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Mission: Basic Training 101

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Name  Basic Training 101 
Briefing  Welcome to Foreas, recruit! It's home to the AFS: the biggest, baddest fighting force planet Earth left behind. And that's enough for the pleasantries!

My job is to get you geared up, toughed up, and ready to help us take back our base - and for right now, your job is to listen and do what I tell you. Got it?

I'll update your mission log with a changing list of objectives. Your first objective will be to open your log using the [L] key! Once you've mastered that, if you have questions about how to complete any further objectives, open your log and read 'em in detail. NOTE: Once you open your log, you'll be in UI mode. This will turn off mouse-look! Use ESC to close any open windows if you want to go back to standard mouse-look mode.

Once you've completed your task list, come back to me and we'll talk about your next mission. Move out, soldier! 
  • Open your Mission Log [L]
  • Use [W], [S], [A], and [D] to move forward, back, left, and right.
  • Drag a weapon from your backpack [B] to your weapon tray 
    Take the pistol from your backpack [B] and left-click to drag it to your weapon tray at the lower left. You can use the [Q] key to cycle through weapons in your weapon tray.
  • Drag your Sprint Ability from your character screen [K] to your Ability Tray
    Press [K] to open your character screen, then drag the Sprint Ability to your Ability Tray. You can also drag certain items, such as med-paks from your backpack to your Ability tray to complete this objective.
  • Use [Ctrl] to access your radial menu
    All your character windows and game options are available through the radial menu. Take a moment to explore while you're in safe territory.
  • Press [C] to Crouch
    Press [C] to crouch and fire at your enemies from down low to increase damage to your enemies - but be careful! You'll be easier to hit and especially vulnerable to melee attacks when you're crouched!
  • Lock Target on the Crate of Supplies using [Tab]
    Move your target reticule over the crate of supplies, then press [Tab] to lock your target. You can locate the crate by looking for the orange objective indicator in your radar window.
  • Shoot the Supply Crate using [Mouse Button 1]
    [Mouse Button 1] to fire your pistol at the supply crate. If you don't have the pistol selected as your equipped weapon, use [Q] to cycle through your weapons.
  • Use [R] to Reload your Weapon
  • Use [Mouse Button 2] to use your Sprint Ability
    Use [E] to cycle through your Ability Tray and select Sprint, then [Mouse Button 2] to use it.
  • Report back to Commander Elvers
DaOpa's Tips   

Map unavailable

Quest Rewards List

(Some of these you have to pick & choose, while others you receive)
Teleract Motor Assist Armor Gloves Teleract Motor Assist Armor Gloves
Body Armor: 43
Regen Rate: 8% per sec
Condition: 100%
[5] Regen Armor: +50%
Novice Training: Motor Assist Body Armor
Min Level: 1

Teleract Motor Assist Armor Gloves Teleract Motor Assist Armor Gloves
Body Armor: 43
Regen Rate: 8% per sec
Condition: 100%
[5] Total Armor: +10%
Novice Training: Motor Assist Body Armor
Min Level: 1


Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of NCsoft Corporation and its Licensors and used with permission. All rights reserved


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