 November 2007
Australia Australia
Status:ooiittee - Offline
Posted on 25 November 2007 at 23:09:20 
Motivate Me....?

How do you motive a gamer, rewards, enemy to slay, missions to complete, power to be gained (and held over their Peers)

TR has this in abundance

How to you motive a solider? Morality, A sense of doing the right thing, protecting the innocent, Mateship, IDEALS.

TR has very little of this. We are fighting for the survival of humanity. Where are the children, the aged, the infrastructure to provide the food and shelter. Granted I know that we have only saved the elite few, but we cant all be soliders.

I dont feel a kin to the other players when I see them getting smunched by the latest swarm of Bane, (no Mateship) coz he will re spawn and I have lost nothing in helping or failing to help him. Same can be said but even more so by the ASF NPCs. So no mateship can be established.

There are no towns or settlements that are in jeapody of being over run, the Bane seem content with storming the same old Giant fortified bases while leaving the camps without walls and cannons alone. Visionary high command on the Banes side, we are all doomed now. Lets not cut off the supply lines, lets just go for the head.

**If every teleporter on the map was attacked and had a CP then players would be forced to band together and take them back. Mateship!!!

the game has all the elements to make an MMO, but to really get me into it I need to feel like I am a solider on the front lines of a desperate fight for humanity. Now I feel like a 30+ adult male infront of a computer being issued vaguely related tasks for crumbs. TR talks of lift the gaming bar. Lets try by putting some reality back into VR.

The game has soo much potential......
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