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Posted on 07 February 2008 at 00:59:58 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Mining is used to gather iron ore, which can be sold at a Blacksmith Shop or turned into iron ingots using the Smelting skill. To gather iron ore, you must have a Pick Axe and stand next to an iron ore vein underground. 

Double-click on the pick axe, then select the vein of ore. If the area you are in has been depleted of iron resources, you’ll be told that. Move a short distance away and try again.


Otherwise, after about three seconds of digging sounds, you’ll be told whether you’ve collected a lump of iron ore or not. 

The odds of success are 38% plus 1/2 of your skill level plus 1/6 of your Strength. Iron ore is worth 4, so you’ll get about 2 if you sell it at the Blacksmith Shop. 

Iron Smelters can smelt iron ore into the iron ingots which Iron Forgers need for making iron items. Mining for iron ore eventually wears out your pick axe. Single-click on your pick axe to see what kind of shape it’s in: new, slightly used, worn out, etc. A new pick axe costs 150 at a Blacksmith Shop, and lasts an average of 200 swings before breaking (unless it gets repaired with the Iron Repair skill).

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