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Event Saturday Slaughter

Video: Team CuppaJo Vs Team FireLotus

Event Details

Saturday Slaughter, written by CuppaJo

Why have a one on one fight when you can have a Clan vs. Clan Rumble? We need to do a server stress test for a few hours and need to bring down both the Cassiopeia and Centaurus shards to do it. We'd thought we would at least be entertaining about it and beat each other up for you while we are testing.

This Saturday, October 20th from 2pm to 4 pm central (that's 8pm to 10pm BST for yall across the pond) we will be hosting a Saturday Slaughter on Orion!

We want you warriors to come out an play with the devs as we have an inter-departmental blow out. Six Devs will each be leading a PvP Clan that you can join in and be part of their rumble.


Only 100 players per clan. Devs will be online starting at 1:30 (7:30BST) to start building up their clans.
H2H Only! (no weapons or powers)
Level 4 Only!
You may wear armor. It should be dyed your devs clan color.
The fight starts at 2:30 (8:30BST) and ends at 3:30 (9:30BST). The clan with the most kills at that time wins.

Fight Locations and Colors (column#, Row# from standard dye packs) are:

Wilderness 4: Designer Duke-out!
Dev_Sage vs. Dev_Leilo
4,2 Blue vs. 1,2 Green

Wilderness 5: Community Clash!
Dev_FireLotus vs. Dev_Cuppajo
4,5 Orange vs 3,5 Yellow

Wilderness 6: Production Pummel!
Dev_Valdermic vs. Dev_Wile_E
1,1 Red vs 1,4 Purple

Meetup location: 656, 285, 555

Simply show up at the meetup location in the Wilderness # of your choice and send a tell to the Dev you want to rumble with.

NOTE: If you are currently in a clan with any of your characters you will not be able to join a dev clan unless your clan leader kicks everyone from the clan and disbands your current clan if he/she wants to participate. You must then make a new character for the fights. We know, that sucks. We're sorry. There is no workaround we can make happen at this late date. Dev Clans will be disbanded after the fight so your can recreate your clan after.

Pictures will be taken, reputations are on the line, and the losers will be humiliated. Join us for the fight and help us stress the server.

Screenshots - click to enlarge
FireLotus - Upclose Screenshot - Event Start CuppaJo - Upclose - Event Start One of my Kills :P
FireLotus - DEAD - Corpse FireLotus .. No Armor, Health going down fast! Breaking Rules.. someone was attacking me with Lightning

Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of NCsoft Corporation and its Licensors and used with permission. All rights reserved

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