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topleft icon Galaphan's crafting FAQ , tips and data collection (for weapons) topright icon
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08 January 2008

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01 July 2005
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Posted on 08 January 2008 at 23:26:08 
Modified on 09 January 2008 at 16:52:00

If you're reading this I assume that you are interested in crafting in some way. This will be a miniature FAQ with lots of stats and numbers towards the end. So, lets get on with the FAQ part.
These questions are all things that I have been asked.
Q: What is crafting?
A: crafting in TR is different than many games. Crafting mostly is upgrading or adding stats to existing items.

Q: Can i make my own weapons to upgrade?
A: As far as I am aware creation of weapons is not possible at this point.

Q: OK, then what is the point of weapon crafting?
A: The term weapon crafting is somewhat misleading, I prefer "weapon upgrading." This is because you upgrade weapons not actually make them. As to the question asked, the answer would be to enhance and/or add modifications (mods) to weapons that will help you in some way.

Q: What is the best mod?
A: There is no one answer. Every weapon is different and should be treated as such.

Q: What kind of weapons should i upgrade?
A: I would recommend only upgrading blue/purple weapons.

Q: How do i get the components needed to upgrade them?
A: To get the upgrading components you have to disassemble another weapon with the same mod you want. Often times you will need to disassemble multiple weapons.

Q: What is a level for mods?
A: Mod levels are the number next to the mod such as, [1], [2], [3], etc.

Q: What is the highest level mod i can get?
A: [5]

Q: When I put an upgrade into a weapon will it be random where it is between [1] and [5]?
A: No. It will increase by one for each time you do it. Meaning if you put a mod into a clean weapon it will go to [1]. if you mod it once more after that it will go to [2] and so on.

Q:Can I destroy my weapons while upgrading?
A. Yes.

Q: What are my chances of doing that?
A: this will be explained later in the guide.

Q: How many mods can i get in a weapon?
A: For most purposes plan on only being able to get a maximum of 4 in it including existing mods when you get the weapon.

Q:What mods would you recommend for each weapon?
A: there is no one correct answer to this, but here is what if i found a blank weapon I would put in. Keep in mind that you can only get a certain number of mods in.
All: debuff to (insert the weapons property here. I.e. fire, ice, etc)
Pistol: this is going to be contested, but i rarely use pistols, so I try to stack this with regen armor and power.
Chaingun: steal Armor, crit rate
Leechgun: (any info would be great)
Injector gun: (any info would be great)
Polarity gun: (Any info would be great)
Torqueshell Rifle: crit rate, armor piercing, regen power(not sure on this)
Propellant gun: any info would be great
Possibly threat reduction for torqueshells, blades, and rifles, but i'm not quite sure how this stat functions.


Now for the data part
the format will be as follows:
name | 1 |2 | 3 | 4| 5|
Debuff to (x) | -10% | -15% | -20% | -25% | -30%
Steal health |this is a random number and varies by weapon
Steal Adrenaline| see steal health
Steal Power* | 6% | 12% | 18% | 24% | 30%
Threat reduction | -20% | -40% | -60% | -80% | -100%**
Regen Power | 5% | 10% | 15% | 20%** | 25%**
Regen armor| I have forgotten to record this data and will do it soon
Regen Adrenaline | see regen armor
Crit rate | 1% | 2% | 3% | 4% | 5%
Armor Piercing| 2% | 4% | 6% | 8% | 10%

*=I think that these are correct, I'm not sure about it.
**=these numbers are approximated based on the previous numbers

The following are the %s for success and failure when going for the mod number. This is assuming you have all skills at 5.

Mod # |% of success | % of failure | % nothing happens
[1] | 100% | 0% | 0%
[2] | 100% | 0% | 0%
[3] | 72% | 7% | 21%
[4] | 30% | 17% | 53%
[5] | 13% | 21% | 66%

Finally 1 tip.
Do not start a crafting alt before 30 as it is IMO a waste of a clone. It would be best to hold if till 45 if possible so that you can craft everything.

Any questions, comments, or concerns please post them.

I can be reached in game on the Pegasus server, just PM Galaphan.

Edit 1: the percentages on success are ONLY for blue weapons
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10 November 2007

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01 July 2005
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Posted on 09 January 2008 at 01:03:37 
Not a bad start. A few additions I've thought of off the top of my head:

Do I need skills to craft items?
Yes. There are 4 different crafting skills all available to recruits. Each lets you upgrade or build different types of equipment

What effect does higher skill levels have on crafting?
Higher skill levels result in higher success rates on upgrades and a reduced chance of losing the item in the process.

What types of mods are available for weapons?
Steal health/armor/adrenaline. Regen health/armor/power. Debuff to . Resist . Critical rate. Armor piercing.

How can I get mods?
Find them randomly in battle. Complete control point assault/defense missions. Buy them from the Military Surplus.

The better your weapon (green/blue/purple), the more you can upgrade it. Green weapons have maximum 3? mods of level 3?, Blue can have 4? mods of level 4?, purple weapons allow 4 mods of level 5?

Propellant guns: Short-range AOE rapidfire weapons which benefit the most from increased critical and especially steal armor. Increased resistance is useful as well, though situational. Regen armor is greatly desired.

Injector guns: Medium-range rapidfire weapons. Armor piercing and steal health/armor are useful.

Leech gun: The best mod is steal health.

Torqueshell: Yes, regen power is very useful as the sniper uses a lot of power setting up for battle.

I disagree with your choice on pistols, as you probably expected. On a rapidfire weapon (pistol, injector, chaingun, propellant gun, polarity gun) I always prefer Steal mods. Steal mods are also nice for shotguns as a nice steal armor can keep you alive with a good-sized mob. Slow refire weapons get more benefit from armor-piercing and increased critical.

You are also missing an entire armor crafting section ;)
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