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Posted on 16 January 2008 at 04:17:42 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

As you begin to gain resources you will want to expand your city. To build new structures click on the Build icon found at the bottom left of your city interface. This will bring up the build menu. From here you can view the available build options and their costs. Some buildings must be built in specific locations while others can be placed on any build location.

There are many building types in Saga.

University: The learning center of your nation. You can purchase valuableupgrades here.

Market: Buying, selling, and trading take place at the market.

Stronghold: The command center of your nation. From your stronghold youwill access your peasant management, espionage, unit management, and guildinformation.

Keep: Keeps may be built on territories to strengthen their defensesagainst invading forces.

Farm: Farms are used to produce food. Peasants must be assigned to themto gather food.

Gatehouse: Gatehouses may be opened and closed to allow troop movementinto and out of your city.

House: Up to 5 peasants may live in a house. Peasants without housesbecome unhappy.

Gold Mine: Gold mines are used to produce gold. Peasant must be assignedto them to gather gold.

Lumber Mill: Lumber mills are used to produce lumber. Peasants must beassigned to them to gather lumber.

Stone Quarry: Stone quarries are used to produce stone. Peasants must beassigned to them to gather stone.

Carrier Pigeon Roost: Mail is sent and received here. Market transactionsmust also be picked up here.

Watch Tower: A defensive structure which will shoot enemies and may beused as a spawn point during battle.

Shrine: A shrine to your god. Increases troops morale. Shrines may onlybe built on territories.

Temple: The religious center of your nation. Your temple gives you accessto both Quests and allows you to resurrect troops which have fallen in battle.

Storehouse: Storehouses hold up to 2500 resources.

Wall: Walls prevent enemy forces from marching into your city. They maybe upgraded with the proper technology.

Tower, Round: Round Towers are the most durable tower and may begarrisoned with troops. Garrisoned ranged troops will fire from the tower attheir enemies.

Tower, Square: Square Towers are cheaper and less durable than roundtowers but still allow garrisoning of troops. Garrisoned ranged troops will firefrom the tower at their enemies.

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