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Welcome to DaOpa's Saga FanSite!

Game Information
Saga is persistent and played online in a massively-multiplayer environment. Every building you build, troop you buy, and piece of land you conquer remains with you as long as you play the game. That means every time you fight your friends, you won't have to rebuild your castle from scratch. It also means every time your buildings get damaged or your troops killed, they stay that way unless you repair or resurrect them. Troops gain experience over time, meaning that they move with you from battle to battle, improving their skills and finding exciting new armor and weapons to equip themselves with.

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  • Online Domains
    SAGA features persistent online domains. Players can design and build cities that grow and improve perpetually, even when you are not online! There are peasants to be managed as they collect resources and build and maintain your fortifications, spies and assassins to send out against your enemies, and new technologies to discover in your quest for total dominion.

  • Land & Resources
    Gain new lands and access to additional resources by conquering territories near and far. But be sure to shore up your defenses as SAGA features an exciting territory raiding system.

  • Factions
    The world of SAGA is divided between two competing factions: The Order and The Brotherhood. Within these factions, five unique forces battle for supremacy. The forces of The Order include Light, Machines and Nature, each featuring their own races, powers and distinct buildings, while The Brotherhood is supported by War and Magic.

    The Order
    - humans and giants
    Nature - elves
    Machines – dwarves

    The Brotherhood
    – orcs and ogres
    Magic – dark elves
    Undead – skeleton and undead

  • Troop Types
    SAGA features over 100 unique troop types from multiple races, including: elves, orcs, humans, giants, ogres, dark elves, dwarves and an assortment of creatures. Build your army carefully, finding that devastating blend of cavalry, infantry and aerial units that will give you the edge in battle.

    Additionally, each unit can be custom fitted with thousands of weapon and armor upgrades, allowing you to build an army unique only to you.

  • Spells & Abilities
    Turn the tide of battle with an assortment of powerful spells. Use them in combination to create ever new strategies for victory. Utilize troop special abilities to gain an edge when you need it most. With hundreds of options to choose from, the magic never ends in SAGA.

  • Buildings
    Each force in SAGA features their own unique set of buildings – over 100 in total – providing players with solutions for their every need, be it financial, military or technology. Build and upgrade your city to create a fortress worthy of a mighty ruler, and see the hordes of the enemy break against your mighty walls.

  • Quests & Campaigns
    Follow the story of SAGA through hundreds of exciting quests pitting you against foes from every corner of the world. Level up individual units and your kingdom as a whole. Fight epic battles against the computer and join with friends to defeat powerful bosses, all in the pursuit of that one alluring dream: LOOT!

  • Online Allies
    Form guilds with online allies to improve your military and trade options. Engage in all-out war with other guilds in an epic conflict to control lands and resources. Trade with friends and foe alike in a massive real-time marketplace, and make friends in a worldwide chat system.


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