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Posted on 26 April 2007 at 19:33:05 by Magi. | Print Articles Send To Friend

Guide to the Fishing Extravaganza (+suits!)

Explanation of the event
"I reckon people are driven to do what they do for differentreasons." Nat Pagle
Every sunday of every month in every year, the goblin Riggle Bassbait
organizes the great, fabulous Fishing Extravaganza. Riggle and his assistants,the Fishbot 5000 and Jang the fish collector will be standing on the woodengrounds of Booty Bay, just a little stroll west of the Salty Sailor Tavern andthe bank. He is also companioned of two burly Booty Bay Elites, which willprevent anyone who betrayed Booty Bay and joined up with the malicious BloodsailBuccaneers from participating Although sneaky persons seem to have gotthrough.

The great goal of the event
Now, I'm not saying you need to fish for 30 years or catch every fish inthe sea to become a master fisherman. I reckon you just need to be determined -determined enough to sit on your duff for hours at a time, doin' nothin'." Nat Pagle
When the bell rings 2 oclock in the afternoon, Riggle lets loose his enormousloads of Tastyfish. They are cowards against the rest of the world, so theygroup together closely in, sadly for them, easily observable schools.
They are also bad at swimming in deeper water (for fish, anyway) so they flockvery near the coasts of Stranglethorn Vale. Anywhere near the coast anywhere,that is, that is not Booty Bay, cause Bassbait has a fishy smell (not funny).Riggle awards the first person to bring him FORTY (40) of those poor littleTastyfish at his place in Booty Bay. If youre the fastest fisherman of theday, Riggle will award you great prizes and you will be the Master Angler forthe week. Thats worth fishin fer, innit?

How it works
"If you ask me, the best part about fishing is its slow pace. It givesone time to think, to reflect on past events and to plan for future ones. Oh,and it's also a great excuse to drink. Heavily." Nat Pagle
So, everywhere around the coast there will have spawned schools of Tastyfish,but how to catch them? Well, first of all youll need to find a little pool ofthem sneaky buggers, aim well, and throw your fishing pole into the pool. Youcan mouse over the pool, and where you see its name, thats where you have toaim. Its a fairly clear circle, but your character will tend to miss it,frustrating you a lot. Keep trying till it lands at least with half the bobberinside the circle. When its too far out, youll have to bear the annoyanceof catching Stonescale Eels and other fish you dont want.
The pools spawn everywhere around the coast, except for Booty Bay, and theresvery few around Jaguero and Zandalar Isle, too. Dont try it at those places.There arent any outside Stranglethorn Vale, which includes ZulGurub.
Pools usually contain 3-12 fish, which counts for all players fishing in it,so if youre with two at one spot, youll get a lot less.
The first to deliver the fish gets a reward, the event starts at 14:00 (2oclock in the afternoon) and ends at 16:00 (4 oclock in the afternoon),after which the pools disappear.

Requirements for participating
Fishins fer sissies Nat Pagle
You want to participate now? Well, there are a few things which youll need tohave before you can go:
- A fishing pole, bought at any vendor
- At least level 100 in fishing to be able to fish in Stranglethorn Vale. Getaround 150 skill in fishing to be sure to catch everything.
- Around level 40 at least in normal levels, as the Bloodsail Buccaneers,crocodiles and other evildoers in Stranglethorn Vale will attack you. Thisbreaks the fishing.
- A safe spot to fish. Spots close to Booty bay are often very crowded. Have aplace where there are loads of free schools.
- A mount or a speedup, like Druid travel Form or Aspect of the Cheetah. Youwont be able to compete with the fast searching and fishing of the othersotherwise, Im afraid.
Got that? Onto the part youve been waiting for, then. The rewards.

The rewards
"Can't say I really enjoy fishin' itself much. Figure I been at it for agood 20 or 30 years now. Nat Pagle
For delivering 40 Tastyfish within the given time and, most important of all,before anybody else, youll have a choice of either:
- The Arcanite Fishing Pole, used by Pagle himself. Gives a hefty +35 Fishingbonus.
- My favourite, the Hook of the Master Angler, a trinket that turns you into afish, giving you extra swim speed and underwater breathing.
Then again, you might not win :( That just happens, and youll be able todeliver your Tastyfish at Riggles assistant Jang for 32s per five. This maynot look a lot, but it adds up quite quickly!
Riggle likes some extra competition, too. He let loose, inside his groups oftastyfish, some rare fish. He has configured his Fishbot 5000 to trade thefollowing fish for the following rewards:
- You can trade Keefers Angelfish, in for the famous Lucky Fishing Hat. Looks great.
- You can trade the Dezian Queenfish omg looks like Nemo, for the High Eternium Fishing Line, which adds +5 Fishing skill to your fishing pole / like an enchant).
- You can trade Brownells Blue Striped Racer, for Nat Pagles Extreme Anglin Boots.

Tips & Tricks

First of all, put your Hearthstone in the Salty Sailor Inn. This will save youthe walking back when you finally got those forty fish.
Second, get in Stranglethorn a bit before time (10-20 minutes will do) and findyourself a desolate spot where nobody else is. As your Hearthstone is hopefullyin Booty Bay, it wont be a problem how far away from Riggle it is.
Thirdly, get the add-on Fishing Buddy which as a great addon which tracks the Tastyfish school locations and also has adouble-right click bobber-cast, which means you can hook them in very swiftly.
Fourthly, scout ahead. While fishing, move your camera around to check for yournext pool!
Lastly, get a fishing outfit. Hat and boots are great, although theMechbuilders Overalls or Recruits Shirt (warrior starting shirt) will helptoo for your fishing stylishness. You could also go fully dressed as a pirate,or maybe even look like a fish Use your imagination to baffle the other participants which gives you a few more important seconds to fish!. For adetailed list what you can wear, see below!

Fishing Suits
Now add on what this years best dressed fisherman are wearing and it's complete :) - Highlander
The traditional fisherman's suit:
Head: Lucky Fishing Hat (best choice)
Head: Crochet Hat (almost best choice)
Head: Dokebi Hat
Head: Emblazoned Hat
Head: Masters Hat of ...
Chest: Mechbuilder's Overalls (also nice for engineering suits
Chest: Blue Overalls very often used, also for farmer suits
Shirt: Captain Sander's Shirt quest, Horde can do it too!
Shirt: Deckhand's Shirt
Shirt: White Swashbuckler's Shirt (can also be used in the following pirate suit
Shirt: White Linen Shirt
Hands: Fingerless Gloves
Hands: Embroidered Gloves
Waist: Anything brown-ish.
Legs: Postmaster's Trousers
Legs: Embroidered Pants
Feet: Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots
Feet: Knitted Sandals
Feet: Timmy's Galoshes
Feet: Quagmire Galoshes
Feet: Black Ogre Kickers

The pirate fishin' suit!
Head: First Mate Hat first choice, but REALLY rare
Head: Admiral's Hat
Head: Bloodsail Admiral's Hat (includes a parrot!)
Head: Red Magewave Headband
Head: Swashbuckler's Eyepatch of...
Head: Ragefury Eyepatch
Head: Foror's Eyepatch
Head: Eye of Rend
Chest: Best to take the rough look and take none!
Shirt: Bloodsail Shirt
Hands: Fingerless Gloves
Hands: Embroidered Gloves
Hands: Shadowcraft Gloves
Waist: Bloodsail Sash
Waist: Red Mageweave Sash
Legs: Bloodsail Pants
Legs: Postmaster's Trousers
Feet: Bloodsail Boots
Feet: Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots
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Posted on 30 January 2009 at 22:03:52 by Anonym.  3/5


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